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apple won’t try and upsell iphone buyers on the iphone x

amid reports that iphone 8 sales are reportedly falling below expectations, with the ceo of rogers communications going so far as to call iphone 8 demand "anemic," apple's financial prospects for the next year rest heavily on the company's highly anticipated iphone x. set to hit store shelves on november 3, initial iphone x supply will reportedly fall in the 2-3 million range at launch, which is to say that many interested buyers may have to wait until late 2017 or even early 2018 before getting apple's next-gen iphone in their hands. with so much riding on the iphone x, one can be forgiven for assuming that apple -- supply issues notwithstanding -- might push prospective iphone buyers to opt for the more margin-friendly iphone x as opposed to less profitable devices like the iphone 8 or even iphone 7. addressing this question head-on, apple retail executive angela ahrendts told cnbc today that apple store employees will assuredly not try and upsell customers on the iphone x. on the contrary, employees will simply try and recommend a device that best suits what a given customer is looking for. wwhile in chicago to help celebrate the opening of a new flagship store along the chicago riverwalk, ahrendts said the following during her cnbc interview.
internally we said the tagline was 'an iphone for everyone. i prefer that we ask you who you're buying it for. if they're 6 or 7 years old, what do they need? if it's someone who's leaning into something else, what do they need? we do that with mac, we do that with ipad, why wouldn't we do that with [the] phone?
drawing an analogy to the fashion world -- which the former burberry ceo certainly understands better than most anyone -- ahrendts also intimated that the customer relationship in the long-run easily outweighs any gains to be had by selling consumers a higher-margin device that they really don't need. "the way we look at it is building a relationship," ahrendts explained. "it's no different from fashion. don't you go back to someone who's taken really good care of you, who you trust, to make you a better version of yourself?" all that said, with the iphone x representing the first real redesign to the iphone form factor since 2014, i'm pretty sure that apple won't be needing to convince anyone to opt for the iphone x over the iphone 8.

google will now pay $1,000 for critical software bugs found in popular third-party apps

with malware creators becoming more aggressive and sophisticated, a number of tech companies in recent years have instituted "bug bounty" programs that provide monetary rewards to any individual or group that uncovers critical vulnerabilities in software. google has had a bug bounty program for years now, but the search giant recently expanded the scope of the program beyond its own software developed in-house. according to hackerone, google's new bug bounty program now incentivizes hackers to unearth software vulnerabilities in some of the more popular third-party apps on the play store. the new program will presumably result in more secure android apps while also limiting the damage whenever a serious issue is discovered. while perhaps not a common occurrence, it's not all that unusual to see reports of malware infecting widely downloaded android apps. for anyone keen on tackling google's new software challenge, payments of $1,000 will be made for each verified software vulnerability. the vulnerability criteria is laid out below:
for now, the scope of this program is limited to rce (remote-code-execution) vulnerabilities and corresponding pocs (proof of concepts) that work on android 4.4 devices and higher. this translates to any rce vulnerability that allows an attacker to run code of their choosing on a user’s device without user knowledge or permission. examples may include:
  • attacker gaining full control, meaning code can be downloaded from the network and executed (download and execute arbitrary code, native, java code etc. javascript)
  • ui manipulation to commit a transaction. for example, causing a banking app to make money transfers on behalf of the user without their consent.
  • opening of webview that may lead to phishing attacks. opening webview without user input or interaction.
there is no requirement that os sandbox needs to be bypassed.
notably, the new bug bounty program, as it stands now, only applies to google-developed android apps and the following third-party apps: alibaba, dropbox, duolingo, headspace, line,, snapchat, and tinder. down the line, though, the program may open up to include additional third-party apps.

this heated neck massager might just change your life

life is stressful… especially in 2017. every time we think there’s just no way things in america and around the world can’t get any crazier, they do. it’s a lot to bear, so it’s more difficult than ever to just pause for a beat and relax. well, we’re about to make it a whole lot easier. the 1byone shiatsu heated massage pillow is about to become your new best friend. this fantastic little gadget has four deep-kneading nodes that work your neck or back in ways you never thought possible. turn on the integrated heating feature and lean back as the stress of life melts away.

here are some of the key details from the product page:

  • strong, relaxing massage - 4 deep-kneading rotating nodes imitate the pressure and kneading motions of a shiatsu massage to deliver powerful relief for neck, back, shoulder, abdomen, legs, feet pain
  • soothing heat - the infrared heating setting adds gentle warmth that enhances blood circulation and soothes aching muscles
  • auto-reversing & auto-off - nodes automatically change directions every minute for a thorough massage. auto-off after 20 minutes helps avoid overuse such as when falling asleep
  • easy operation – 1button to control power and heating function. adjustable straps allow for flexibility of use on chairs, car seat or on legs and arms. durable pu leather cover, easy clean
  • what you receive – fda approved shiatsu massager, ac power adapter, dc car adapter, user instruction manual, 30-day full refund, and 12-month warranty with friendly customer service

the apple store doesn’t actually sell many iphones

much is made of apple's retail arm. the company described it as its "biggest product" during the recent iphone x launch, and it's initiated a revamp of its stores to turn them into cult-like "plazas" where fans gather to worship the latest technology. but according to a new survey of us consumers, the vast majority of iphones and ipads are purchased somewhere other than apple's hallowed halls of retail. a cirp survey asked 2,000 us consumers who had recently bought apple products about their purchasing decisions. they found that just over 10% of iphones were bought at the apple store, with the bulk of sales going directly to carriers. best buy raked in about 5%, with the majority of those sales likely being of phone/plan combos sold on behalf of carriers. looking at those numbers actually goes some way towards explaining apple's recent pricing strategy with the iphone, namely its introduction of the iphone upgrade program, which lets customers lease a phone, or buy it in installments. data from carrier earnings tells us that the majority of phones are bought on a two-year equipment installment plan, as it's the most attractive way of spreading out the cost of a new device over 24 months. carriers have traditionally been the number-one place to get eips, and their popularity explains the high percentage of iphone sales through carriers. while apple is happy that carriers are selling so many iphones, it makes less profit on each device sold through a carrier, as the carriers receive a wholesale discount. if apple can tempt some of those customers off carriers and onto a direct purchase, using its iphone upgrade program, it's an easy way to pad the bottom line without actually selling any more phones.

interview: delivair imagines a future where drones drop deliveries wherever you are

drone delivery of packages and smallish goods is still nowhere near pervasive -- or even a common sight -- but some companies are already trying to figure out how to make it a more sophisticated thing than a drone simply flying to your house and gently setting down a parcel on your doorstep. that includes companies like cambridge consultants, a product development and tech consulting firm with laboratories in the u.k. and in boston. it’s come up with a drone delivery concept it calls delivair, built around the idea of a drone delivering a package into the hands of its recipient, no matter their location. the thinking around drone delivery so far has tended to imagine them as one more piece of the last-mile puzzle -- a delivery channel that finishes the package’s journey, taking it all the way to your front door. but nathan wrench, the head of the industrial and energy business at cambridge consultants, thinks drone delivery especially represents a chance to think about package delivery as something more like a telephone call. as in, it’s great to be able to talk to anyone you need via phone at home, but some people still need to reach you when you’re not at home, perhaps at work. the call needs to be tied to you, in other words, not to your address. “something like 40 percent of the cost of distribution comes down to that last mile,” wrench says, referring to everything from employee wages to the cost of gas and trucks that deliver packages to your door. “it must be possible to do better than that.” which is why the patent-pending delivair system encompasses a two-stage routing process. instead of a physical address being the focal point, the delivery starts by using gps to navigate to a smartphone location. secure location updates are periodically requested in-flight until the delivery gets within visual range. then the drone switches to precision optical tracking and a 3d imaging and ranging system to find and authenticate the recipient. when the drone arrives, the recipient points their smartphone to flash in the sky with a coded pattern, which verifies to the drone that they’re the right person to leave the package with. the drone gets into position directly above the flashing light while keeping at a safe height above. the package is then lowered down into the recipient’s hands, using a stabilising winch to keep it steady. the recipient removes the package, and the drone then returns to its base. cambridge consultants unveiled its concept system in recent days and immediately pointed to its practical application -- real-world use cases that could include delivering something like a bike pump to a stranded cyclist or essential supplies during disasters and medical emergencies. wrench told bgr his firm -- which is working on several other drone projects like this -- got motivated to do more in this space partly by seeing how e-commerce and other modern needs are driving expectations toward an “endless shortening of response times” for things like package delivery. in a similar vein, google parent alphabet’s drone delivery effort project wing has spent this fall pursuing tests in rural areas that focus on how to make deliveries directly to people’s yards. project wing co-lead james ryan burgess wrote in a medium post on october 16th that two australian merchants have joined project wing’s tests -- the mexican food chain guzman y gomez and pharmacy chain chemist warehouse. the effort is focused on the same kind of thing delivair was conceived to help address -- hyper-targeted delivery that gets people the things they need when they need them. for the project wing test with those two merchants, testers will buy items using the project wing app on their smartphones. drones will be dispatched to pick up the order from the merchants’ loading sites and then deliver the items to testers. “to operate an effective drone delivery system, project wing must be able to pick up packages from anyone, in almost any location,” burgess writes. “this presents an interesting design challenge: our technology must be intuitive and easy to use, so packages can be loaded and received without any specialized infrastructure and by people without specialized experience.” wrench thinks something urgent like medical uses will especially press development of drone delivery concepts - and the kind of super-specific targeting the delivair concept focuses on -- forward. even so, it’s the kind of thing that doesn’t feel to him nearer than three years away or so -- the focus on person-specific drone delivery, that is. nevertheless, he adds: “ultra-precision is the future of drone delivery, and the opportunities are almost limitless. the mobile phone changed the way we make calls, from a location to an individual. we believe this technology has the potential to re-shape e-commerce in the same way, making deliveries to a person a practical proposition, no matter where they are."

amazon will pay you $40 and give you 6 months of music streaming to get a sonos sound bar

some deals are just ok, some are great, and some are no-brainers. if you’ve been pondering the purchase of a sonos playbar tv soundbar, then this amazon deal falls squarely into that third category. there’s precious little question that the playbar is one of the best sound bars on the planet, and it’s worth every penny if you can afford it. but instead of spending $699 to buy it from sonos, you can spend the same $699 on amazon and get a $40 gift card back as well as 6 whole months of free unlimited music streaming courtesy of amazon music unlimited. see? it’s a no-brainer.

here are some details from the product page:

  • get 6-months free towards amazon music unlimited with purchase of sonos playbar with $40 amazon gift card.
  • complements hd television screens with crisp and powerful sound from nine amplified speaker drivers. wirelessly streams all your favorite music services too.
  • syncs wirelessly with other sonos speakers so you can listen to tv or music in perfect sync, throughout your home.
  • simple two-cord setup. one for power and one for the tv. control from your existing tv remote, or wirelessly connect on the sonos app from your smart device.
  • pair with two play:1s and a sub for a 5.1 surround system, the ultimate home theater experience.

apple is giving select customers the best chance at pre-ordering an iphone x

iphone x pre-orders don't start until october 27th, and by every account, it's going to be sold out in minutes. most estimates we've seen suggest that you'll be very lucky to get a phone in your hands november 3rd -- unless you're a member of apple's iphone upgrade program. apple is rolling out a special service for members of its upgrade program, which will let customers fill out all the paperwork necessary for upgrading in advance. that should allow those customers to "speed through checkout" faster than the rest of us, markedly improving their chances of getting an iphone x on november 3rd. according to appleinsider, apple has sent out an email notification to customers enrolled in the iphone upgrade program, telling them to pre-apply so that they have less paperwork to do on october 27th:
get a head start on your upgrade to iphone x on 10.23. if you're part of the iphone upgrade program and eligible to upgrade, use the apple store app on your iphone to get ready for pre-order so you can speed through checkout on 10.27
the iphone upgrade program is apple's version of carrier lease/finance programs. under the terms of the agreement, customers pay a monthly fee and get a new iphone every 12 months, as well as applecare+ coverage. plans start at $34.50 a month for an iphone 8, but the iphone x is significantly more expensive at $49.91 a month. if you factor in the cost of applecare, though, things look a lot closer to carrier deals. the iphone x is known to have some supply-line issues that will likely see incredibly tight supplies of the phone when it first launches. problems with the face id truedepth camera sensor are being blamed for a low yield rate, or the number of acceptable devices that come off the production line. if you want to ensure you get a phone on november 3rd, it's going to be important to use every trick in the book, including using the apple store ios app for pre-orders, and making sure that any paperwork that can be done beforehand is already filled out.

science says there’s a very, very good reason why you’re afraid of spiders

if just the sight of a spider or snake is enough to send a shiver up your spine you already know you're not alone, but did you ever stop to think about where that fear comes from? you might imagine seeing the creepy critters throughout your life has conditioned you to fear them, but new research has completely blown the doors off of that notion, revealing that humans are afraid of spiders and snakes before they even know what they are. the study, which was conducted by the max planck institute for human cognitive and brain sciences, identified a stress reaction in infants as young as six months old when presented with a spider or a snake, suggesting that we're built from the ground-up to fear them. "when we showed pictures of a snake or a spider to the babies instead of a flower or a fish of the same size and colour, they reacted with significantly bigger pupils," stefanie hoehl, a lead researcher whose work contributed to the study. "in constant light conditions this change in size of the pupils is an important signal for the activation of the noradrenergic system in the brain, which is responsible for stress reactions. accordingly, even the youngest babies seem to be stressed by these groups of animals." given that revelation, the belief is that fear of these particular creatures has an evolutionary link, where human ancestors who were averse to them as infants tended to have better chances of survival by default. however, it's worth noting that this predisposition to fearing spiders and snakes doesn't extend to many other dangerous animals, like bears, which might be because an infant wouldn't have been likely to encounter one on their own throughout human evolution, as opposed to the smaller creatures which can sneak into just about anywhere.

the oneplus 5t might be an iphone 7 clone in a galaxy s8’s body

you may have a harder time finding a oneplus 5 right now, not that you should buy one as long as oneplus hasn’t fixed its serious privacy problem. more and more rumors say a oneplus 5t may be imminent, which would explain why the oneplus 5 is out of stock. a new series of leaked images show a device that resembles the oneplus 5’s iphone 7 design if you only look at it from the rear and ignore the relocation of the fingerprint sensor. on the front, however, there’s an-all screen design that will make you think of the galaxy s8. oneplus’s carl pei hinted on twitter a few days ago that the oneplus 5 production has been halted, and the phone is sold out: a new report from gizmochina features new image leaks obtained from weibo which show the purported design of the oneplus 5t. that’s the phone many oneplus 5 buyers would have probably wanted this summer. and it’d be pretty cheeky from the company to release an all-screen device that’s essentially similar to the oneplus 5 when it comes to specs only a few months after the oneplus 5. it’s one thing to unveil the phones simultaneously, letting customers know the version they might want to buy will only launch by the end of the year. but changing the design a few months after the oneplus 5 launch while keeping in place the specs is somewhat insulting. it’s not like the handset will get a new camera or processor. so the only thing that oneplus can update right now is the screen design. that said, we could be looking at the oneplus 6, in these images, a phone that would launch only next year, complete with fresh hardware and no controversies. but if that’s the case, does that mean oneplus will resume oneplus 5 production. also, let’s not forget there’s always a chance that we’re looking at forged photos. or pictures showing prototype units. we certainly saw a large number of oneplus 5 leaks this year, featuring several design variations that looked nothing like the final product.

let’s hope the t-mobile sprint merger keeps getting delayed forever

much like flying cars, a t-mobile/sprint merger always seems to be on the horizon. rumors first emerged in 2014 about a deal, only for everything to be called off, with regulators to blame. the grapevine sprouted new stories shortly after the corporate-friendly trump administration took office, and reached fever pitch just a few weeks ago. we were meant to expect a formal announcement of a deal in late october, but mercifully, it seems that there's been a last-minute reprieve. bloomberg is reporting that "sprint, t-mobile deal announcement is likely to be delayed," with an announcement not expected until november. let's just keep bumping that date down the road. the bloomberg report says that the deal won't be ready in time for t-mobile or sprint's earnings later this month, and it's a wall street faux-pas to release major news (like a merger) just days after an earnings report. won't someone think of the poor analysts?! as a result, the ever-knowledgeable "people familiar with the matter" are predicting a formal announcement sometime in mid-november, giving a few weeks' breathing room. the deal is still said to be provisionally arranged: an all-stock transaction that will make deutsche telekom, t-mobile's parent company, the majority shareholder in a combined t-mobile sprint operation. the big question remaining is whether or not regulators will allow a merger to take place. analysts have argued the case both ways: the industry is functionally competitive right now (for the first time in a decade!), so a merger should be feasible. on the other hand, a merger would remove the cheapest wireless network in america, sprint, from the picture, and remove downwards price pressure from the marketplace. right now, t-mobile and sprint are forced to compete for the bottom of the market, and t-mobile, which has far fewer customers than verizon or at&t, is forced to use things like unlimited data plans to bribe subscribers away from the big two. with sprint and t-mobile merging, that’s all likely to go away. we can see what happens when you have three equally-sized wireless players by looking at canada. competition is low, unlimited plans are nonexistent, and a reasonable plan costs over $100 a month. normally, such a mammoth merger would be subject to close scrutiny from the fcc, but the new-look fcc under trump appointee (and former verizon lawyer) ajit pai has shown no signs of wanting to be tough on big business. it’s moved to strike down net neutrality rules, showed no interest in limiting the massive at&t-time warner merger, and is generally viewed as being unlikely to stop a sprint-t-mobile merger. the most we can hope for from the fcc is an order to give up some of sprint’s high-band spectrum holdings. john gilmer, vp of data integrity at network intelligence firm mosaik, previously told bgr he’d be “very surprised” if sprint doesn’t have to sell some of its high-band spectrum as a regulatory condition of any merger. with the fcc bowing out of competition regulation, it would fall to the department of justice to block any merger. it’s difficult to say what exactly would happen there: trump’s doj hasn’t had a coherent policy on large corporate mergers. one thing worth considering is that any merger would almost certainly kill thousands of retail jobs, as duplicate sprint and t-mobile stores would merge or close. that’s not a good pr look for a president who’s focused hard on job numbers thus far, so any merger might come with some promise of job-creating infrastructure investment, or maybe a new us-based call center.

shocking discovery of ancient teeth could rewrite human history

there's still many questions to be answered regarding the origins of mankind, but researchers have a pretty good outline of how it all went down — or at least they thought they did, as a new discovery by archaeologists in germany threatens to shake up every assumption researchers have been relying on for decades. a set of fossilized teeth from a human ancestor was unearthed in what was once the bed of the mighty rhine river near the german town of eppelsheim. that in itself wouldn't be of any particular interest, but these teeth have a long, long history. they are thought to be around 9.7 million years old, which throws a huge wrench in the accepted timeline of human evolution. the remains are incredibly significant because, if they are indeed similar to those of known human ancestors from around three million years ago in east africa, their presence in germany several millions of years earlier is completely unexplainable by the most widely accepted version of early human ancestry. the idea that human ancestry began in africa before spreading elsewhere has been largely supported by fossils found in east africa, with remains of more evolved pre-human species spreading out from that one central location. there's no reason why remains from a nearly 10-million-old human precursor should be anywhere near germany, which is thousands of miles away. in fact, the find was so incredibly unexpected that the researchers who discovered it held off on publishing their finding for a full year to be absolutely sure. “this is a tremendous stroke of luck, but also a great mystery," herbert lutz., lead researcher and director of the mainz natural history museum, said. "they are clearly ape teeth. their characteristics resemble african finds that are four to five million years younger than the fossils excavated in eppelsheim. further study is obviously warranted, but it's not too early to consider the possibility that everything we thought we knew about the spread of early humanity around the world was completely wrong.

rumor says galaxy s9 is going to be a powerhouse, but the source is shady so ????‍♂️

samsung is already working on the galaxy s9 series, but the phones are still months away from launch even if development started earlier than expected. some say that samsung is looking to have the galaxy s9 and galaxy s9+ in stores earlier than the galaxy s8 was this year, in an effort to target the iphone x that’s going to be released in two weeks. while we don’t have word of actual launch details for the new galaxy s flagships, a new rumor may have detailed some of the key specs of samsung's next flagship phones. twitter leaker benjamin geskin offered various details about the galaxy s9 and galaxy s9+ phones. while geskin did get many, many things wrong about the iphone x and ended up reversing course on most of his initial predictions, he was also correct about a few things. he now says the galaxy s9 and galaxy s9+ will feature “improved dual lens cameras from the note 8,” 6gb of ram, 128gb of storage, and microsd support. geskin also says the galaxy s9 will be powered by the qualcomm snapdragon 845 in the us and china, and an exynos 9 octa 10nm chip elsewhere. as always, he doesn’t specify a source for any of this information and hedges everything by saying that “things may change.” what’s almost certain about the galaxy s9 phones is that they’ll indeed feature dual lens cameras on the back. the new snapdragon 845 chip is also likely in the cards, as other reports have said samsung will enjoy a short exclusive with the new chipset. the galaxy s9 chips, however, may be built on 8nm process rather than 10nm. samsung is already capable of mass-producing next-gen 8nm mobile chips, and qualcomm seems ready to help.

an early christmas present from cable companies: internet price hikes

we regularly do our best to try to help readers save money on their cable and internet bills. in fact, just two days ago we told you about a little $40 box that shaves anywhere from $96 to $120 off your annual cost of internet service, taking that money right out of the pockets of your internet service provider. the good news is it's easy and anyone can do it. the bad news is there's precious little anyone can do when isps jack up the prices of their core internet services, and that's exactly what's happening right now. in fact, a new report says that cable companies have raised internet subscription prices by double-digit percentages over the past year alone. a new report released this week by analysts at morgan stanley says that cable companies have increased broadband service prices by a hefty 12% year on year. according to the firm's survey, the average monthly cost of internet service from a cable company in the united states now sits at $66. the move to raise prices is believed to be a response to decreased revenue from cable television subscriptions. american households are cutting the cord at a dramatically increased rate compared to years past, turning instead to streaming services like netflix and a new crop of web-based live tv services. "as video revenue growth is increasingly pressured, leaning on data pricing is tempting to sustain earnings," morgan stanley analyst benjamin swinburne wrote in a note seen by investor's business daily. don't worry, there's more good news: some industry watchers believe internet prices will continue to rise. "cable companies are likely to raise stand-alone broadband pricing in order to combat the ebitda declines from downsizing," jefferies analyst mike mccormack said in a separate note just last week. "this practice is already evident and justified given the lack of a bundling discount." mccormack notes that comcast is already raising prices, with $40-per-month plans for new internet subscribers jumping to $65 after an introductory period comes to an end. "based on our analysis, we estimate comcast would need to raise stand-alone pricing to roughly $80 in order to break even from a profitability perspective," the analyst added.

8 paid iphone apps on sale for free today

you somehow managed to make it to another friday, and now it's time to collect your reward. before you escape into the weekend, be sure to check out our roundup of the eight best app sales of the day. all of these apps are paid iphone and ipad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time, and these sales could end in minutes or days — no one knows, so hurry!

this post covers paid iphone and ipad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. bgr is not affiliated with any developers. there is no way to tell how long they will be free. these sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they were free at the time this post was written. if you click on a link and see a price listed next to an app instead of the word “get,” it is no longer free. the sale has ended. if you download the app anyway, you will be charged by apple.


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actionpad is an app that allows you to create your own custom control panels to remote control applications on your computer.

this app requires the actionpad server desktop software to be installed on your computer for full functionality. for more information on this, visit compatible with mac and windows, requires java 1.8 or later to run.

panels can contain buttons and other objects, which can be used to simulate keyboard and mouse input, as well as open files and urls. drag and resize elements around to organize your panel however you like, and customize objects to give them a distinct look. get ready to make your keyboard and mouse jealous.

with actionpad, you may implement buttons on your panel that:
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-open websites in your default browser and interact with them.
-launch an application, click somewhere on your screen, type into the application, then open an internet url when you are done, wait a few seconds, and type into the website (all with one press).

all of this, along with visual elements such as images, text, and containers can all be combined to create individual control panels, each of which with it's own purpose.

don't feel like creating your own panel, or want to use some pre-created panels for some of your favorite desktop apps? actionpad features the community panels hub, which allows users to upload and share panels they create. it's very easy to share panels and build upon everyone's creations. along with sharing through the community panels hub, you can also export your panel and send it via e-mail, airdrop, or a variety of other mediums.

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crazy halloween sticker for imessage #10

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halloween, or hallowe'en (a contraction of all hallows’ evening), also known as allhalloween, all hallows' eve, or all saints' eve, is a celebration observed in a number of countries on 31 october, the eve of the western christian feast of all hallows' day. it begins the three-day observance of allhallowtide, the time in the liturgical year dedicated to remembering the dead, including saints (hallows), martyrs, and all the faithful departed.

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pickup lines

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•superior stats - wins, losses, ties, high scores… it’s all recorded!

•leaderboard – are you good enough to make it onto the worldwide leader board? represent your country!

•chat with your friends during game play - multiple lingual support for chat text (even user names support all languages)!

•player ranking - work your way up from a starting level of dicejoke to the surprise highest level! be the first in your country to accomplish this feat!

•offline? no problem - play some games against the computer opponents to hone your skills!

•seamless integration with push notifications for lightning fast game play.

•detailed help for each game to help new players get up to speed.

•100% voice over accessible!

***** inducted into the hall of fame! *****

*** user reviews ***

"best game in the world. period. get it now. play all day!" - ihatemyjob
"best game ever made" - johna
"as wonderful as a sundae on a hot summer day" - aysela
"if you're not playing dice world, you're doing it wrong!" - dicedreve

we are constantly improving this game. our goal is simply to provide the best dice gaming experience available. give it a try!!

we look forward to you joining us here in dice world!

download dice world dice game

allpass pro

normally $2.99.

allpass is an app that keeps all your vital information in one secure vault.

• quick opening of data using touch id
• store your logins, credit cards, identities, and secure notes
• log in to websites without having to remember any of your passwords
• fill credit cards and identities without typing
• quickly access your most used items using favorites and history
• fast search to find what you need
• support folders for better file can select a template for any folder to create records as fast as possible
• unlimited number of databases
• encrypts all your data using best and most reliable aes 256-bit encryption
• all protection mechanism is offline on your device only
• auto-lock protects your vault even if your device is lost or stolen
• syncs securely with your other ios devices
• backup & restore your data via icloud, mail or itunes
• export and import via mail, itunes and csv text files
• 180 icons to personalize your records
• 5 standard templates for fast data entry with the ability to create or edit custom templates with unlimited fields
• integration with ios
• optimized for all types of devices and screen resolutions

choose the allpass for storing important information and your digital life will become more comfortable and safe.

download allpass pro

gif me! camera

normally $1.99.

gif me! is the best way to create and share short video in animated gif or mp4.

it's easy: capture a small moment with your built in camera, and share it on social networks. you can apply an image filter too.

-- features --
* capture frames with camera
* import photos from your album
* import a video file
* import a live photo
* real time color filters
* add a frame, text on the animation
* stop motion or video mode
* send by email
* share on social networks (facebook, twitter, instagram)
* you can remove watermark in settings
* you can create stop motion, time lapse, slideshow or wiggle gifs

download gif me! camera

remote keypad for mac

normally $0.99.

use your iphone or ipad as wireless numbers & key pad for your mac. extend your macbook keyboard without buying hardware or carrying additional weight.

at a glance
- numeric pad - easily enter numbers in your mac applications;
- key pad - navigate through text, spreadsheets and presentation from a distance;
- enjoy the ease of use in a slick user interface you will love;
- use the personal hotspot of your ios device to control your mac when you don’t have access to other networks.

system requirements
- mac with macos 10.9 or above and helper app installed;
- iphone, ipad or ipod touch with ios 9 or above;
- shared wireless network connection between your computer and ios device.

download remote keypad for mac

brainwave tuner

normally $3.99.

***29 + preset brainwave patterns. nominated as ‘best healthcare and fitness app’ by handango. ***

you must have heard about brainwave test in medical field. doctors can detect people’s mood condition according to the brainwave frequency. since you know it, have you ever hear the sound of brainwave in reality? maybe not. now brainwave tuner can help you experience the wave sound with your earphones on your iphone.

brainwave tuner is an integration of advanced electroencephalography theory and considerate humane operating design. the most distinctive feature of brainwave tuner is that the wave sound is specially designed to cater users’ unique needs. with different wave patterns, user can relax his body and mind and stimulate his thought. once tuned in, the brain will be closed into a quiet status and become calm. the wave strength can be changed from weak to strong to achieve best effect.

*distinguished features

- easy-to-use user interface
- advanced electroencephalography theory fully employed
- 26 professionally built brainwave patterns with more to come
- pleasant ambient nature sounds to accompany the brainwave session
- adjustable volume/strength for both brainwave and ambient sounds
- configurable duration for your brainwave sessions

*29 brainwave entrainment programs

- headache treatment Ⅰ(steady 10/5)
- headache treatment Ⅱ(steady 10/5, circular)
- headache treatment Ⅲ(varying 10/5)
- pain relief
- meditation
- schumann resonance
- dreamy
- sleep induction
- relaxation
- de-stress
- self-hypnosis
- attention increase
- creativity enhancingⅠ(steady)
- creativity enhancing Ⅱ (quavering)
- iq increase
- memory boost
- the awakened mind
- quick mental refresher
- energy boost
- confidence boost
- learning aid Ⅰ(for subliminal)
- learning aid Ⅱ(for studying)
- white noise of ocean waves
- white noise of shoveling sand
- white noise of rain and windshield
- high frequencies

*here are recent feedbacks from brainwave tuner users

"i bought brainwave tuner just to try it out and have some fun with this "brain stimulator". i never really believed in it. but then i noticed it really did work!"

"the brainwave tuner has helped me to regularize disrupted sleep and waking cycles in a very short time. the headache treatment is very efficient.”

note: don't exercise while listening to delta. don't sleep while listening to beta. and never operate anything dangerous when listening.

download brainwave tuner

meet the $50 device that transforms any echo dot into a portable speaker with killer sound

what if you could transform an echo dot into a portable alexa speaker like the amazon tap, but with better sound quality? and what if you could do it for less money than amazon charges for the tap? the vaux cordless home speaker + portable battery for amazon echo dot does exactly that, instantly transforming the dot into a portable speaker with 6-hour battery life and terrific sound quality. people go nuts for it every time we cover it, and now is your chance to get in on the action if you haven’t picked one up already.

here are some important details from the product page:

  • enjoy up to 6 hours of portable run time with our rechargeable lithium ion battery.
  • dual 52mm drivers and a passive radiator for impressive sound and bass
  • compatible with amazon dot echo (2nd generation)
  • use amazon dot's power supply and cable to charge vaux.
  • 3.5mm aux input for use with external mobile players

this iphone 8 plus and 7 plus case is made out of actual body armor

if you’re looking for an iphone case that offers top-notch protection but still looks sleek and stylish, you’ve come to the right place. the pitaka aramid fiber iphone 7/8 plus case is made out of actual body armor material, so you know it can take a beating with no problem whatsoever. it also comes in a variety of different woven patterns for an awesome look, and our favorite is definitely the carbon fiber black and gray pattern. do yourself a favor and check it out.

here are the highlights from the product page:

  • slim and sensuous with "body armor grade" protection and zero compromise, made possible with aramid fiber. now, your phone is protected with the same material used in body armor, spacecraft, jet engines, and formula 1 race cars. yet, it retains the thinness of your iphone the day you purchased it -- before it was covered up with a thick bulky case.
  • enjoy your "almost naked' iphone with a case that is thinner than a dime. thickness 0.03 inch. min. weight 0.28 oz. so light that you even will not feel the weight increase to your phone. yet, with unparalleled protection from everyday "real world" drops.
  • a soft 3d-grip touch. texture you need to feel to believe. it almost clings to your hand without feeling sticky. extraordinarily scratch resistant. a protective three-layer coating and manual polishing is applied to each phone case. now feel confident carrying your phone in purse or pocket along with keys and coins.
  • easily and naturally access all buttons and ports. each opening is not only accurately aligned, but also at natural "surface level." no longer do need to use your pinky's fingernail to dig under a thick case toggle the ring/silent button.
  • fits your phone perfectly. our secret process for vacuum forming technology ensures the cases are perfectly formed to the phone size. no metallic properties mean zero signal interference. a turnkey solution for protection with premium agc tempered glass screen protector from japan--- package includes : 1 x aramid case for iphone 7 plus/iphone 8 plus; 1 x agc tempered glass screen protector

there’s also a version for the smaller iphone 8 and 7, but unfortunately the black/gray carbon fiber model is sold out.

for the love of god, someone please kill these naked thong jeans with fire

we rarely cover fashion over here at bgr, unless it has something to do with technology or innovation. but we absolutely have to talk about these new thong jeans today, even if the only tech-related thing about them is the fact that the image above is going viral on social networks. welcome to a modern reenactment of the emperor's new clothes. this might sound like a story in the onion, but a designer thought actually thought it would be a good idea to strip the denim off of the front and back panels of the legs and just leave the seams. and so thong denim was born, possibly one of the worst ideas in the modern era of fashion. the jeans were on display at the amazon fashion week tokyo, per harper’s bazaar, marking a sad day for mankind:
the ancient mayans may have ended their calendars on december 21, 2012, but let the history records reflect that the world actually ended in the year of our lord 2017 when, amongst other things, the jeans apocalypse officially hit.
it just so happens that i can point you to the gates of hell if you’re looking for directions now that you know these jeans exist. we can only hope nobody else is “inspired” by this monstrosity and actually tries sell them in stores. tgif, everyone.

nasa just discovered that mars has a tail, and it’s incredibly unusual

jupiter has a bunch of moons, saturn has rings, and earth has life (that's pretty cool), but what about mars? well, as it turns out, the red planet has a tail! yep, nasa's maven (mars atmosphere and volatile evolution mission) spacecraft just revealed that mars has a tail... only you can't actually see it. the planet's tail, which is made up of invisible magnetic forces, is unlike anything we know of in the solar system, and differs from both the magnetic fields of earth (which is a self-generated barrier) and the magnetic tail of planets like venus, which have no magnetic fields of their own. mars' tail is actually a cross between the two. "we found that mars' magnetic tail, or magnetotail, is unique in the solar system," gina dibraccio of nasa's goddard space flight center explained. "it's not like the magnetotail found at venus, a planet with no magnetic field of its own, nor is it like earth's, which is surrounded by its own internally generated magnetic field. instead, it is a hybrid between the two." at one point in the very distant past, mars likely had a magnetic field a lot like earth's, but it was largely lost. what remains is a just a ghost of its former self, but it's enough to play a role in the planet's odd tail. the researchers believe that magnetic fields carried along by the solar wind tangle with the sparse magnetic field still detectable on certain place of the martian surface, and forms a peculiar, twisted tail. the maven spacecraft just completed its first year of orbital research around mars, but its extended mission is expected to last a further six years, as it continues to serve as a relay point for both current and future mars exploratory craft and rovers.

eero is on sale today on amazon, but you should buy this mesh wi-fi system instead

amazon is running a one-day sale on the eero home wifi system, a mesh wireless system that includes an eero router and two beacons. the system is $99 off, which is a solid deal, but we strongly recommend spending an extra $12 and getting the amplifi hd home wi-fi system. in our testing it offered better range, faster and more consistent data speeds, and a superior app to control everything. trust us, this the mesh system you've been waiting for.

here are some more highlights from the product page:

  • wi-fi mesh technology for complete home coverage
  • plug and play high-density mesh points to eliminate dead spots
  • dual-band 802.11ac wi-fi system delivers up to 5.25 gbps aggregate speed
  • convenient smart-touch display for real-time status
  • easy setup and powerful wi-fi management using the amplifi app

wireless ceo’s comments suggest iphone 8 sales may be even worse than we thought

amid reports that iphone 8 sales aren't exactly setting the world on fire, roger communications ceo joe natale intimated that iphone 8 sales may be even lower than initially imagined. during an earnings conference call this week, natale said (via cbc) that demand for the iphone 8 thus far has been "anemic." notably, roger communications is the largest wireless carrier in canada, which is to say that natale's remarks should carry some weight. although tim cook a few weeks ago said that he was thrilled with iphone 8 sales, it's getting harder to ignore the growing chorus of reports relaying that demand for the iphone 8 simply isn't there. in fact, we've even seen reports that there's greater demand for the iphone 7 than there is for the iphone 8. more recently, word surfaced that apple decided to cut iphone 8 and iphone 8 plus production in half. even taking into account what may very well be staggering demand for the iphone x, slashing iphone 8 production by 50% isn't exactly an encouraging sign. if anything, it strongly suggests that iphone 8 demand is significantly lower than what apple was anticipating. all that said, the real test for apple will be whether or not consumers flock to the iphone x in droves. set to be released in early november, the iphone x marks the first real redesign to the iphone form factor in more than three years, a fact which leads many analysts to believe that demand will be off the charts. nonetheless, apple will reportedly struggle to meet initial demand due to some early production problems associated with manufacturing components for the iphone x's truedepth camera system. to this point, analyst ming-chi kuo issued a research note earlier today stating that apple will only have 2-3 million iphone x units at its disposal once launch day arrives. as far as typical iphone launches are concerned, that's a paltry amount to say the least. regarding the impending iphone x launch, natale added: "the iphone 10 price point is about 75 per cent higher than the iphone 7. so it's a very expensive device. inventory is a question mark in terms of what we will get." suffice it to say, if you want to get your hands on an iphone x without having to wait until 2018, you'd be well advised to complete the pre-order process as quickly as possible come october 27.