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the gun debate 5 years after sandy hook massacre

december 14, 2017 will mark five years since a gunman killed 20 children and six staff members at sandy hook elementary school in newtown, connecticut. in the years since, there have been several other mass shootings in the u.s., but americans remain divided on how to reduce gun violence. shannon watts, founder of moms demand action for gun sense in america, joins cbsn to discuss her group's views on gun legislation.

doug jones narrowly wins alabama senate seat

democrat doug jones addressed supporters after a stunning upset victory in alabama's senate race. watch his full remarks.

ousted fbi agent peter strzok's anti-trump texts

cbs news has obtained text messages sent to special counsel investigator peter strzok to a colleague. in the texts to a colleague, strzok called president trump an "idiot" and "awful." strzok has been removed from robert mueller's team. cbs news justice reporter paula reid joins cbsn to discuss the implications of these messages.

last-minute holiday shopping and financial new year's resolutions

a study from nerdwallet shows americans are in an increasing amount of debt. kimberly palmer from nerdwallet shows how to do last-minute holiday shopping, set financial goals -- and stick to them for the new year.

wife of man killed in ariz. police shooting speaks out

graphic video last week showed a controversial 2016 police shooting. the mesa, arizona, officer was fired for violating police procedures but acquitted last week of charges he murdered 26-year-old daniel shaver of texas. on tuesday, shaver's widow talked to cbs news' adriana diaz.

12/12/17: cbsn evening news

democrats call for investigation into trump; high-tech healers

what is the future of men in light of sexual misconduct allegations?

jack myers joined cbsn to discuss rapidly-changing gender roles -- in light of dozens of men being pushed from power after facing sexual misconduct allegations. in his book "the future of men," he examined men's role at work and at home, and what a "future man" might look like.

alabama voters cast their ballots in high-stakes special election

alabama voters headed to the polls tuesday for a special election. they're choosing between republican roy moore and democrat doug jones for their next senator. cbs news political director steve chaggaris along with cbsn contributors leslie sanchez, a republican strategist, and lynda tran, a democratic strategist, join cbsn to explain what's at stake.

anti-trump texts from ousted fbi agent released

peter strzok has been removed from special counsel robert mueller's team after anti-trump texts he sent to his colleague were discovered. cbs news has obtained those texts, which included "omg he's an idiot" and "he's awful."

roy moore to supporters: "let's let this process play out"

republican roy moore refused to concede the alabama senate race despite doug jones' lead. moore told his supporters that he will wait for all the votes to be counted and pointed to the recount law in alabama which says there will automatically be invoked if the result is within one-half of 1 percent. watch his full remarks.

democrat doug jones wins alabama's senate seat

for the first time since 1992, a democrat has won an alabama senate seat. doug jones defeated embattled republican roy moore on tuesday. cbsn's elaine quijano and steve chaggaris report.

elaboración de figuras de navidad en puebla.

manos expertas de puebla elaboran hermosos nacimientos navideños

"son of sam" serial killer david berkowitz hospitalized

the serial killer known as "son of sam," who terrorized new york city 40 years ago, was hospitalized on tuesday. prison officials won't say why david berkowitz was moved to a hospital, but several media outlets reported he needs heart surgery.

how active-shooter training has changed in schools since sandy hook

the learning curve got steeper and intensified after the 2012 massacre at sandy hook elementary school in newtown, connecticut, where 20 young children and six faculty members lost their lives when a 20-year-old outsider shot his way into the school. the end result: 20 states now have specific laws requiring "lockdown" drills in all public schools, and 30 states have broad emergency plans that may encompass lockdowns.

full interview, president emmanuel macron of france

"cbs evening news" anchor jeff glor spoke to french president emmanuel macron about climate change, his relationship with donald trump and how world leaders agree to disagree.

alabama voters head to the polls to pick new senator

the people of alabama are voting today in one of the most closely-watched special elections in memory. republican roy moore and democrat doug jones are vying for the senate seat vacated by attorney general jeff sessions. cbs news digital journalist alex pena has the latest from a polling station in dothan, alabama.

wildfire threat and a wintry blast in the forecast

windy, dry conditions continue to fan wildfires in southern california, while the northeast braces for the coldest blast of the season. meteorologist jeff berardelli of our cbs palm beach, florida, affiliate joins cbsn with details.

is premium gas worth the money?

if you pay extra for premium gasoline, you may not be getting your money's worth, according to a new study from aaa. cbs news' kenneth craig reports.

more than 100 lawmakers call for investigation of president trump

the alabama senate showdown between roy moore and doug jones became the starting point of a bitter argument between president trump and a prominent u.s. senator tuesday. sen. kirsten gillibrand, from mr. trump's home state of new york, first said the president should resign over allegations of sexual misconduct before mr. trump took office. he fired back with his weapon of choice: the tweet. nancy cordes reports.

voters head to the polls in controversial alabama race

alabama voters went to the polls tuesday to cast their votes for either democrat doug jones or republican roy moore. the election caps off weeks of controversy after several women accused moore of sexual misconduct when they were in their teens and he was in his 30s. manuel bojorquez reports.