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bryan cranston reveals the most emotionally difficult breaking bad scene to film

watch the full episode of top 10 baddest breaking bad moments now on the new peopletv network. go to, or download the peopletv app on your favorite mobile or connected tv device.

“i’m the one who… had a really tough time filming jane’s death scene.”

to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the breaking bad premiere, peopletv is looking back on the legendary series with the top 10 baddest breaking bad moments. you’ll have to watch to learn the full list, but in the clip above, bryan cranston reveals why the sudden and tragic season 2 death of jane (krysten ritter) was especially tough to film.

“walt watches jane die was probably the most difficult scene for me to shoot, emotionally,” he shared of walt standing by as jesse’s (aaron paul) girlfriend choked on her own vomit. “because, temporarily, i saw the image of my own daughter in her face rise to the surface, take the place of krysten ritter, and then just as quickly disappear. but it was just instantaneous, that millisecond was all that it took for me to catch myself. because again, i thought one of the reasons to save this person was because she’s a young woman, she could be my daughter.”

check out a preview of peopletv’s top 10 baddest breaking bad moments, above, and watch the full episode here.

mary j. blige used childhood challenges to get into her mudbound character

for her sag award-nominated role in mudbound, mary j. blige drew on her own early experiences.

“to get into character for florence, what i did was i remembered my childhood,” the actress told ew. “i remembered going down south every summer and seeing my grandparents have their own farms and i used a lot of my own personal life, hard times, and challenges to put into florence.”

blige plays florence jackson in the racially charged southern tragedy. based on the novel of the same name by hillary jordan, florence serves as the family matriarch and a farm worker who, along with her husband, dreams of owning land one day in the face of a world rife with oppression, fear, and enforced silence.

in addition to her past experiences, blige cited the the clothes, shoes, and “mud everywhere” for helping to get her into character, admitting the whole experience was “humbling”.

“i don’t think there was any happy days shooting,” recalled the actress and singer. “some days it’s easier to go home and leave the character behind and some days it’s hard because the shots were hard, the scenes were hard.” she pointed to a scene where her character’s son is hung up naked and disgraced as one of the toughest to work through.

blige is nominated for a sag award for outstanding performance by a female actor in a supporting role for her role in mudbound. the 24th annual screen actors guild awards, hosted by kristen bell, will be simulcast live on tnt and tbs from the shrine auditorium in los angeles, sunday, jan. 21 at 8 p.m. et/5 p.m. pt.

dorothy malone, oscar winner for written on the wind, dies at 92

dorothy malone, an oscar winner for her turn as a nymphomaniac heiress in douglas sirk’s written on the wind and television star on the 1960s primetime soap peyton place, died friday of natural causes, according to her manager burt shapiro. she was 92.

after a steady career in bit parts and supporting roles, malone rose to stardom in the 1950s, earning a best supporting actress oscar for her portrayal of marylee hadley, daughter of a texas oil tycoon with a vociferous appetite for the men in her town, in sirk’s 1956 melodramashe starred alongside robert stack, rock hudson, and lauren bacall in an off-the-rails performance where she pursued hudson unabashedly and performed an impassioned, after-hours mambo dance. malone costarred with hudson twice more, in the tarnished angels and the last sunset.

many more knew malone from her television career, starring as constance mackenzie on peyton place from 1964-1968, appearing in more than 400 episodes. she returned to the character in two television movies, 1977’s murder in peyton place and 1985’s peyton place: the next generation.

malone’s last screen appearance was a memorable one, portraying hazel dobkins, a mother accused of murdering her family in 1992’s basic instinct.

dorothy malone was born dorothy maloney on january 30, 1925 in chicago, ill. her family relocated to dallas, tex., where she attended high school and southern methodist university. spotted by a talent scout while still a college student, malone signed a contract with rko at the age of 18 and went on to appear in a series of b-movies and small supporting roles. most memorably, she portrayed a bespectacled book clerk who flirts with private detective philip marlowe (humphrey bogart) in the big sleep (1946).

dying her hair platinum blonde and steamrolling her good girl image in written on the wind proved to be her big break, earning her an oscar and juicier film roles.  she starred in such films as too much, too soon (1958), man of a thousand faces (1957), and warlock (1959).

in the 1960s, she turned to television, guest starring on the greatest show on earth and eventually landing her most enduring role on peyton place.

malone was married and divorced three times, to actor jacques bergerac, robert tomarkin, and charles huston bell. she is survived by her two daughters by bergerac, mimi and diane.

tom petty's family reveals musician's cause of death

tom petty’s death was the result of an accidental drug overdose, the legendary musician’s family announced friday.

the rock & roll hall famer and lead singer of tom petty and the heartbreakers died in october at age 66. in a statement posted to the band’s facebook page, petty’s widow, dana, and daughter, adria, called his death an “unfortunate accident,” revealing the overdose was caused by a variety of pain medications. they point to the worsening condition of his fractured hip as the likely explanation for his overmedicating.

“as a family we recognize this report may spark a further discussion on the opioid crisis and we feel that it is a healthy and necessary discussion and we hope in some way this report can save lives,” the statement read. “on a positive note we now know for certain he went painlessly and beautifully exhausted after doing what he loved the most, for one last time, performing live with his unmatchable rock band for his loyal fans on the biggest tour of his 40 plus year career.”

read their statement in full below.

our family sat together this morning with the medical examiner – coroner’s office and we were informed of their final analysis that tom petty passed away due to an accidental drug overdose as a result of taking a variety of medications.

unfortunately tom’s body suffered from many serious ailments including emphysema, knee problems and most significantly a fractured hip.

despite this painful injury he insisted on keeping his commitment to his fans and he toured for 53 dates with a fractured hip and, as he did, it worsened to a more serious injury.

on the day he died he was informed his hip had graduated to a full on break and it is our feeling that the pain was simply unbearable and was the cause for his over use of medication.

we knew before the report was shared with us that he was prescribed various pain medications for a multitude of issues including fentanyl patches and we feel confident that this was, as the coroner found, an unfortunate accident.

as a family we recognize this report may spark a further discussion on the opioid crisis and we feel that it is a healthy and necessary discussion and we hope in some way this report can save lives. many people who overdose begin with a legitimate injury or simply do not understand the potency and deadly nature of these medications.

on a positive note we now know for certain he went painlessly and beautifully exhausted after doing what he loved the most, for one last time, performing live with his unmatchable rock band for his loyal fans on the biggest tour of his 40 plus year career. he was extremely proud of that achievement in the days before he passed.

we continue to mourn with you and marvel at tom petty and the heartbreakers’ incredible positive impact on music and the world. and we thank you all for your love and support over the last months.

thank you also for respecting the memory of a man who was truly great during his time on this planet both publicly and privately.

we would be grateful if you could respect the privacy of the entire heartbreaker family during this difficult time.

dana petty and adria petty

paddington 2 breaks records to become rotten tomatoes' best-reviewed movie ever

paddington bear captures the heart and warms the soul of everyone he meets onscreen — and he’s done the same offscreen as well.

paddington 2, the sequel film following the misadventures of the marmalade-obsessed bear, has set a new record on rotten tomatoes, becoming the best-reviewed film ever on the review aggregator website. it received 167 fresh reviews and zero negative responses, surpassing the previous record held by toy story 2 at 163 fresh and zero negative. paddington 2 holds a rare and coveted 100 percent fresh score.

back in november, it seemed greta gerwig’s directorial debut lady bird would surpass toy story 2, but it received one negative review, which knocked it from the top spot and pushed it down to 99 percent fresh.

the paddington sequel, inspired by writer michael bond’s paddington bear character, has earned universal praise, as well as several bafta nominations, including nods for best british film and one for hugh grant’s devilishly gleeful turn as the villainous actor phoenix buchanan.

discussing the overwhelmingly positive response to the film, director paul king told deadline“it’s incredibly gratifying. it’s such a strange process making these films which are preposterously labor-intensive…it’s a strange experience and you can’t help but hope for the best for this little character and the film you’ve created. it’s very lovely they were warm and enthusiastic.”

paddington 2 opened in seventh place in its first weekend at the u.s. box office, but looks to continue to attract larger audiences buoyed by strong words of mouth — it received an “a” cinemascore — and this new record.

kristen bell on being the first-ever host — and 'party pumper' — of the sag awards

the screen actors guild awards may or may not give us a hint at which way the oscar winds are blowing, but they’ll definitely give us a host for the first time. the good place star kristen bell will emerge from the good place, er, bad place, to emcee the celebratory night that hands out awards for acting achievements in film and television, as chosen solely by those people in front of the camera. ew rang up bell to hear about her plans for the big night, which kicks off sunday at 8 p.m. et/pt on tnt and tbs.

entertainment weekly: you’re making a bit of history here as the first host of the sag awards. to open the show, will you address the camera from various tables as different personas and in different disguises?
kristen bell: god, i hope so. i wasn’t going to before you mentioned it, but now i’m going to borrow your idea. we are still working out how to present the show because there is no road map. we know what people enjoy on other shows but every audience is different. i think we’re just going to be taking a lot of chances. though i will say the most exciting part for me is that being the first host, you don’t even have to say “the first female host.” just “the first host,” which is something that doesn’t happen every day.

what did you think of the decision to have a host this year?
i thought it was a great idea. when shows are narrated, it tends to be interesting and funny, and it leads to more jokes and a more informal vibe. i can’t really put my finger on why they asked me, but i’m thrilled that they did, and i hope to keep the night just lively and fun and interesting. we’re in a room full of people that i admire — and are friends with many — but really i think it’s the only show that doesn’t have a host. so i respect their initiative to change up the format and try something new.

what were your first thoughts when they asked you to host?sheer terror was where it started, which more easily than i’d like to admit made its way into flattery. in truth, it was a pretty easy yes. i do a lot of things that make me nervous. those things always end up being really fun and risky, but what’s the point if there’s no risk and no taking of creative chances? i thought it would be fun. i like talking, and i do it a lot — a lot. i’ve hosted the cmt awards three times, and i really loved that; i hosted the independent spirit awards. i’m very comfortable with the teleprompter, and i’m a pretty decent party pumper, which i believe are the only two qualifications.

i’m sorry, did you say “party pumper”?party pumper, yeah!

you say that you haven’t worked out exactly what you’re going to do, but how will you approach the night in terms of a hosting strategy? 
i’d like to be slightly unpredictable — not to the point that would make anyone uncomfortable, but i tend to gravitate toward quirkier things, and i hope to include some of my personality in the show. i also have a reverence for the organization being what it is, and the fact that they have an established show and i don’t want to come in and completely change everything they’ve ever done. it’s turning out to be collaborative. they want to take a lot of chances and make a lot of changes, but i also want to have respect for what the show is, and what the organization is. but i do hope to keep it very fun and lively. it’s going to be a lot of women this year. a lot of women. out of respect for the changes that are happening in the business and the topics of conversation that are happening currently, we want that to be something that is honoring women, and i don’t want to take anything too seriously. a lot of topics, people have asked me if i’m going to broach. i don’t think it’s really my place to broach a lot of negativity, but we want the night to be really uplifting and celebrate a lot of women and celebrate a lot of women that maybe haven’t had as much of a spotlight as they should have had in recent years.

you’re referring to sexual harassment and #metoo. does that mean you probably won’t wade into politics, either?i probably won’t. the topic of sexual harassment is one that deserves a lot of attention and respect, and i don’t necessarily know that this is the place to address very serious topics. but it is the place to celebrate people who deserve to be celebrated. and acknowledged. and empowered. the boys are definitely invited, but it will be a ladies’ night.

which category most intrigues you? laura dern, nicole kidman, and reese witherspoon are all nominated for big little lies…it’s so comical to me that it’s any sort of a competition. first of all, to be acting in movies and television is already such an incredible accomplishment, and then to be in something that everybody watches is another incredible accomplishment, and then to be acknowledged for it, but then to finally win — it’s like there’s so much joy along the way, i would be hard-pressed to think that any of those women would be upset if they didn’t win and instead would just celebrate their opponents. but for me, i keep a really tight eye on everything game of thrones. i’ll be darting from the teleprompter over to try to make eye contact and make plans after the show with some of the characters.

you have an amazing talent pool at your disposal. any hints you can drop about who might participate in the bits?i’m hoping people will want to participate, but we are not going to put anybody on the spot. i’m not the type of comedian, if you can even call me , to pick people apart, so hopefully everyone will know that. whoever is going to be participating will be celebrated.

might mr. danson make an appearance on the stage?he’ll be cleaning up my dressing room for most of the show. he doesn’t know that yet. i’ve got a lot of tasks written down i want him to take care of during the show. onstage, we’ll see.

is there anyone else you’re rooting for?if there were a fire, what table would i go to first to rescue people? game of thrones. that’s a fact. other than that, i’m happy for whoever wins.

the sag awards air sunday at 8 p.m. et/pt on tnt and tbs. be sure to check out the people, entertainment weekly & tnt’s sag awards® red carpet live here, starting at 5:30 p.m. et/2:30 pt from los angeles.

luke evans describes 'going back in time' for the alienist

luke evans may not be the titular alienist in tnt’s much-anticipated new drama — premiering jan. 22 and based on caleb carr’s bestselling historical thriller of the same name — but he’s very much a star of it. alongside daniel brühl’s dr. lazlo kreizler and dakota fanning’s sara howard, evans stars as john moore, a society journalist in turn-of-the-20th-century new york who forms a sort of off-the-books task force to track down a story the nypd doesn’t seem to want to pursue; a serial killer whose ritually disemboweled victims are some of the city’s youngest and most vulnerable citizens: child prostitutes.

on set last spring in budapest, ew sat down with the actor — praised for memorable turns in films like girl on the train and disney’s recent live-action blockbuster beauty and the beast — to talk about taking on his first major tv role, diving deep into new york history, and losing his pants.

entertainment weekly: what made you sign on for this after a career spent mostly in movies?
luke evans:
well, it was a good script, and jakob is a great director. he came to meet me in london, and i hadn’t necessarily thought about doing tv but i hadn’t necessarily not thought about doing it either. this is my first, kind of all of our firsts, and that says a lot i think about the quality and the caliber of work that you see on television. it’s also a great book, and i thought the adaption in the scripts was great. and i just love the character. he’s a very broken individual suffering with his own demons and trying to find his identity and his purpose in this group dynamic. so that, and you know, the good sell from jakob. 

there have been a lot of shows recently set in roughly this same time period, but a lot of them, like sherlock or peaky blinders, play with anachronisms in the soundtrack or even in the script. jakob seemed very clear he didn’t want that here.
that’s true. and that’s because we want to be loyal to the book. i mean, caleb carr studied as a historian! he was a historian before he was a novelist, and when he wrote the alienist, yes, it was a novel, but he wanted to base it in a real historical period. and we have real historical people — teddy roosevelt, jp morgan, characters who were in the new york scene at that time. so what we wanted to do was present an authentic 1890s lower east side, new york, and make it feel almost like a true story, a factual, historically accurate portrayal of new york life. manhattan at that time was a melting pot of culture and religion and races, and i think to honor the book and to honor caleb carr’s authenticity was part of the draw to the production, to make it as real as possible.

he lied to his publisher when he first submitted the manuscript, didn’t he, and said it was nonfiction? 
yeah, he did, and they were like “don’t worry about it!”

well, that was before wikipedia — you could probably still get away with it 20 years ago.
yes! and that’s amazing isn’t it? that’s a compliment to his work and his ability to flesh out the accuracy of the story. it’s not just picking out bits from different periods. it’s that moment, those streets. they have those records in new york where you can find out what shops were on what street, what did they sell, who lived above it, and he used all those resources. so when you see the bowery and mott street and mulberry and all that, you realize they’re really honoring that.

the production side of the show is kind of a varsity squad too; you have a prop master from mad men, the set designer from django unchained, and your costume designer michael kaplan did fight club and stars wars and the original blade runner
yeah. again, me personally, i’ve worked on big, big movies where you’re with oscar-winning directors, costume designers, scriptwriters, and you almost get used to it after a while. so it’s weird, when i came to television i thought maybe it won’t feel the same but it feels as much if not more so like a group of people who have come from the best of the best, and they’ve all been drawn to this project because you’re able to create a world. and it’s like going back in time, it’s so extraordinary.

let’s talk about your characters a little bit, because it’s sort of a motley crew. there’s dr. kreizler, played by daniel bruhl, who’s mistrusted because he’s got these strange ideas and he’s foreign and he’s got a funny arm. dakota fanning is fighting to be a woman in a man’s world. and even douglas smith and matthew scheer, the two isaacson brothers who come in to do forensics, aren’t really welcome in the nypd because they’re jews. your character comes from privilege but you’re also sort of a black sheep, and maybe a little bit of a mess.
jakob likes to call him a highly functioning alcoholic. he’s able to understand and relate to lots of different classes even though he’s from the upper classes and is a society illustrator for the new york times, he knows all sorts. he frequents brothels and he’s tortured by this broken relationship, he has a deceased brother who he feels responsible for his death. but because of this, he’s seen parts of new york and the lower east side and the tenderloin, places where none of the other people in this would have frequented, so in a way his purpose in this group, although he doesn’t really understand it at the time, is that he’s quite personable and relatable and i think for the audience he really is their eyes.

you see everyone else and you understand them a little bit better because of him, because kreizler is very sort of socially quite awkward and uncomfortable around people and he’s the opposite. he’s able to slip into a brothel or the dark seedy underworld and almost blend in even though he doesn’t come from that world. he’s able to put on a mask and be part of that experience. but he has his own demons, his own issues that he has to understand, and some of them are clearer at the end of the story and some of them never get understood at all. he also has to handle kreizler, and translate for him sometimes, because people shut down sometimes when they see him.

kreizler definitely struggles with social graces, judging from the scene we just watched where he’s berating dakota’s character about her father’s suicide. 
i know, who says that sh–? but he’s a psychologist, right, so he’s probably slightly sociopathic in a way. he sees everybody as a case study; he sees me as a case study. he talks about my problems when i don’t even talk about them to myself, so it’s a very interesting dynamic. but there’s obviously a camaraderie that goes back a long way too, and they seem to understand each other. they sort of owe it to each other to work as a team.

you also seem like an audience proxy in the sense that you’re not a masterful detective, you’re a real person who half the time doesn’t even know for sure what’s happening.
i’ve realized that there’s a sense of levity in my character’s journey — maybe through the alcohol, but also he’s just very real, he’s a man of the world, he’s a people person, but he’s not a detective, he’s not a psychologist, he’s not a criminal analyst. he’s been drawn into this thing because kreizler needs him. not for his criminal psychological academia , because he doesn’t have that. what he has is an ability to open doors, an ability to understand people, an ability to maybe delve into the underworld better than kreizler could. but you’re right, there are moments when moore is completely on the back foot like, “what the hell’s going on?”

it probably helps, in a show about dead baby prostitutes and so much darkness, that there’s some humor to your character.
for sure. you’ll find that moore delivers a lot of that. and the brothers, too, they have their moments of quirky kids being very competitive. a lot of what moore brings, you’re on his side going “oh my god, this poor guy.” i mean, i come home without my trousers because i’ve been roofied, basically. and it’s nice to play that because the story is incredibly dark, super dark and terrifying at moments, so you have to have a balance. it may not be an equal balance, but we have an opportunity to give it a little levity.

would you say that maybe you put a little gaston on it?
yes, a little gaston.

the alienist premieres jan. 22 at 9 p.m. on tnt.

get a sneak peek inside the sag awards' exclusive after party

every awards ceremony has its after party — from the oscars’ governors ball to the many after-parties hosted by various studios and networks, there’s no shortage of places to go to let loose and celebrate your win or drown your sorrows after your loss during awards season. but the sag awards are unique in that there is only one after-party and everybody goes to the same place to let their hair down: it’s the people and entertainment industry foundation sag awards post-awards gala.

“there’s a really great sense of community inside this room and all the stars come here and they know they can kick their shoes off and they stay awhile,” explains event producer and designer tony schubert. “there’s not any other official parties that happen that night. for the most part we get everybody that is at the show here, whether that’s for 10 minutes or 3 hours. and we want them to feel comfortable. we want all the guests to stay awhile and have some fun and dance.”

the party takes place in an event space constructed on the main stage of the shrine auditorium (also home to the awards ceremony itself) and extended out over the auditorium. guests can enjoy music from dj michelle pesce while dining on a menu from wolfgang puck and a dessert bar; there’s also a photo booth, potential impromptu dance-offs, and more.

the theme and atmosphere

this year’s theme is “reflections,” which is intended to highlight the current cultural climate sweeping hollywood with things like the #timesup movement. “with everything happening in the world and with everything happening specifically in hollywood, i feel like everyone’s doing a lot of reflecting these days,” explains schubert. “but at its core it’s really about creating reflective surfaces and having something that a lot of light can bounce off of and create different prisms and different views of what somebody might see looking at it straight on and then it turns and changes as people move throughout the event, and that’s where it came from.”

zoe ruderman, executive director of content strategy for people, says the theme extends from everything to the atmosphere and decorations to the photo booth, which is inspired by yayoi kusama’s infinity mirrors rooms at the broad museum in los angeles.

“it’s a lot of mirror-like fixtures and surfaces,” explains ruderman. “it feels really modern, which is different than previous years.” she adds about the photo booth: “it’s a little bit more of an old hollywood feel; they’re calling it a gilded infinity room…it’s mirror after mirror so if you stand in front of it and take a photo you see a million of yourself, so obviously there’s a professional photographer in there, but we’re expecting there to be a lot of selfie-ing to be going on.”


while there will be a menu created by wolfgang puck, most people would agree the most important menu at an after party is the cocktail menu. cooper’s hawk winery and restaurants will continue to provide the wines — available are the two table wines from dinner at the awards: a chardonnay and a pinot noir, as well as a sauvignon blanc and a cabernet. if you’d like to imbibe on what the stars are drinking, the cooper’s hawk restaurants around the country will be offering a tasting flight of the specially selected sag award wines.

the menu also features a cocktail bar with themed hollywood cocktails, including “the dailies” (clase azul tequila, orange liqueur, and a blend of pomegranate, lemon, and lime juices), “hit your mark” (chopin vodka, apple liqueur, apple juice, and blueberry juice), and “the call back” (portobello road gin and fever tree tonic).

gift bags

another highlight of hollywood awards shows is the gift bags the guests get to bring home at the end of the night. for the first time, the sag awards gift bags are different for men and women and guests are welcome to choose which they prefer as they go. the bags themselves are provided by lug. “you can use them as a backpack, a tote, a gym bag. the bag itself is a gift; it’s not like it’s some flimsy little bag,” explains ruderman. inside the bag is a wide array of items including a snack bar from sag awards host kristen bell‘s company “this bar saves lives,” which works to provide life-saving nutrition to children, and a copy of the book the alienist, which inspired the new tnt series starring daniel bruhl, dakota fanning, and luke evans.

other products include a phone case, a travel pouch, a hair brush, deodorant, and more. l’oreal is a sponsor of the party and so the gift bag is packed full of that company’s products. additionally, they’ll be running a touch-up booth at the party all night long so guests can freshen their hair or makeup while dancing the night away to ensure they are red carpet and camera ready when they step into the gilded infinity photo booth.

the sag awards air live on tnt and tbs on sunday, jan. 21 at 5 p.m. pt/ 8 p.m. et. be sure to check out the people, entertainment weekly & tnt’s sag awards® red carpet live here, starting at 5:30 p.m. et/2:30 pt from los angeles.

new truths uncovered about avery's fate on blindspot

warning: this story contains major spoilers from friday’s episode of blindspot. read at your own risk!

the plot thickens in the case of jane’s daughter avery.

after viewers learned last week that avery (kristina reyes) was still alive, friday’s blindspot provided a major clue to weller (sullivan stapleton) and patterson (ashley johnson), the latter of whom uncovered a video of roman (luke mitchell) paying off avery, effectively proving weller was set up. so while they don’t yet know that avery is actually alive, they at least know that roman orchestrated what happened, likely in a bid to separate jane (jaimie alexander) and weller.

“i think jane will be a little relieved,” executive producer martin gero tells ew. “her feelings and what actually happened play heavily in the next two episodes, so i don’t want to say too much. jane wants to forgive weller, because she loves him and misses being close to him. hopefully patterson will find out some more information to pave the way for that.”

still, jane and weller’s estranged relationship will face other roadblocks. friday’s flashbacks revealed that while jane was on the run doing k&r cases, she befriended a fellow unsavory type named clem (steve kazee), with whom she shared a night of passion — and she seemed to be headed for a repeat in present day by hour’s end.

“she certainly will be tempted,” gero says, noting that jane will come clean to weller about cheating on him during her two-year absence. “clem was a former lover, but he’s also one of her best friends, and she could really need a friend right now. clem plays heavily in the next episode, and if you’re a jeller fan, you’re not gonna want to miss it.”

blindspot airs fridays at 8 p.m. et on nbc.

get out costar lil rel howery to headline fox sitcom pilot

one of the breakout stars of get out could get his own fox comedy.

the network ordered a comedy pilot called rel that stars lil rel howery, best known for playing tsa officer rod williams in jordan peele’s likely oscar contender, as a “prideful, self-made success” who learns his wife cheated on him with his barber. the comedy is inspired by lil rel’s real life and will be executive produced by mike scully (the simpsons). howery also played robert carmichael in nbc’s the carmichael show.

fox also ordered two other pilots friday. empire’s lee daniels is the mastermind behind our people, a single-camera comedy that will be based on the israeli format nevsu: a young multi-cultural couple. here’s the official description from fox: “a man from a bombastic african family who doesn’t have a word in their native language for privacy and his fiancée from a mid-western family try to build a normal life together — though nobody can agree what that normal means.”

and the network will attempt another series with actors singing in mixtape, a drama from josh safran (quantico, smash) that’s described as a “romantic musical drama that looks at a disparate group of interconnected people in contemporary los angeles through the lens of the music that defines who they are. mixtape captures the different stages of love, exploring if time can heal a broken heart and if love can withstand life’s tragedies.”

stephen colbert finally agrees with trump about something

mark down this day in history, because stephen colbert finally agrees with donald trump about something.

on friday’s late show, the host discussed the president’s interview with reuters, in which he called washington d.c. “a mean place.”

after making a brief mention of trump’s penchant for always having a diet coke nearby (‘it’s his only brown friend’), colbert backed the negative comments about the nation’s capital by using the president’s own alleged words against him. “yes, washington is terrible,” remarked colbert. “i heard one guy down there called all of africa a “sh—hole.”

watch the full clip above to see what colbert has to say about trump’s so-called exercise regimen. the late show airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. et on cbs.

check out the painted walking dead billboard coming to brooklyn

the walking dead is going both artsy and old school to promote the show’s return on feb. 25. the amc zombie drama will be unleashing a new painted wall billboard in brooklyn on monday, jan. 22, and we’ve got your exclusive first look at it right here.

in addition to going with the standard photo collage usually used to promote the show, exec-producer/director greg nicotero wanted to tap into his love of hollywood history to produce some special artwork that evoked a different feel.

“as a kid, i was heavily influenced by movie poster artists… john berkey (the 1976 version of king kong, the towering inferno), roger kastel (jaws, the empire strikes back), and our season 1 poster artist drew struzan (back to the future, e.t.),” says nicotero. “we wanted to bring back some of that style and flair in this piece by telling our story in a painting as opposed to just a photo collage.”

nicotero knew just the man to call: christopher sly. “i’ve loved christopher’s work for quite some time and brought it to scott gimple who immediately felt his style emulated a feel more akin to posters of our youth and wanted to translate that feel to the walking dead.”

sly was more than happy to help out. “greg called, and we started talking about our mutual love of john berkey’s work, the king kong poster, towering inferno, the great disaster movie posters,” says sly. “greg’s a really smart guy, he understands that visual language. i have jaws and king kong hanging on my walls, and every time, they just blow me out of the water. that’s what drew me to the project, first how fast me and greg got along, and how fast we both locked in on how much fun it would be to approach the walking dead in that vain.”

check out the final result for yourself. and starting on jan. 22 you can keep your eyes on buildings throughout brooklyn to try to find the art in person. happy hunting!

the walking dead returns on feb. 25 at 9 p.m. on amc.

superhero insider: heroes return for heartbreak

each week, we break down the biggest moments from supergirl, the flash, black lightning, and arrow — both here on and on siriusxm’s ew live every friday during superhero insider.

after a brief hiatus, the cw’s quartet of superhero shows returned with supergirl on monday, as the girl of steel got an assist from the legion of super-heroes. the flash followed on tuesday, with barry on trial for the murder of devoe, followed by the debut of black lightning, featuring the electricity-manipulating superhero otherwise known as jefferson pierce. and arrow closed out the week with oliver determined to take down cayden james. here are the highlights:


after a few months of teasing, the legion of super-heroes finally made their debut in tonight’s episode. sure, mon-el and imra have been hanging around for a few episodes now, but the midseason premiere, which also introduced a very endearingly awkward brainiac 5 (jesse rath), was the first time we saw them throw on their black x-men movie-looking supersuits and live up to their name. with supergirl out of commission following her fight with reign, it was up to the legion to step in with their awesome flight rings and spaceship to defend national city’s prison against an assault from reign until supergirl woke up. what i found most fascinating about the legion’s introduction is how supergirl is mirroring what smallville did. in season 8, smallville also introduced the legion after clark kent faced off against, and was defeated by, a kryptonian weapon of mass destruction (doomsday) that was masquerading as a normal human. however, the similarities end there. while the legion was only present on smallville for one episode, supergirl intends to keep them around at least for a few more episodes, and i’m definitely looking forward to learning more about what kind heroes mon-el, imra, and brainiac 5 are. —chancellor agard
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the flash

adapted from one of the seminal comic book storylines “the trial of the flash,” the hour was certainly a roller coaster ride of emotions. above all else, barry allen is a hero, so to see someone tear him apart in court was heartbreaking, especially as some of what the d.a. was saying was actually true, just missing the important context that devoe is a megalomaniac hellbent on getting the scarlet speedster out of his way to achieve his ultimate plan. while grant gustin delivered a pitch-perfect performance, equal parts somber and anguished, candice patton once again rose to the occasion, opening the floodgates as iris tried to reveal barry’s super secret to keep her husband from going to prison — their “frozen-in-time” scene was one of the best this season. props are due to the episode’s writers, lauren certo and kristen kim, who also penned “girls night out.” —natalie abrams
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black lightning

when i first heard that black lightning wasn’t definitively attached to the berlanti-verse (or arrow-verse, if you will), i was a bit nervous about how the show would be embraced. after all, viewers had already endeared themselves to barry allen before he was spun off to his own show, and the same goes for most of the legends. but i could not be happier that jefferson pierce and the world of black lightning are — for now — removed from that sometimes fantastical universe, because it makes the plight of freeland all the more powerful. this gritty and realistic portrayal offers a glimpse into what, honestly, feels like the world we currently live in, with issues we see on the news every day, or face in our own lives. it’s also not necessarily an origin story — though i can’t wait to see jefferson’s daughters exploring their powers — but a tale of someone who has already spent years working to make his community a better place. maybe i’m just getting to the age where i relate more to the parents than the kids in shows, but i’m fully on this ride to see how jefferson handles being an “elder” hero, both when he’s suited up and when he’s not. —n.a.
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at the end of arrow‘s midseason finale, i was worried the winter premiere would end with the status quo restored and curtis, rene, and dinah back on team arrow. thankfully, the opposite happened, and the show is stronger for it. at the end of “divided,” oliver, having realized that he can’t handle cayden james’ cabal on his own, apologizes for violating the team’s trust and asks the team to come back. but, in a surprising move, they decline his offer because they’ve decided to form their own team, which was absolutely the best decision storywise because having two teams will definitely add more tension to the season. furthermore, i’ve loved how generous the show has been this year in giving supporting characters like curtis, rene, and dinah their own arcs that are separate from oliver, and putting them off on their own will hopefully lead to more of that. as the season’s new opening title indicates: this season isn’t just about oliver anymore. it’s about everyone. —c.a.
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this week’s crossover moments

not a crossover moment, per se, but cecile representing barry in court was pulled directly from “the trial of the flash.”

listen to superhero insider

click below to listen to this week’s superhero insider, which airs every friday at 10 a.m. pt/1 p.m. et on siriusxm’s ch. 105, hosted by kyle anderson and natalie abrams.

supergirl airs mondays at 8 p.m. et, the flash airs tuesdays at 8 p.m. et, followed by black lightning at 9 p.m. et., and arrow airs thursdays at 9 p.m. et on the cw.

the last jedi director proves luke skywalker twist has precedent

it’s not every day that a filmmaker has to cite precedent, but in legacy stories like star wars, sometimes it’s called for.

the last jedi filmmaker rian johnson was apparently responding to questions about the finale of the new film when he posted friday on twitter a series of images that back up a key moment in the movie.

the scene in question is near the end, when — spoiler alert! — luke skywalker fools kylo ren by projecting an image of himself across the galaxy for a showdown that saves the remnants of the resistance.

johnson already backs up this twist several times within the movie. early on, luke incredulously foreshadows this climax when he asks rey if she expects him to face down the entire first order with a laser sword.

but also, when kylo ren and rey are communicating in shared visions with each other (dubbed “force skype” by some fans), ren speculates that she couldn’t possibly be the one projecting her own image. “the effort would kill you,” he says.

today, johnson turned to the 2010 books in daniel wallace’s secrets of the galaxy collection for further backup, turning specifically to a chapter in the jedi path that relates to this phenomenon.

those books were de-canonized and moved to the “legends” category when lucasfilm began producing new movies, but filmmakers such as dave filoni, who executive produces the animated rebels series, have been re-canonizing their favorite parts by including them in current stories.

either way, it has a history. and now similfuturus has been added to your lexicon.

update: johnson also responded to fan questions about how leia organa could summon the force to save herself after being pulled into the vacuum of space after an explosion.

see vince gilligan break down key breaking bad moments on 10th anniversary

breaking bad turns 10 on saturday, and its birthday gift is… a youtube channel.

sony pictures television, which produced the critically acclaimed drama starring bryan cranston as a high school teacher who transforms into a drug lord, announced on friday that it has launched an official youtube channel dedicated to the series. to get the archives started, creator vince gilligan sat down with talking dead host chris hardwick for a fireside chat at the youtube space, which you can watch here. in the hourlong interview, gilligan delves into the key moments in the show’s history while sharing his storytelling secrets. 

the channel become the home for thousands of video clips as well as fan-generated videos, which will continue to be culled from people using the hashtag #mybreakingbadvideo in their social posts of their content. breaking bad— which also starred aaron paul, anna gunn, dean norris, betsy brandt, rj mitte, jonathan banks, and bob odenkirk — earned a whopping 16 emmys over its five-season, 62-episode run, most notably with back-to-back wins as outstanding drama series. 

bryan cranston and peopletv dissect the top 10 breaking bad moments

watch the full episode of top 10 baddest breaking bad moments now on the new peopletv network. go to, or download the peopletv app on your favorite mobile or connected tv device.

it didn’t take very long for breaking bad, the vince gilligan-created series that ran for five seasons, to earn a spot on the list of tv’s greatest shows ever. premiering jan. 20, 2008, on amc, audiences were immediately hooked thanks in large part to the dramatic turn of star bryan cranston — who had just come off playing the goofy dad on fox’s comedy malcolm in the middle — as a regular joe chemistry teacher who receives a terminal cancer diagnosis and turns to meth-making as a way of earning extra money to ensure his family’s financial security for after he dies.

“it’s unquestionably one of the most influential shows ever made,” ew tv critic darren franich says of the series.

in celebration of its debut a decade ago, peopletv is taking a look back at the show’s 62 episodes with the top 10 baddest breaking bad moments. “there are approximately 234 really great moments on breaking bad,” ew writer samantha highfill laughs, “so to narrow it down is next to impossible.”

but we did it with the help of cranston and gilligan dissecting the best of the “baddest,” counting down the memorable, quotable (you know the ones we’re talking about!) scenes.

“the iconic phrasing that came out of breaking bad are always a surprise to me,” cranston, who won four emmys for his performance in the series, says in the special. “you can extract many different lines from it — the more succinct, the better.”

four deaths make the list, along with one particular character’s introduction — even a happy moment! — and more.

check out a preview of peopletv’s top 10 baddest breaking bad moments, above, and watch the full episode here.

breaking down marvel's new exiles, from cartoon wolverine to ragnarok valkyrie

novelist saladin ahmed just started writing mainstream comics last year, but he’s already made one unforgettable series. black bolt, with artist christian ward, turned the titular superhero-king on his head by locking him away in a psychedelic space prison and challenging all his beliefs about ruling and punishment. now, for his next trick, ahmed is resurrecting marvel’s exiles franchise alongside artist javier rodriguez. this superhero team is known for its time-hopping adventures across parallel realities of the marvel universe, and ahmed has wrangled up quite a diverse team to continue that tradition. longtime exiles stalwart blink leads the team, but joining her are a cartoon version of wolverine from the x-babies universe; khan, a grizzled older version of ms. marvel; iron lad (a.k.a. a teenaged kang the conqueror) from before his young avengers adventures; and a version of valkyrie heavily influenced by tessa thompson’s beloved on-screen version in thor: ragnarok. 

ew caught up with ahmed to break down each member of the team. check that out below, along with an exclusive preview of exiles #1, which hits stores april 11.


as played by jamie chung, the teleporting mutant blink has recently become a star on fox’s x-men series the gifted. but ahmed promises a slightly different version here, one that pays tribute to blink’s comic roots while also exploring new territory.

“those who are familiar with the character through the tv show will be seeing a pretty different character,” ahmed tells ew. “this is the blink from the comic story line age of apocalypse, an archetypal post-apocalyptic x-men story line. she’s been a fan favorite from the time she first appeared in that story line in the ’90s. initially i think people just latched onto her because of her design, all that neon pink. there’s something about the coloring and the pointy ears and her elfin looks. javier and i have updated her look, made it a little more punk rock, but the basic design is killer. a series of writers really put her into interesting/compelling situations. she was raised by sabretooth, actually, so not a typical family history. lots of writers, including the folks who did previous runs on exiles, have done some really dynamic stuff with her as a time-hopper and superhero. i’m interested in honoring that work but also want to dig into her as a person, especially her early life and how that affects her. where do people come from? what’s their cultural background? what was their family life like? i think all that stuff informs the rest of our lives. so i think i’ll be digging into corners with blink that haven’t really been explored yet.”


tessa thompson’s performance as valkyrie was one of the standout elements of last year’s thor: ragnarok, even though she differed from past versions of the character. exiles’ dimension-hopping concept, however, has allowed ahmed and rodriguez to finally introduce a similar version of valkyrie to marvel comics. though she’s not quite the same as the mcu character, fans of thompson and ragnarok should have plenty of reasons to rejoice.

“i think for a lot of people, tessa thompson was the breakout performance in thor: ragnarok. that was a delightful movie, and her swagger was part of what made it that way,” ahmed says. “now, to get deep-nerd, the marvel cinematic universe does have its own designation as an alternate reality. this is not technically valkyrie from that reality, and she’s got some differences. the asgard she comes from apparently doesn’t have a thor or a heimdall; she’s known as the lone defender of asgard. she’s from a slightly different asgard, she’s a slightly different character, but in her design and body language she’s meant to embody what tessa did. she’s not a big woman, but she has this embodiment of going toe-to-toe with chris hemsworth or hulk, as if she was as big as they are. so we made her look as big as she acted. she’s a bit different from tessa’s character in that the tragic backstory is not there in the same way, so we see a younger, more mirthful warrior here. i think readers are really gonna fall in love with her.”

wolverine of the x-babies

even in an age of violent, grimdark superheroes, wolverine remains probably the grimmest and most violent of all (see: logan). but exiles’ version is a chibi cartoon version of the character, from the muppet babies-style x-babies universe.

“there’s perhaps the slightest bit of trolling involved with wolverine. certain fans who demand a grim and serious superhero are a bit outraged at the appearance of this character,” ahmed says. “the real wolverine is a character i’ve lived with and loved for 30-some years. these characters we love, we can sort of poke fun at them. wolverine’s unrelenting grim toughness is kind of perfectly inverted by having this character with literal cartoon hearts popping off him as he explains how great friends are. it’s a lot of fun to write this character. on the other hand, it’s important to me with a superhero book to think about these themes in serious ways. so he’s also gonna be a springboard for thinking about violence and what’s scary in the world. he comes from this completely innocent world where the worst thing that happens is someone steals pies. he’s gonna be confronted with much darker stuff. how he rolls with that is gonna be an emotional story that i think is relevant to people who aren’t cartoons.”


kamala khan, a.k.a ms. marvel, is the single greatest marvel creation of the last few years. as written by g. willow wilson, kamala is an eager young hero who fights for the safety of her jersey city hometown while also confronting problems any young millennial can relate to: tricky work/life balance, gentrification in her neighborhood, relating to her parents, and so on. exiles presents a much darker version of the character, one who hails from a dystopian future and has lost some of her younger self’s luster.

“khan is essentially kamala khan after about 30 years or so spent in a reality where there’s been constant three-way war between humans, inhumans, and mutants,” ahmed says. “the marvel event ivx threatened some conflict between inhumans and mutants that could have spilled over globally, and the idea here is, what if that didn’t get peacefully resolved? what if it devolved into a global factional war? kamala is a person who, even as young ms. marvel, is very much about her place: jersey city, the people around her, and a loving protection of that. what we see in khan is a bitter soldier who’s seen that faith and that hope betrayed. on the one hand, khan is kind of a pastiche tribute; it’s not an accident that she looks like cable or bishop. she’s got pouches and a big gun! she is this grim ‘grrr i’m from the future’ ’90s character. but squaring that with her heritage as ms. marvel was really important to me. i love willow’s book to death. it was important to me to not just make this ‘haha ms. marvel has a gun.’ there’s a journey there that she’ll go through. we’ll find out about the journey that brought her to this haggard place, and then we’ll see if there’s a way out of that for her.”

iron lad

he hasn’t been seen in a while, but iron lad was one of the original stars of allan heinberg and jim cheung’s young avengers run. fans of that book will know he’s actually a younger version of kang the conqueror, one who rejected his future self’s villainous ways and traveled to the present, where he assembled a team of young superheroes to fight for justice. exiles pulls out the character just before his young avengers adventures.

“this is a book about reality-hopping, so a character who is a pre-kang is absolutely at home in a book like this,” ahmed says. “this incarnation of nate is essentially before anything that happens in young avengers. the idea here is that we meet him just after he’s rejected kang. the story of iron lad is, kang goes back to his bullied self as a kid and snatches him out of the timeline and offers to make him a warlord, his heir/predecessor, but he rejects that and becomes a hero. in this timeline he rejects kang, but in a bit of a darker direction. he doesn’t want to become a conqueror, but he wants to go get revenge on the bullies who have hurt him. he hasn’t gone through what readers have seen iron lad of the young avengers go through. he’s basically a hurt, angry kid in power armor. a brilliant, hurt, angry kid in power armor. he’s the super-brain of the team. he’s gonna have to contend with what having this ability to cause harm means, and how you use that.”

jordan peele says he's done with acting: 'daniel day-lewis and i are both out'

get out… is what jordan peele is doing with his acting career.

the writer, director, and actor is apparently shedding the latter title if he holds true to his comments on cbs sunday morning, where he told tracy smith that he’s done acting.

“that’s the idea. daniel day-lewis and i are both out,” peele says with a laugh, referencing the three-time oscar winner’s declaration that phantom thread is his final film. “acting is just nowhere near as fun for me as directing.”

before he wrote and directed last year’s hit film get out, which is expected to receive multiple oscar nominations next week, peele was best known for his work in front of the camera. along with keegan-michael key, he created and starred on the popular comedy central sketch series key & peele. the duo also appeared together on the first season of fargo and in the big screen comedy keanu.

no word on what this means for animated projects, considering peele voices various characters, including the ghost of duke ellington, on netflix’s big mouth.

peele’s full interview airs sunday at 9 p.m. et on cbs.

why nicolas cage wanted to play a father trying to murder his kids in mom and dad

in writer-director brian taylor’s just-released horror movie-cum-jet black comedy mom and dad, nicolas cage plays brent, a father who, along with many other parents, develops a sudden desire to murder his own offspring. how did the leaving las vegas and national treasure actor get involved with such a seemingly bizarre project?

“i had known brian taylor for a few years,” says cage. “we had done ghost rider: spirit of vengeance, and i had really enjoyed working with him, and we had been looking for something else to do for a while. then we sent me this script, and as soon i read it, i realized that i could do something with it in a darkly humorous way. you know, brian and i are both big fans of stephen king’s work. he likes the aspect of his work where you take the mundane and turn it on its head, and i was also an enormous fan of jack nicholson’s performance in the shining. i’d always wanted to do something where i could explore how much menace and humor i could bring into one performance in the way that i thought nicholson had done.”

there is certainly something nicholson-esque about cage’s suburban patriarch as he desperately tries to get his homicidally-inclined hands on his two kids, played by anne winters and zackary arthur.

“i really wanted to see if we could take the audience on a ride with the brent performance and let them know that, no matter how wrong it all was, that it was really coming from an absurdist place of comedy,” says cage. “i wanted to utilize whatever i had developed in other performances in terms of acting style and see if i could go full operatic and more larger-than-life with the performance.”

brent’s wife — who also wants to kill their kids — is played by selma blair, who seems to be having an equal amount of fun with the material.

“selma has a tremendous presence on camera,” says cage. “i really can’t take my eyes of her when i watch her onscreen. she has a kind of lauren bacall-like attractiveness, but underneath there’s a real danger there, or an ability to be unpredictable, and edgy, and dangerous. but also she knows how to be marvelously funny. she’s one of these actress that really you don’t know what they are going to do, and i always find that exhilarating.”

cage’s upcoming movies include the panos cosmatos-directed sundance film mandy, the poster for which ew exclusively unveiled earlier in the week.

“panos, i’d seen his first picture, beyond the black rainbow, which affected me deeply,” says cage. “i couldn’t sleep for almost a week after seeing it, because it really got into my psyche. he has a way of using colors, and style, and it’s truly his own and there aren’t many filmmakers like that, that have a vision, almost like a painter, and he took every detail very seriously, and put a tremendous amount of thought into every aspect of the process.”

mom and dad is now screening in theaters and is also available to watch on vod and digital download. see the film’s trailer, above.

al pacino faces a disturbing scandal in paterno teaser trailer

“joe, did you know about jerry?”

the question haunts the first teaser trailer for paterno, hbo’s upcoming film about the legendary eponymous penn state head coach and his swift downfall, after dozens of allegations of child abuse and molestation surfaced against his assistant coach, jerry sandusky, who was ultimately sentenced to 30 to 60 years in prison. paterno died in 2012, shortly after the scandal died down.

the film explores the dynamics of the scandal, particularly as charges of complicity mounted against joe paterno (al pacino) when evidence increasingly pointed to sandusky using the east area locker rooms at penn state to abuse children he met through his mile high charity. riley keough (the girlfriend experience) plays reporter sara ganim, while kathy baker stars as his wife, sue.

the teaser captures the frenzy that engulfed penn state and that ultimately tarnished paterno’s reputation. the film is directed by barry levinson, marking an hbo reunion between the filmmaker and pacino after the emmy-winning you don’t know jack.

paterno premieres on hbo later this year.