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alejandro jodorowsky thinks evil dead 2 is the perfect halloween movie

alejandro jodorowsky is not known as a horror director, per se. but the director of such cult classics as el topo, the holy mountain, santa sangre, and this year’s endless poetry routinely includes in his movies the kind of eye-popping weirdness and viscerality that few terror tale-crafters would dare to match. so, what films does the chile-born ‘jodo’ recommend ew readers watch this halloween? the answer is birthday boy sam raimi’s 1987 horror-comedy evil dead 2 and james whale’s 1931 horror classic, frankenstein.

evil dead 2 — because so crazy, because so free,” says jodorowsky. “it was so free. it was a game, no? the terror like a game. i like it. frankenstein — boris karloff, for me, was like hamlet. frankenstein is made of pieces of human beings. it is the mythology of the collective human being. and myself, i say, we need to stop with the ‘i’ and go to ‘us.’ we are a collectivity, we need to think of the collectivity philosophy, the collective art.”

you can watch the trailer for evil dead 2, above.

cbs cancels zoo after three seasons

zoo has closed its doors. cbs has canceled the summer drama, based on a james patterson best-seller.

produced by cbs television studios, the drama, which followed researchers investigating a wave of violent animal attacks against humans, had earned three seasons on the network alongside a special deal with netflix, which allowed the series to stream on the platform following the end of each season. its third season, which concluded its run on sept, 21, was its last, ew has confirmed.

the netflix deal allowed for the production of a more expensive show in the typically fallow summer months, following in the footsteps of shows like under the dome. however, the third season was down nearly two million viewers from the second.

the news comes one week after cbs renewed its only other original scripted summer dramasalvation, which secured an svod deal with amazon.

zoo starred james wolk, kristen connolly, nonso anozie, and billy burke, and it was produced by jeff pinkner, josh appelbaum, andre nemec and scott rosenberg.

the hollywood reporter first broke the news.

kim cattrall thinks sex and the city should recast samantha with black or hispanic actress

kim cattrall is all for another actress stepping into samantha jones’ expensive shoes — and she even advocates for an unexpected inclusive twist. make samantha jones a woman of color.

in a new interview with piers morgan, which made headlines a few weeks back for cattrall’s comments that sarah jessica parker “could have been nicer,” the actress celebrated her time with the role and made some suggestions for what sex and the city could do with her character moving forward.

“it’s a great part. i played it past the finish line and then some, and i loved it,” she said. “another actress should play it — maybe they could make it an african-american samantha jones or a hispanic samantha jones.” her recasting suggestion received uproarious applause from the studio audience.

cattrall and her refusal to participate in a third sex and the city film has generated a lot of conversation since the news that there would not be a third film broke at the end of september. cattrall has told fans they should “move on” from the show, while also adding she was “never friends” with her costars, merely “colleagues.”

in early october, producer and television mogul ryan murphy suggested the sex and the city team move ahead with a third film and simply recast samantha. from the sound of her interview, it seems cattrall would agree — and that she hopes any future installments of the new york city-set franchise would more fully reflect the diversity of its home metropolis.

blake lively gets birthday photo revenge on ryan reynolds

payback is a ryan gosling.

ryan reynolds turned 41 on monday, a milestone that his wife, blake lively, celebrated with a photo of the deadpool star and his pal gosling — but mostly of gosling.

alongside a picture of the la la land star and a barely visible reynolds, lively wrote on instagram, “happy birthday, baby.”

the hilarious cropping comes a few months after lively’s 30th birthday, which reynolds marked with a sweet message and picture of the couple. well, kind of, considering the gossip girl alum was almost completely cut out of the image.

reynolds and lively, who costarred in 2011’s green lantern, were married in 2012 and have two daughters.

dora the explorer live-action movie in the works, with michael bay producing

dora has found a new place to explore — the big screen.

a live-action dora the explorer film is in the works at paramount from forgetting sarah marshall and neighbors director nicholas stoller, ew has confirmed.

stoller, who also co-wrote the muppets, will work on the script, while michael bay is on board as a producer of the adaptation of the long-running nickelodeon animated series.

debuting in 2000, the children’s program ran for 172 episodes and followed dora, a 7-year-old mexican-american girl who takes on a series of adventures alongside her monkey and talking backpack. the hollywood reporter, which broke the news, says the film will likely center on a teenage dora moving to the city to live with her cousin, diego.

supergirl's chyler leigh on alex and maggie's next step

maggie and alex have reached an impasse.

during monday’s episode of supergirl, maggie (floriana lima) was finally able to get some closure from her father (carlos bernard), who had kicked her out of the house when she was outed as a child. though alex (chyler leigh) had hoped this resolution might make maggie change her mind about having kids, the latter is firm in her feelings — something alex is once again agreeable to, despite it clearly bothering her. suffice it to say, it won’t be long before alex voices her true feelings on the subject.

“it affects their relationship,” leigh told ew friday night at the glsen respect awards. “it just raises a lot of questions in general. for these two in particular, in their line of work, at any moment they could die. so in a lot of ways you rush into something, and you’re going off of instinct, and you’re going off of feeling, and sometimes some of the bigger issues or even the finer details will sort of be left unsaid, so this is just a moment where they’re really going, ‘okay, wait, let’s slow down for a second and think, is this what i want? is this not what i want? how do we make this work? does it work? if it does, how do we do it so we’re not both having to compromise when we’re doing something together?‘ it sparks a lot of conversations and it’s challenging.”

the move comes as viewers know lima will soon be exiting. as revealed shortly after the season 2 finale, the actress is only set to return for a handful of episodes in season 3, with producers andrew kreisberg and greg berlanti both previously citing lima’s want to pursue other projects. “it strikes a chord very deep within me, and hits me very personally, because i love the story line, i love the relationship,” leigh says. “there’s a lot of technicalities that come into play. there’s only so much you can do when it comes to people’s decisions, whosever it is.”

“for me, personally, celebrating where they’ve been, what they’ve done and what they’ve accomplished i think is incredibly important, because i know that it has changed a lot of lives — it’s changed my own life,” leigh continues. “i’ve gotten so many personal accounts from people saying, ‘you’ve literally saved my sister’s life,’ ‘you’ve saved somebody’s life,’ because we’re giving people an opportunity to connect the dots and put the pieces together, and it starts to make a lot more sense, ‘maybe i understand my family member a little bit more.’ so just being on that journey, for me, is so incredibly satisfying. knowing that we are taking part in something that is very, very important means a tremendous amount to a lot of people.”

despite lima’s impending exit, leigh stresses that alex’s story of discovery is far from over. “that’s the thing: it is another chapter, it really is,” leigh says. “alex’s journey is really that she’s still in that moment of who am i, what do i want, where am i going and how do i get there? wherever the relationship goes, the biggest thing is understanding that no one is in control of absolutely everything all the time, and we all have to respond and react to whatever comes our way, so she’s in that mode of where am i right now?

supergirl airs mondays at 8 p.m. et on the cw.

additional reporting by derek lawrence.

buffy was in the ballroom at dwts

movie night at dancing with the stars was particularly glittery in the ballroom, thanks to the presence of a very important slayer.

sarah michelle gellar joined in on the fun monday with her daughter charlotte. so does this mean the beloved star of buffy the vampire slayer is considering a turn on the dance floor?

sadly, she’s not preparing to don the danskins anytime soon: gellar was only there on the behest of her 8-year-old daughter, who’s apparently a massive dwts fan. this is her first time attending the show.

gellar was joined in the ballroom audience by former contestants david ross and john o’hurley, as well as jenna ortega from disney channel’s stuck in the middle and ronnie magro from jersey shore. the theme of the night was movies, so the celebrity hoofers had to tailor their numbers to specific tinseltown themes.

check back later for our full dwts recap.

the hunting ground directors plan hollywood sexual assault doc

the helmers of the hunting ground are taking aim at sexual predators of the entertainment industry with their latest documentary feature.

oscar-nominated filmmaking duo kirby dick and amy ziering announced monday they’re working on a nonfiction account of the cycle of sexual abuse in hollywood, which will shed light on the “behavior of predatory perpetrators such as harvey weinstein and others” in a film that will “explore the culture that enables and protects them,” according to a press release.

“documentaries, more than any other medium, bring an intensely moving investigative lens to controversial subject matter,” dick said of the project via statement. “what our film will capture, especially at this pivotal turning point in hollywood history, is the underlying current of abuse and manipulation at the hands of power. our film will also underscore the courage it takes to come forward and be a catalyst for change.”

ziering noted planning for the film began several years ago, before an oct. 5 new york times exposé on harvey weinstein brought to light allegations of repeated sexual harassment and misconduct — including claims of paid cover-ups — dating back decades. her interest in chronicling systemic sexual abuse in hollywood was stoked by the reception of previous films the invisible war and the hunting ground, which recounted rape culture in the military and on college campuses, respectively.

“every time we screened that film in hollywood, actors and executives would come up to us and say that they had had similar experiences right here. so, we began working on this project and immediately found ourselves grappling with the same forces that had kept this story silenced for so long,” she said in a release of the hunting ground, which was released by weinstein’s company. “everyone was frightened about what would happen to their careers, and worried about whether they would be sued. distributors were unwilling to fund or release the film, and few people were willing to talk on the record. then the weinstein stories broke, and it’s like an invisible dam collapsed.”

a release date for the currently untitled film has yet to be determined.

the young and the restless star in treatment after mental health scare

daytime drama favorite kristoff st. john is undergoing psychiatric treatment after a reported scare regarding his mental health, ew has confirmed.

kristoff, who plays neil winters on cbs’ the young and the restless, has been open about his battles with depression after the loss of his son, julian, who died by suicide nearly three years ago. it’s unclear how his current situation will affect production, though the sudser tapes way in advance of air dates.

in a statement to entertainment tonight, st. john’s ex-wife blasted early reports about the initial incident that led her ex to seek help.

“i want the world to know the truth about what is happening with kristoff, because currently there is inaccurate, and fabricated information being reported by certain online outlets,” said mia st. john. “no parent should ever have to bury their child, and for those who do, it is a nightmare that haunts you forever. the death of our beloved son julian has taken a toll on both of us. he is an actor and while he may appear whole on the outside, his heart is broken. as a society, we need to start taking mental health seriously and realize that no one is immune.”

st. john’s last tweet was on oct. 12 to alert his followers about mental health awareness. his pinned tweet is about his son and wanting to seek “vindication.”

st. john has been on the cbs sudser since 1991.

christina applegate fights for women's health care

a version of this story appears in the oct. 13 issue of entertainment weekly, available here. don’t forget to subscribe for more exclusive interviews and photos, only in ew.

in ew’s column act with me, stars share their personal stories about giving back. this week christina applegate speaks about right action for women, which assists women who have a high risk of breast cancer with the cost of their yearly preventative screenings.

why i took action

applegate was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008, but thanks to an mri they caught it in early stages. while getting her initial tests prior to diagnosis, applegate was told many young women who are high risk due to the brca gene or family history forgo yearly screenings due to the cost. “that really made me very upset,” she says. “my mri saved my life, so that’s really what it was about was saving lives. an mri can detect breast cancer years before a mammogram can.” she founded right action for women to assist with the prohibitive expenses of cancer screenings.

what the foundation does

the foundation pairs women who are high risk with partnering patient services to help cover the costs of expensive yearly screenings, especially mris — this can be covering the cost of the entire screening or making up the difference when insurance falls short. right action for women also wants to educate people about what it means to be high-risk and help individuals identify if they fall in that category. “if you look at the website we have a survey you can take to see if you are indeed considered high risk,” explains applegate. high risk factors include carrying the brca gene and a family history of breast cancer. next year, the foundation will celebrate its 10th anniversary and applegate hopes this milestone will mark an expansion of the services they offer as well. “i would love for it to evolve into many other areas,” she says. “providing brca testing for people, which also can be very costly. outreach forums, essentially getting nutritionists and doctors and alternative medicine people to be on our board to be on the website for women to ask questions.” applegate adds, “we want to be able to provide brca counseling for people – that’s when they find out they’re brca, to be able to meet with a genetic counselor and learn about what their options are.”

why it’s important

right action for women wants to educate people about what it means to be high risk for the disease and how to stay on top of warning signs. “these are not women with cancer – these are women who are tending their gardens, making sure they’re getting scanned regularly,” she explains about the women who receive financial assistance. the foundation pairs women in need with partnering patient services to get them necessary screenings. “we’re a baby foundation, but if we can impact these women’s lives on even a small scale, that’s doing something – these women depend on us to be there.”

right now, they primarily offer assistance with the cost of mris as ordered or recommended by doctors. “you can detect something in a much earlier stage,” applegate says. “as opposed to often times when you get to a mammogram they can’t really see the cells in that early a stage.” the foundation is helping save lives through their financial assistance and their ability to pair patients with local doctors and care providers.

how you can help

donate. as a small foundation, all money goes directly to patient costs. the more donations and funding right action for women receives the more women they can afford to help (currently they assist around 100 women a year with screening costs), as well as begin to expand into providing options for early-detection gene testing, as well as advice from nutritionists and alternative medicine practitioners.

renée zellweger to star in judy garland biopic

renée zellweger is about to go over the rainbow.

pathé announced today that the academy award-winning actress is attached to star as judy garland in a new biopic titled judy, which will chronicle garland’s final concerts in london in 1968, just before the end of her life. calamity films will co-produce.

acclaimed british stage director rupert goold will helm the project, and principal photography is set to begin in february. tom edge (the crown) wrote the script, and david livingstone is producing for calamity.

the official announcement for the film describes the plot as follows: “winter 1968 and showbiz legend judy garland arrives in swinging london to perform in a sell-out run at the talk of the town. it is 30 years since she shot to global stardom in the wizard of oz, but if her voice has weakened, its dramatic intensity has only grown. as she prepares for the show, battles with management, charms musicians, and reminisces with friends and adoring fans, her wit and warmth shine through. even her dreams of romance seem undimmed as she embarks on a courtship with mickey deans, her soon-to-be fifth husband. and yet judy is fragile. after working for 45 of her 47 years, she is exhausted; haunted by memories of a childhood lost to hollywood; gripped by a desire to be back home with her kids. will she have the strength to go on?”

the film seems poised to follow the same period of garland’s life featured in the tony-nominated 2012 play end of the rainbow, which starred tracie bennett as the hollywood icon.

producers say judy will feature many of garland’s most beloved songs, which seems a natural fit for zellweger, who earned an oscar nomination showing off her musical theater chops as roxie hart in chicago. 

back in 2009, anne hathaway was attached to portray garland in an adaptation of gerald clarke’s biography get happy: the life of judy garland. while that film never happened, this project will apparently focus on a much more narrow period of garland’s life. either way, zing, zing, zing go our heartstrings at the prospect of a garland biopic finally reaching the big screen.

stranger things star joe keery reunites with doppelgänger ben schwartz in new ad

father and son are reunited: in a new ad for visa, ben schwartz and stranger things star joe keery see just how far their similar looks can take them.

back in 2016, the internet decided keery and schwartz looked similar and subsequently declared jean-ralphio — the wacky, beloved character schwartz played on parks and recreation — and keery’s steve harrington related. “we will neither confirm nor deny that steve is jean-ralphio’s real dad,” parks co-creator mike schur tweeted. “but yes, steve is definitely his real dad.”

around that time, the two actors teamed up for late late show with james cordon bit to “address” the fan theories. and now, they seem like old pals — the visa clip opens with keery giving schwartz, who wrote and directed the ad, a piggyback ride before a woman approaches schwartz and mistakes him for keery.

“oh my god, joe keery!” she exclaims. “i’m a huge, huge, huge fan!” schwartz runs with it, though he uses the opportunity to mess with his bud’s reputation. “give up on your dreams, and goodbye,” he tells her after rejecting a selfie. keery, however, accepts the photo op when another enthusiastic fan approaches him thinking he’s schwartz. team joe.

after these mix-ups and more — keery’s mom also has some trouble telling the two apart — schwartz asks keery if he can borrow $4,000 to buy… a suit made of marshmallows. he says no, of course, and heads to the bathroom to play with his now-famous head of hair while schwartz tries to break into his visa account to steal the money. spoiler: it doesn’t work.

watch the video above to see what keery ultimately decides regarding the marshmallow suit — and, more importantly, to hear both of them put on their best kermit the frog voices.

kelly clarkson is joining ew for an exclusive event — and you're invited

if your life would suck without kelly clarkson, you won’t want to miss this.

as part of entertainment weekly‘s a-list event series, our cover star is sitting down with editor-in-chief (and devoted clarkson fan!) henry goldblatt for an exclusive q&a in new york city — and you’re invited.

the a-list welcomes loyal ew fans to a series of subscriber-only events, the latest of which is this nov. 2 chat with the ew cover star and singer about the personal stories behind her music. the timing couldn’t be more perfect, as the event will take place days after the release of her new album, meaning of life, due out friday.

to be eligible to attend, all you have to do is become an ew subscriberjoin our a-list, and register on the a-list homepage. if you’re already an ew subscriber, make sure your digital account — especially your email address! — is up to date to ensure you’re eligible to register for a pair of tickets to the event. (please note: ew will not provide transportation to the new york-based event.)

for further questions about joining the a-list — which connects ew subscribers with the biggest names in entertainment through exclusive, in-person panels, screenings, and q&as — click here. a-list events will be first come, first serve for subscribers (who can opt to bring a guest), and will be capped based on the venue’s capacity.

tony goldwyn reveals his own 'casting couch' harassment story

tony goldwyn expressed a message of solidarity with the men and women coming forward with past experiences of sexual harassment or assault: #metoo.

the scandal actor, who tweeted friday in support of lupita nyong’o after she wrote a new york times op-ed describing her various encounters with harvey weinstein, revealed that he’d also experienced sexual misconduct in his youth.

“it happened to me when i was literally lupita’s age in my last year of acting school,” he told access hollywood on the red carpet of the 2017 glsen respect awards, where his costar kerry washington was honored with the inspiration award. “it happened to me by a man, and it wasn’t as extended and awful as what lupita went through, but it was the same thing.”

goldwyn then added that he struggled with feelings of self-blame and confusion in the moment and the aftermath. “it was the casting couch and i didn’t understand what was going on, what was happening — i thought it was my fault,” he said. “i thought i was misunderstanding the situation … it took me a couple of years to get over it.”

nyong’o’s powerful essay recalled a moment early in her acting career when weinstein insisted she accompany him to his bedroom while at his home for a private movie screening and give him a massage. in order to assert control of the situation, she then offered “to give him one instead.”

“i began to massage his back to buy myself time to figure out how to extricate myself from this undesirable situation,” she continued in her piece. “before long he said he wanted to take off his pants. i told him not to do that and informed him that it would make me extremely uncomfortable. he got up anyway to do so and i headed for the door, saying that i was not at all comfortable with that.” weinstein, who released a statement about nyong’o’s claims, saying he has “a different recollection of the events,” has been accused of sexual misconduct by at least 50 women; he denies any allegation of non-consensual sex.

as allegations against weinstein and others in hollywood continue to mount, including against oscar-nominated writer-director james toback, goldwyn is the latest high-profile public figure to take part in the #metoo campaign, which is playing out across social media. however, the actor noted that while he struggled with his experience for many years, it’s important for men to strongly support the women coming forward and give them a safe space.

“the predators in our society and the abusers and the harassers are a small portion of men,” he explained. “but as a man, i feel that me and my brothers need to step up and let women know that we’ve got their backs.”

see his interview with access hollywood above.

stranger things 2 hailed as an 'exciting' and 'engaging' follow-up in first reviews

the verdict is in on stranger things 2.

thankfully, netflix’s follow-up to last summer’s breakout hit doesn’t suffer from a sophomore slump, according to the first reviews. the new season, all nine episodes of which will be available to stream friday, is being described by critics as “exciting,” “engaging,” and “satisfying.”

in his positive review, uproxx‘s alan sepinwall wrote, “not all sequels live up to the original; this one does better than i ever would have imagined. the show itself couldn’t possibly sneak up on me a second time; how entertaining it continues to be absolutely did.”

read more reviews below.

alan sepinwall (uproxx)

“the first season’s epilogue left me with no interest in returning to this world, yet i had an enormous smile on my face for a lot of the new episodes, and particularly the last two, which turn out to be a tighter and more exciting climax than we got last time around.”

daniel fienberg (hollywood reporter)

stranger things 2 is quite good and, if your expectations are in check, largely satisfying. the duffer brothers fall into very few traps of self-importance or self-awareness, and they deliver a second season with an expanded assortment of ’80s influences, an expanded cast of instantly embraceable characters and some expanded stranger things mythology without the bloat that inevitably dooms sequels.”

maureen ryan (variety)

“there are missteps in the second season, many of them revolving around thin or unfortunate writing for some of the new characters. but once you get past the clunky first few installments — which largely restate much of what occurred last season and set up plot points that were easily inferred from the trailers — the drama’s momentum picks up noticeably. as fine as the show’s justly lauded young cast is, the adult actors — especially winona ryder, david harbour, natalia dyer, charlie heaton and joe keery — anchor every psychological nuance with subtle skill and ease.”

kelly lawler (usa today)

“it’s a more intimate, exciting and character-driven story, but is occasionally hampered by its bloated length and by hewing too closely to the structure of the first chapter.”

allison keene (collider)

stranger things is not reinventing television, but it does once again provide a highly entertaining, extremely bingeable, and even surprisingly heartwarming viewing experience.”

matt webb mitovich (tvline)

“in the parlance of mike wheeler and friends, stranger things season 2 is the empire strikes back to the first season’s star wars, in that it’s a highly anticipated follow-up where the stakes are higher for a band of unlikely heroes. but also because just as luke skywalker spent much of that sequel on his own journey, so does eleven here — which is perhaps the otherwise engaging sophomore season’s only shortcoming.”

rob sheffield (rolling stone)

the new season is darker – it’s a genuine horror show – but it still has that same emotional power and a mundanely empathetic sense of grief and loss.

stranger things 2 starts streaming friday on netflix.

see the creation of a camp sex bomb in mansfield 66/67 exclusive clip

the new documentary mansfield 66/67 details how, in the late ’50s and early ’60s, actress jayne mansfield was positioned by hollywood as the sex bomb successor to the troubled marilyn monroe, who would pass away in 1962. while the actress never eclipsed monroe, the star of the girl can’t help it and too hot to handle did succeed in becoming an icon of camp.

“if you were hired because you had to become marilyn monroe, because marilyn monroe was sort of not working anymore, i mean, wouldn’t you make fun of yourself?” says actress mary woronov (eating raoul, house of the devil), in a just-released clip. “of course you would! whoever heard of such a thing? what kind of moron thought that up? hence: camp.”

but the meat of the documentary concerns mansfield’s unlikely relationship with anton lavey, the founder of the church of satan, with whom the actress reportedly had an affair, prior to her death in a 1967 car crash.

“if our parents were formed by their rejection of the picket fence lives of the 1950s, ours were shaped by the way in which that generation insisted on breaking down societal norms and constrictions,” directors p. david ebersole and todd hughes write on the film’s official website. “jayne’s uneasy intersection with that moment of american history meshed perfectly with our common interests in people who live as outsiders, especially those who experience a questioning of faith and how that expands an acceptance of mans’ multiplicitous nature, be it expressed in sexually adventurous behavior or non-traditional paths in life. all very heady thoughts when you are talking about an alleged affair between a woman known best for having the body measurements of 40-21-35 and a man who liked to wear plastic devil horns and a red cape to impress girls! but such is the wild world of jayne mansfield because everything jayne naturally feels larger than normal life.”

watch the trailer below and, exclusively, that clip from the documentary, above.

filmbuff is opening mansfield 66/67 in cinemas, oct. 27.

the walking dead season premiere: josh mcdermitt recaps 'mercy'

every week, the walking dead’s very own josh mcdermitt, who plays dr. eugene porter, is taking ew behind the scenes of the hit amc horror series. for each episode, mcdermitt will share his thoughts on what went down and what’s coming up, plus walk us through the ins and outs of the show. this week, mcdermitt dives into the season 8 premiere, “mercy.”

well, folks, the walking dead is back and it seems like we are barreling toward an intense first half of the season. i hope you’re wearing your sh—ing pants because i don’t think father gabriel (seth gilliam) is and it looks like he’s in trouble. he never really answered negan’s (jeffrey dean morgan) question. maybe in the next episode?

the 100th episode of the walking dead, which was directed by greg nicotero and written by scott gimple, was packed full of juicy tidbits. i’ve been telling people to re-watch it. just re-watch it. as usual, there’s too much to break down in this little article that i write while sitting on the toilet.

back to father gabriel… on talking dead last night, seth was saying it was worse to lose rick (andrew lincoln) than it was to lose negan. and that’s why he stopped rick from deviating from the plan and just killing negan. that’s interesting. seems like there might be a bigger piece of the puzzle that is being set up. i know the first four episodes of season 8 are an action-filled journey, and i can’t wait for you to see it. again, go re-watch the first episode. it seems like some stuff was being setup for payoff down the road. i love finding those little seeds and watching them grow.

but i have a question for you: how many stale twizzlers could you eat in the apocalypse? right now i think tara (alanna masterson) holds the record and she’ll be hard to take down because she is very competitive. she doesn’t like to lose. if you watched talking dead last night, you heard alanna talk about tossing the twizzlers over the bridge at the end of each take — and they were raining down on the crew and walkers below. this job is already hard enough to do and now the next hazard our awesome walkers have to contend with is a twizzler shower? sorry y’all :) we always find a way to make this job harder. that’s why we’re a family.

okay, so rick said, “there’s only one person who has to die. and i will kill him myself. i will.” i can’t be sure, but i think he’s talking about negan. i was scratching my foot when he said that so i wasn’t paying too much attention. but if that’s the case, then cool. i like it when eugene (me) is alive.

i remember it was really cold when we shot that episode. it was 50 degrees and rainy. that kind of weather in may in georgia is unheard of. and yes, i know, 50 degrees isn’t cold. i get it. but i grew up in the desert and when it dips below 72, i grab a parka. it’s the only time i get to wear it okay? so lay off!

now i’ll say this as i wrap up this wonderfully written recap because my leg is about to fall asleep… we couldn’t do this show without you — the fans. it seems rare that a show gets to 100 episodes these days, and the fact that you’ve been with us every step of the way is humbling. i love you guys so much and you are the icing on the yummy cake that is working for the walking dead. thank you.

next week spoiler alert! stop reading if you don’t want everything spoiled!!!

everyone dies.

peace out — see you next week!

jane goodall heads into the wild in the stunning new doc jane

dr. jane goodall prefers to drink her coffee from a glass, not a paper cup. sitting in the soho house hotel in new york city after a screening of her new documentary, jane, she digs in her bag for sugar, before carefully pouring her coffee from cup to glass. she’s just walked offstage after a q-and-a with the documentary’s director, brett morgen, and from here, it’s off to london, then japan, then argentina, then mexico. she spends about 300 days a year on the road, speaking about her pioneering research in chimpanzee behavior or calling for action to combat climate change. when i ask her whether she drinks coffee to combat all the jet lag, she looks me square in the eyes and replies, “what’s jet lag? it doesn’t exist. you just have to look at the sun and say, ‘oh, i see! it’s morning. fine.’”

at 83, goodall is a household name, not only as a pioneer for women in the sciences but as one of the most influential conservationists of all time. she’ll gladly talk about her work with anyone who asks, and she’s also happy to pose for pictures. (rather than say cheese, she grins and says, “chimpanzees!”) she’s still as dedicated and enthusiastic as she was when she first set out for gombe stream national park in tanzania at age 26, with the goal of observing and interacting with chimpanzees in the wild.

it’s this period in goodall’s life that is the center of morgen’s gorgeous new documentary. in the early 1960s, she worked as the secretary to anthropologist louis leakey, who asked her to travel to gombe to observe chimpanzee behavior. she didn’t have so much as an undergraduate degree, and to gain access to the park, she had to travel with a chaperone — so she brought along her mother for the first few weeks. after spending months quietly following and watching the chimps, she eventually began interacting with them, and soon, she witnessed one of the chimps making and using tools — the first proof that humans are not the only creatures to do so.

her solitude was interrupted when national geographic sent photographer hugo van lawick to gombe to capture footage of the strange young british woman living with the apes. morgen constructed his doc from more than 100 hours of van lawick’s early footage, footage that was forgotten for decades until it was discovered in nat geo’s archives in 2014. widely considered one of the best wildlife photographers of all time, van lawick followed goodall as she climbed trees barefoot, washed her hair in streams, and befriended the chimps. the result is a stunningly cinematic and intimate documentary that serves as a testament to young goodall’s curiosity and tenacity. the doc also chronicles goodall and van lawick’s romance, from the birth of their son in 1967 to their eventual divorce in 1974, but ultimately, morgen says, it’s a “love story between a woman and her work.”

with the film now playing in theaters, ew sat down with goodall herself to talk about reliving one of the most extraordinary chapters in her extraordinary life.

entertainment weekly: your life has been chronicled through books and film before. for you, what is it about this documentary that makes it so special?jane goodall: i think it’s because it takes me back. it immerses me in the best part of my life in a way that none of the other documentaries have. it’s just very real, and it hasn’t been censored.

what has it been like to revisit this footage and see flo and david greybeard and all the chimps you spent so much time with?just very moving. very moving. i mean, they were so special, and they were so much a part of my life. of course, now, we mustn’t touch the chimps, and we know we can give them disease, and it’s not scientific and all of the rest of it. but back then, there weren’t any rules. there was no knowledge. there was nobody doing it. george schaller the gorillas, and that was about it.

much of the film focuses on the fact that you went to africa as a 26-year-old woman without an undergraduate degree or any ties to the existing scientific community. did you have any anxiety about that?no! not at all. i never wanted to be a scientist. i was only going for leakey. leakey wanted me to learn about the chimps. i didn’t need science for that, and he deliberately picked me because he said, “i want somebody with a mind uncluttered.” he didn’t think much of the modern people studying behavior, mostly in zoos.

my favorite part of the documentary is how it captures your life as a young woman in your 20s, on those early trips into africa. what was your mindset like on your first trip to gombe?excitement! it was an amazing journey in an overloaded land rover. getting there, and then having to go on the boat. and of course, mum was with me. it was just very, very exciting. and a little daunting. as i went along the lake, i looked up at all these series of valleys and very dense forests. i remember thinking, “how am i going to find the chimps?”

watching the film, i was struck by your patience in waiting for the chimps to acclimate to your presence. were you ever frustrated?well, i’d studied animals all my life, and i knew you needed patience. i spent four hours in the hen house when i was 4 years old. so the problem for me was: will i succeed before the money runs out? there was only money for six months. that was the problem. and that’s where mum was so good, saying, “well, you’re learning about the chimps’ feeding behavior and how they make nests at night.” all that sort of thing. but i knew that wasn’t enough. she was so good at boosting my morale. it was really sad: she left just before i saw david greybeard using tools. and she would have been so excited. she was, but from a distance. so there was no one to share it with. you know, my cook dominic, he was interested, but he didn’t understand the significance. so that was one thing i missed most when she left. there was nobody to share my excitement with who understood.

she seems like such an extraordinary woman.she was!

in what ways did she impact your life and the path that you took?i think mainly the impact was when i was growing up, she supported this crazy idea of going off to africa and living with wild animals. everybody else laughed. but she just said, “you’re going to have to work hard and take advantage of opportunity and don’t give up.” i don’t think she ever said it in that way, but that was the message. if i wanted to do that, then that was fine.

the whole family actually was very female-oriented. during the war, my mum, my sister and i went to live with her mother, and mum had two sisters. it was a house of women. and they were all successful. my aunt was one of the first physiotherapists. all of the children in that whole big area came to her clinic, and the doctors deferred to her. my grandmother had been one of the very, very, very first women who went to learn physical training, and that was long before the time.

you’ve talked about how as a young woman setting out in this field, people commented on your gender. did that affect how you approached your work in any way?no. absolutely not. i mean, i’ve always been me. that’s another thing: mum supported us being who we were.

one of the things i loved in the film was how the press would comment on your looks, and you said, “well, if it gets them to pay attention to my work…”that’s right! as long as it doesn’t go too far. that’s the tough part. but you can’t help how you look, and i guess i was a bit flirtatious. but that was just having fun. you see how i am — just having fun.

so often when we talk about conservation or climate change, there’s a sense of despair or exhaustion, but you’re someone who’s spoken about having hope. what is it for you that gives you hope for the future?i feel that there is hope, but. and the “but” is that we have to get together and do much more than we’re doing as individuals. one thing trump’s done is he’s woken people up. that’s one really good thing he’s done. but as i’m traveling around, i’m meeting incredible people doing amazing restoration, and places that have been completely destroyed can be brought back to life. animals on the brink of extinction can be given another chance.

it’s getting harder and harder with population growth. then you’ve got extreme poverty. you’ve got corruption. there’s a lot to tackle, but we have this intellect. we are coming up with new ways all the time, ways to live in better harmony with nature. that’s why i work so much with youth because we have to get young people growing up to understand that we’ve got to change. we’ve got to alleviate poverty. we’ve got to reduce our standard of living, which is way over the top. and we’ve got to talk about family planning and size of families.

all these issues are interconnected.they’re all connected. that’s why when people say, “which one is the most important?” i say, “i can’t pick just one.” because one without another two or three isn’t making sense. it’s all interrelated.

we’re on a planet with finite natural resources, and we’re already using them faster than nature can replenish. so we just have to have a new mindset. you know, we’re in a hundred countries now, and we’ve got kindergarten, university, everything in between. even some old people! and all of them are choosing projects that they are passionate about to make the world better for people and animals and the environment. and we have to break down the barriers that we love to build between nations, cultures, and religions.

fran kranz gets dumped in the truth about lies exclusive clip

in the new romantic-comedy the truth about lies (out. oct. 27), frank kranz (dollhouse, the cabin in the woods) plays a character named gilby smalls, whose life has completely fallen apart. he’s just been fired from his job, he’s lost his apartment in a fire, and his girlfriend (mary elizabeth ellis from it’s always sunny in philadelphia and the grinder) gave him the boot, so he’s forced to move in with his mother (clue star colleen camp). then, he meets his friend’s beautiful sister (odette annable) who appears to be everything he ever wanted.  desperate to impress her, gilby weaves a web of lies until he finds himself in too deep.

the truth about lies is written and directed phil allocco and costars chris diamantopoulos. the film is released in theaters and on vod, oct. 27, via blue fox entertainment.

watch the film’s trailer below and an exclusive clip, above.

the truth about lies is released in theaters and on vod, oct. 27

young stranger things fans honor show with impressive rap tribute

one of the most infectious elements of netflix’s stranger things is its young cast and the way the child actors channel the energetic enthusiasm of bonding with your friends over games and movies you all love. so who better to honor the show than a crew of young friends with their own rap tribute?

sitting in front of a wall covered with christmas lights, esteban “mini” serrano raps a litany of references to the show, while his brother mikael serrano holds some of eleven’s beloved waffles and josyah “jojo” lavina-maldonado makes the beats. the group calls themselves trndsttrs. millie bobby brown’s eleven is the focus of the lyrics, especially the chorus: “she eats up all the eggos, eats up all the eggos, she don’t play with barbie, she don’t play with legos. when el opens her mouth, she hits you like tornadoes,” esteban raps.

watch the video above. the much-anticipated stranger things 2 lands on netflix oct. 27.