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comment on keaton jones’ mom addresses confederate flag photos: i have ‘taken facebook down’ by sandy hughes

i'm from the north but it does not bother me that someone displays a confederate flag. they also display our national flag!! the war between the states was terrible as so many lives were lost. i now live in a southern state and i find the people here just as great as my northern friends!!! shame on the ones who criticized this boy and his mom!!! they need a readjustment in their thinking!!!!

comment on gabrielle union slams roy moore for saying america was great when we had slavery by gloria smith-matthews

i don't think it's acceptable for anyone to say, feel, or think that any person in slavery was happy. i don't have any respect for anyone who wants to reinstate the institution of slavery where blacks are considered to be inferior to any other race, and all they have to do is serve rich slave owners in order to make america great again. slavery has been abolished, and anyone wanting to reinstate it will not be respected by the general public. look at roy moore. now, people have started to go after donald trump on every turn. he really messed up when he went to alabama and supported roy moore, plus, blacks in top congressional positions, such as john louis, does not want to be in the same place him, and hates him and shows him no respect because it appears that he is no better than david duke. his reign is nearing the end.

comment on robert pattinson seen ‘holding hands’ with mystery blonde after fka twigs split by kris

if that story was real the tabs would have found out who she was and would have disclosed it. "mystery blonde" is from "source" or "insider" who didn't bother to find out who the woman was, so it's bs

comment on taylor swift’s boyfriend joe alwyn planning epic surprise romantic dinner & intimate night in hotel by ricky dooley

taylor did a number two on her birthday. joe alwyn licked her sexy dirty booty hole clean with his wet tongue.

comment on gwen stefani rocks out to holiday classics & original tracks during her xmas special by william

didnt watch this tramp and her old man but did see a video on yahoo showing their sick friend chelsea handler getting a golden shower !

comment on gwen stefani & blake shelton: why they’ll never marry if they’re not engaged in 2018 by jason

that is such a fake romance lol, just tabloid garbage !

comment on ‘the voice’ recap: top 4 artists revealed — who’s headed to the finals? by kaje owsiany

huh "it’s red who makes the finals. that means each coach has one artist in next week’s finale!" blake has chloe and red. who does jhud have?

comment on ‘the voice’ recap: top 4 artists revealed — who’s headed to the finals? by sandy huff

hudson doesn't have a finalist does she? blake has two, adam has one and miley has one. only three coaches have finalist not all four right?

comment on gwen stefani & blake shelton: why they’ll never marry if they’re not engaged in 2018 by blake shelton

blake shelton and gwen stefani not engaged. blake shelton postone wedding plans. gwen stefani not a fan of blake shelton. blake shelton google gwen stefani naked nude body search 1 images. 2 websites

comment on ‘the voice’ recap: top 4 artists revealed — who’s headed to the finals? by tammy ellsworh

i really think the voice is a setup. how can a talented kid like noah would was top 7 of itunes and the only one of the duets that was even near the top 5 still not make the finale but blakes country hick magically makes the finals just not plausable

comment on keaton jones’ mom slams claims she’s racist after confederate flag photos emerge by peanut

now they want to bully her. leave her alone. mind you own business .

comment on ‘the voice’ recap: top 4 artists revealed — who’s headed to the finals? by kay

how does each coach have an artist in the finale since chloe and red are both from team blake. addison team adam. brooke team miley. ?? team jhud is not represented in the finale and not only that ... all the african american artists are out this week.

comment on doug jones beats roy moore in alabama senate race & voters are ecstatic by lock up trump

yay!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is fantastic! they kept saying the perverted child molester would win! i am so happy he lost!!!!!! this is a great day!

comment on gwen stefani & blake shelton: why they’ll never marry if they’re not engaged in 2018 by blake shelton

blake shelton is not ready for marriage right now. blake shelton is on tour this year january and february 2018. blake shelton is not in the rush of getting married this year.

comment on kylie jenner blames mom kris for $360 makeup brush catastrophe by ridiculous

why are you even asking us the stupid question of whether we think the price on the brushes was too high?! of course it’s outrageous. and, please, don’t insult everyone’s intelligence by deflecting the blame to kris. if kris has tp approve every decision made for this company, shouldn’t the company be called “kris” rather than “kylie”?

comment on chandler riggs’ dad furious after he’s ‘fired’ from ‘twd’: ‘i never trusted’ them by amy donnell henry

i would have given the parents and especially chandler a heads up before he bought a house to be close by to work and not let him think that he was going to be on the show for three more seasons and put off college for the walking dead just to be told " oh yeah, btw umm your character is going to be killed off in the mid season finale so ...yeah". they should have given him the decency to not let him make life altering decisions when they had knew he wasn't going to have a job to go to. heartless! i might just stop watching this stupid show because of the writer who cut my boy carl out of the mix.

comment on kylie jenner celebrates landing 100 ‘f*cking’ million instagram followers by fake publicity to keep her in the spotlight

she has been on instagram constantly and tabloid media sites post ridiculous stories about her daily. how could you even ask if she’s been missed on social media? am sure most of these reported instagram numbers are bogus. there simply can’t be that many stupid people out there. such propaganda by the kardashian family. please stop thr bs.

comment on will khloe kardashian give birth in l.a. or ohio? — her reported plans for baby’s arrival by all this publicity for $$$ and tv ratings

ugh, soooo tired of these tabloid media stories about khloe and kylie’s “not officially announced” pregnancies. really, all these games are for publicity and are so stupid. can’t imagine why anyone with half a brain really cares anymore.

comment on ‘floribama shore’s aimee has no time for kayla jo: ‘she’s a manipulator’ by smfenz15

kayla jo need'a go. i think she's trying to get in the show, and she is a manipulator that wants her 15 minutes.

comment on kylie jenner vows to make affordable makeup line for 2018 after $360 makeup brush price disaster by dumb question

how can you seriously ask the question whether readers think the price is too high——obviously is! now she’s blaming her mother, kris, for this. another example where kylie is unwilling to admit the truth. as company owner, the blame falls squarely on her and shows how out of touch this family is with the average public. people who wait in long lines to see her make a brief appearance or to purchase her overrated, overpriced cosmetics are just foolish.