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rogue one was hiding a big last jedi secret

rogue one isn't forgotten in rian johnson's the last jedi.

star wars: the last jedi earns $450 million in global opening weekend

disney and lucasfilm's star wars: the last jedi comes in a bit over expectations with a worldwide debut of $450 million, the fifth-highest ever.

rey's parents finally revealed in the last jedi

the last jedi debunks all of the popular fan theories about rey's lineage, stunning audiences across the world.

first ocean's eight footage has sandra bullock uniting her team

sandra bullock surrounds herself with an all-star cast for the heist of a lifetime in the upcoming franchise sequel ocean's eight, with the full trailer expected this week.

12 ways the last jedi is better than rogue one

star wars: the last jedi had no problem showing up last year's rogue one bringing a better story and better characters.

jason priestley punched harvey weinstein in the face in 1995

jason priestley claims he socked the mega-producer. did harvey weinstein blacklist the actor after the altercation?

the last jedi takes $220m at the box office opening weekend

star wars: the last jedi puts up the second biggest opening weekend of all time with a whopping $220 million.

snoke twist explained by rian johnson in the last jedi

rian johnson explained why he chose the path he chose for snoke in the last jedi.

hailee steinfeld wants to be joss whedon's batgirl

is hailee steinfeld the right choice to portray joss whedon's batgirl?

last jedi rotten tomatoes audience score is fake news

internet trolls have waged a war on the last jedi, tearing the movie apart with multiple rotten tomatoes accounts, but is it real?

why porgs were perfect in star wars: the last jedi

while many believed that the porgs would ruin the last jedi, they actually elevated the movie and brought some welcomed humor to the sci-fi drama.

the last jedi ending explained by rian johnson & mark hamill

director rian johnson had some tough decisions to make to further progress the story of the last jedi.

star wars 9 working title revealed

as star wars: the last jedi excitement is in full swing, a leak from lucasfilm has revealed j.j. abrams working title for star wars: episode ix.

12 ways last jedi is better than rogue one

star wars: the last jedi had no problem showing up last year's rogue one bringing a better story and better characters.

alyssa milano tears into matt damon over sexual misconduct comments

alyssa milano and minnie driver find matt damon's comments on sexual misconduct to be tone deaf.

last jedi is second movie ever to top $100m on opening day

star wars: the last jedi scores an amazing first day at the box office but it doesn'tt quite catch up to the fore awakens.

mark hamill plays a secret second character in last jedi

mark hamill had a mysterious cameo in his own movie playing an alien known as dobbu scay.

will disney add classic fox fanfare back to star wars?

the disney and fox deal has changed the future of hollywood, but will it bring something from the past back to star wars?

no major leia scenes were cut from the last jedi

director rian johnson left little of carrie fisher on the cutting room floor when it comes to her performance in the last jedi.

everything that needs to happen in star wars 9

now that star wars: the last jedi is in theaters fans have a much clearer view for where the final chapter in the rey and kylo saga is heading.