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last jedi won't break force awakens box office records

the first opening weekend projections for star wars: the last jedi put the sequel significantly below the opening weekend record of force awakens.

scarlett johansson leads avengers cast in puerto rico benefit event

the cast of the avengers movies come together for a live reading of our town to benefit the people of puerto rico.

john carpenter wrote halloween movie theme in an hour

horror legend john carpenter says the iconic halloween theme music didn't take long to write at all.

jason momoa goes under the sea in latest look at aquaman

jason momoa's aquaman is seen taking a stroll on the beach wearing new armor, with mera at his side in new photos and video from the set.

pacific rim crossover with godzilla and king kong may happen

director steven s. deknight reveals a potential pacific rim crossover with universal's monsterverse, which includes godzilla and king kong

x-men 7 and captain marvel will share the skrulls as villains?

a new report claims that both fox's x-men: dark phoenix and marvel's captain marvel are using the iconic skrull villains.

indiana jones voted greatest movie character of all time

harrison ford's indiana jones beat out his own han solo and dc's batman as everyone's favorite character in a new poll.

brad pitt is the least profitable actor in hollywood

johnny depp and robert de niro failed to turn much of a profit when it comes to their movies over the past thirty years.

hellboy rounds out its cast with three more actors

sophie okonedo, brian gleeson and alistair petrie have all come aboard lionsgate's highly-anticipated hellboy reboot.

meet admiral holdo in star wars: the last jedi

laura dern appeared on the ellen show to reveal a new photo of vice admiral amilyn holdo, and reveal new star wars: the last jedi details.

breathe review: claire foy shines in uplifting tearjerker

motion capture legend andy serkis steps behind the camera for breathe, an uplifting true story about love conquering tragedy.

the snowman director knows why his movie sucks

director tomas alfredson goes on the defense and explains why his thriller the snowman turned out to be such a terrible movie.

pacific rim 2 prequel comic bridges the gap between movies

legendary comics will release pacific rim aftermath, an official comic book prequel to pacific rim: uprising, in theaters february 2018.

bb-8 gets a girlfriend in new star wars comic

the latest issue of marvel's poe dameron comic reveals that bb-8 officially has a girlfriend named ivee.

thor: ragnarok features marvel's first nude scene

the one most fans really want to see go in the buff stays mostly clothed in thor: ragnarok while another strips down for a shower scene.

shia labeouf gets sent to anger management after racist run-in with cops

shia labeouf got into a scuffle with police officers in savanah, georgia back in july and is now paying the price.

what scares david fincher most about directing a star wars movie?

director david fincher explains the reason he said no to lucasfilm's kathleen kennedy about doing a star wars sequel.

nycc's last jedi experience video takes fans inside star wars 8

fans at new york comic con were given quite the surprise when encountered by bb-8 and kylo ren at the star wars: the last jedi experie

tarantino knew about weinstein's behavior for decades, regrets staying silent

after releasing a brief statement last week, quentin tarantino now reveals he has known about harvey weinstein's sexual abuse for years, and so did many others.

pennywise actor teases it 2 plans, calls it actively different

pennywise actor bill skarsgard explains that it: chapter two will explore the more psychological aspects of horror.