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american horror story hid a sneaky cult easter egg in roanoke - did you catch it?

if there's one thing you should know about american horror story creator ryan murphy, it's that the man loves to drop a hint. in fact, pretty much every season of american horror story comes with secret hints about the theme for the subsequent season. perhaps the most notorious among these is freak show's top hat clue, which infamously gave away both the theme of season five (hotel) and the star (lady gaga). now that we're quite deep into season seven, cult, we should be able to look back and see glimmers of it in season six, roanoke.

as luck would have it, reddit user jonygritte has already pulled out a pretty cool easter egg. you might remember that roanoke features the crazed dr. elias cunningham (denis o'hare), who eventually goes mad while staying on the property. one of his rambling videos, as jonygritte notes, actually gives a nod to the manson family cult.

i was rewatching ahs roanoke and i found a connection with cult... from americanhorrorstory

if you're scratching your head, here's how it all lines up: notorious cult leader charles manson - who orchestrated the brutal murder of sharon tate, one of the most notorious crimes in hollywood history - became inspired by a belief in "helter skelter." the term was taken from a song of the same name by the beatles, which, to manson, signified the coming of an apocalyptic race war. the phrase soon became synonymous with manson, so much so that it was the title of a true-crime novel that chronicles the manson murders of 1969.

so, how does that relate to american horror story? it's not just that the show's seventh season is about a cult of killer clowns; it's also that actor evan peters will actually play manson at some point this season. it seems like a no-brainer that this is a surefire cult hint tucked away in roanoke. can you find any more?!

8 totally underrated netflix original movies

in just a few short years, netflix has created a strong foundation of original programming. the site produces comedy specials, animated series, documentaries, and more. while the television shows are definitely the more popular content, the original movies shouldn't be overlooked. spanning multiple genres and featuring star-studded casts, there's a film for everyone. take a look ahead and check out some of our favorite underrated netflix original movies!

angelina jolie had a girls night out with her daughters at her movie premiere

angelina jolie made her latest outing a family affair when she brought along two of her daughters, shiloh, 11, and zahara, 12, to the premiere of her film, the breadwinner, on friday. the proud mom of six posed for pictures on the red carpet in a white dress while her girls opted for all black ensembles. angelina's youngest daughter, vivenne, 9, did not attend. the trio were later joined by 13-year-old actress saara chaudry (pictured on the far right) who stars in the film. see all of the fun photos of angelina with her daughters ahead.

kit harington reveals why the final script for game of thrones made him cry

we're all sad that game of thrones is coming to an end soon, but it seems we aren't the only ones. during an appearance on london's the one show on friday, kit harington revealed that he cried after reading the season eight script last week. "we had the read-through last week, in fact, so i know everything now," kit said, referencing ygritte's famous "you know nothing, jon snow" line. "i cried at the end." a date hasn't been officially set for the premiere of season eight, but production has already begun.

justin bieber tattooed his entire stomach and fans are freaking out

a post shared by justin bieber (@justinbieber) on

justin bieber debuted his new stomach tattoo saturday and almost broke the internet. fans instantly swarmed justin's instagram photo - which already has 1.1 million "likes" at press time - leaving messages of disbelief. "no you didnt," one person wrote. "wtf happened," another fan questioned. one fan simply asked "why?," which is what we're all thinking too. it looks like justin isn't slowing down with the tattoos anytime soon. watch the video justin shared showing off his new ink with his followers ahead.

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prince harry and prince william work their royal charm on a group of teen heroes

we already knew that prince harry and prince william have hearts of gold, but now we have even more proof. on wednesday, the royals hosted a reception with rita ora at kensington palace to meet with bbc radio 1's teen heroes of 2017 ahead of the official oct. 22 ceremony. the charity honors young adults who have shown dedication to helping others through selfless achievements, and william and harry presented the finalists with special teen hero badges. "it's just really crazy. you'd never think that you'd be here," one of the kids said. "when you seen them on tv, you're like, 'they're going to be really posh when you meet them,' but they're actually really friendly."

during the event, the kids also got a taste of william's sense of humor when he joked about a pile of cookies behind them: "see the biscuits lying around? this plate is full behind you. that means you have not been trying hard enough!" the teen heroes are set to receive their awards at the radio 1 teen awards on sunday. the event will feature performances by rita, liam payne, the vamps, camila cabello, and dua lipa.

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pink reveals former frenemy christina aguilera once tried to punch her at a club

pink and christina aguilera may have recently put their feud to rest, but their beef was once so bad that christina actually tried to punch pink at a club. during an appearance on watch what happens live on thursday, the "what about us" singer opened up about what went wrong with their relationship after they collaborated on "lady marmalade" in 2001. "we were super young and super new at the whole thing, and i think i'm an alpha, and she's an alpha," pink explained during andy cohen's "plead the fifth" segment. "actually, she swung at me in a club. hilarious!"

christina and pink allegedly clashed over who would sing the high notes on "lady marmalade," but pink insists they are fine now. "she's a really sweet person. we made up on the voice. i mean, it was funny; i laughed. i hadn't seen her in years and years and years." she also hinted at a possible upcoming collaboration with christina, so we're keeping our fingers crossed.

need last-minute halloween costume ideas? look no further than lili reinhart's instagram

as massive fans of riverdale, we're used to seeing lili reinhart as the sweet and bubbly betty cooper, but the actress actually has a very dark side . . . well, when it comes to halloween. if you scroll back through lili's instagram, you'll quickly see that she's incredibly talented at creepy and special-effects makeup. from zombies to skeletons to creepy clown monsters, she brings her a game with her costumes every halloween, and we really can't wait to see what she does this year. if you're in need of some last-minute inspiration for your costume, keep reading to see 25 of lili's creepy and creative looks over the years.

fans have very mixed reactions to taylor swift's new song, "gorgeous"

taylor swift dropped her latest single, "gorgeous," from reputation on thursday night and quickly left the swiftie fandom torn - they either love it or hate it. while the song definitely has a fun and flirty vibe reminiscent of her 1989 album, fans are mixed about the bubblegum lyrics that seem to reference her new boyfriend, joe alwyn. that being said, the track has already risen to no. 1 on the charts, so she's obviously doing something right. see what people had to say about the single ahead.

maisie williams celebrates bff sophie turner's engagement: "holy moly"

sophie turner and joe jonas announced their engagement on oct. 15, and maisie williams is over the moon. on monday, the game of thrones actress reposted sophie's engagement ring instagram photo and congratulated her bff with a sweet message. "congratulations to my beautiful girlfriend on her engagement ????," she wrote. "this is just one of many life milestones we'll share. love you both ???? #mophie #jophie #holymoly." sophie and maisie have been friends since they were 13 and 12 years old, respectively, when they were cast as sisters on game of thrones, so we wonder if maisie will serve as one of sophie's bridesmaids?

a friendly reminder that neil patrick harris and his family own halloween every year

there are a lot of celebrity families that dress up each year for halloween, but just one group can claim the title of most epic group costumes! neil patrick harris and david burtka have been going all out with their kids, gideon and harper, since 2011 and each year since their looks have just gotten more elaborate and impressive. in 2015, they awakened the force with a dead-on tribute to star wars, and a year later got glammed up in old hollywood-inspired looks. keep reading to see all of their costumes over the years, then feast your eyes on even more family halloween greatness.

why the walking dead has the most badass women on tv right now

every character on the walking dead has earned their stripes in badass one way or another. when you're in a constant war for survival against zombies and the worst kinds of people, you have no choice but to figure out your strengths and make the most out of them. but the women of the walking dead take badass to a whole new level. i'm not just talking about their skill at killing zombies (though we all know they have serious ability when it comes to that). i'm talking about all the aspects of their personalities that make them the women who stand strong in the face of danger and keep fighting. read on to see exactly why the women of the walking dead might just be the most badass women on television right now.

amc's fearfest schedule is basically freeform's 13 nights of halloween for adults

we're already in the thick of october, which means your scary movie binges should be well underway. while we have all of our horror movie dvds lined up and ready to go, we also love hunkering down for those spooky tv marathons, too. everyone loves freeform's 13 nights of halloween, but where do you go when you really want to get your heartbeat racing? the answer is amc. the channel has its fearfest movie marathon every season, and this year, you can enjoy gory, haunting, and stomach-churning films from oct. 23 until halloween. stock up on peanuts and candy corn (eat them together, it will change your life) and prepare to scream bloody murder at the full schedule below.

monday, oct. 23

9 a.m. - halloween

11 a.m. - halloween 4: the return of michael myers

1 p.m. - halloween 5: the revenge of michael myers

3 p.m. - halloween 6: the curse of michael myers

5 p.m. - halloween h2o: 20 years later

7 p.m. - halloween ii

9:30 p.m. - halloween

11:30 p.m. - halloween 4: the return of michael myers

tuesday, oct. 24

1:30 a.m. - halloween 5: the revenge of michael myers

3:30 a.m. - halloween 6: the curse of michael myers

9 a.m. - house on haunted hill

11 a.m. - house of wax

1:30 p.m. - halloween h2o: 20 years later

3:30 p.m. - halloween ii

6 p.m. - child's play

8 p.m. - curse of chucky

10 p.m. - cult of chucky

wednesday, oct. 25

12 a.m. - child's play

9:30 a.m. - scream 4

12 p.m. - jason goes to hell: the final friday

2 p.m. - jason x

4 p.m. - curse of chucky

6 p.m. - cult of chucky

8 p.m. - annabelle

10:15 p.m. - carrie

thursday, oct. 26

12:30 a.m. - annabelle

2:24 a.m. - mirrors 2

9:09 a.m. - how to make a monster

10:30 a.m. - eight legged freaks

1 p.m. - aliens vs predator: requiem

3 p.m. - predator

5:30 p.m. - predator 2

10 p.m. - piranha

friday, oct. 27

12 a.m. - lake placid

2 a.m. - alien vs predator

4 a.m. - hellbound: hellraiser ii

9 a.m. – hellraiser revelations

10:30 a.m. - van helsing

1:30 p.m. - slither

5:30 p.m. - wes craven's new nightmare

8 p.m. - freddy vs. jason

10 p.m. - a nightmare on elm street

saturday, oct. 28

11 a.m. - curse of chucky

1 p.m. - cult of chucky

3 p.m. - leprechaun: origins

5 p.m. - leprechaun

7 p.m. - leprechaun 2

9 p.m. - leprechaun 3

11 p.m. - leprechaun 4 in space

sunday, oct. 29

1 a.m. - leprechaun in the hood

3 a.m. - leprechaun: back 2 tha hood

5 a.m. - exorcist ii: the heretic

9:29 a.m. - army of darkness

11:26 a.m. - house of the dead

1:25 p.m. - house of the dead 2

5:25 p.m. - dawn of the dead

monday, oct. 30

4 a.m. - return to house on haunted hill

9 a.m. - halloween h2o: 20 years later

11 a.m. - halloween ii

1:30 p.m. - halloween

3:30 p.m. - halloween 4: the return of michael myers

5:30 p.m. - halloween 5: the revenge of michael myers

7:30 p.m. - halloween 6: the curse of michael myers

9 p.m. - halloween

11:30 p.m. - halloween 4: the return of michael myers

tuesday, oct. 31

1:30 a.m. - halloween 5: the revenge of michael myers

3:30 a.m. - halloween 6: the curse of michael myers

9 a.m. - halloween 4: the return of michael myers

11 a.m. - halloween 5: the revenge of michael myers

1 p.m. - halloween 6: the curse of michael myers

3 p.m. - halloween h2o: 20 years later

5 p.m. - halloween ii

7:30 p.m. - halloween

9:30 p.m. - halloween 4: the return of michael myers

11:30 p.m. - halloween 5: the revenge of michael myers

these chilling ed kemper interviews show just how scarily accurate mindhunter is

despite its somewhat slow pace and gloomy cinematography, mindhunter is a riveting and sometimes terrifying show. much of that is owed to the fact that the stories explored in season one are very much rooted in reality, from the fbi agents we meet to the serial killers they interview. while holden ford, dr. wendy carr, and bill tench are amalgamations of real-life figures, edmund "the co-ed killer" kemper is a pitch-perfect onscreen re-creation of the murderer who took 10 lives in the 1960s and '70s.

in season one of mindhunter, bill and holden seek out a number of imprisoned serial killers to help inform their study. sure, the scenes with murderers like monte rissell and dennis rader are chilling, but none hold a candle to the tense, disturbing interactions with kemper (especially when he's one on one with holden). the 6'9", over-250-pound killer is played by cameron britton in the show, who does a fantastic job of portraying kemper's high intelligence and social nature, as well as the thinly veiled butcher underneath.

though britton is "only" 6'5", the casting could not be more on point. when you watch video footage from real 1984 and 1991 interviews with ed kemper - which is actually where mindhunter got some of his dialogue for the show - the similarities become even more striking.

playing kemper with such startling accuracy was a huge undertaking for britton, though he cited it as one of the greatest experiences of his life in a facebook post in 2016. "i learned a lot. sociopathy has been a long time draw to me, and to play one is a bucket list cross off," he wrote. "i will say i learned a lot about them, and due to the intensive nature of the project, i learned more about acting this year than any other in my life."

given how mindhunter wraps up, we can't be sure if we'll ever see holden and kemper in the same room again. with season two on the way, though, hopefully they work another skin-crawling appearance from the talkative serial killer in.

ed sheeran opens up about past struggles with substance abuse: "i found myself slipping"

after taking a year off in 2016 to travel the world with his girlfriend, cherry seaborn, and give himself a much-deserved rest after a busy few years, ed sheeran is opening up about the other reasons he decided to take a step back from the spotlight. while the "perfect" singer has been honest about drinking too much in the past, he recently revealed on the jonathan ross show that there was a bit more to it than that.

"i think you need to, when you get into the industry, adjust to [fame], and i didn't adjust because i was constantly working on tour," he said. "and all the pitfalls that people read about, i just found myself slipping into all of them. mostly, like, substance abuse. i never touched anything. i started slipping into it, and that's why i took a year off and buggered off. i didn't really notice it was happening. it just started gradually happening, and then some people took me to one side and were like, 'calm yourself down' . . it's all fun to begin with, it all starts off as a party and then you're doing it on your own and it's not, so that was a wake-up call and taking a year off."

ed also said his music, and cherry, helped him come out of that dark time. "i focused on work, and i can't work under the influence," he continued. "i can't write songs under the influence. i can't perform under the influence. so, the more i worked, the less [that happened]. i've worked my whole life to get to where i am, and you can't lose that over something that you do in your spare time." and the singer said moving in with cherry was the thing that finally gave him balance: "we live together now, and i think that was a real help grounding me. i was a 25-year-old in the music industry on tour so i just needed someone to balance me out."

reminder: riverdale's new reggie made a very nsfw cameo on american horror story: hotel

although many riverdale fans were upset to discover the original actor who played reggie, the gorgeous ross butler, was leaving the drama for his meatier role on season two of 13 reasons why, they were soon appeased with some very, very fine news: charles melton, above, was on board to replace him. though melton isn't a household name quite yet, he also isn't a total newcomer to hollywood; he played a model on season five of glee and mr. wu in american horror story: hotel. his nsfw appearance on the latter show has recently resurfaced, and it's truly something to behold.

as fans of the hotel season of the anthology horror show might recall, mr. wu's 2015 run on the show doesn't end well. the handsome womanizer checks in to the cortez and runs into a pair of seductive, but murderous ghosts who make quick work of him. fortunately, he does get to show off his abs before all the blood and gore begins.

oh, and did we mention we get to see his butt, too?

you're welcome.

9 chilling facts you'll learn from the new movie about jeffrey dahmer

image source: everett collection

there are plenty of true stories that premiered at the tribeca film festival this year, but one of the most chilling has to be my friend dahmer. based on the graphic novel by john backderf, the film tells the relatively unknown story of jeffrey dahmer's high school years leading up to his first murder. not only is disney channel star ross lynch (austin & ally, teen beach movie) eerily captivating as the notorious serious killer, but the movie also stays pretty close to reality. they even filmed in dahmer's childhood home for effect. can you say nightmares? here are nine facts the film unearthed about the milwaukee cannibal.

1. he had a brother

dahmer was the eldest of two. following his arrest and death in prison, the british series murder in mind states his younger brother, david, changed his surname and currently lives in anonymity.

2. his mother suffered from mental illness

in the film, his mother, joyce annette, is depicted as incredibly anxious and erratic, which apparently isn't too far from the truth. according to the shrine of jeffrey dahmer by brian masters, she spent a great deal of time struggling from illness and even attempted suicide by overdosing on equanil pills.

3. his father was a chemist

while his mother was often hidden away in her room, dahmer's father, lionel, was busy at work. after getting his degree, he became a chemist. the film even hints that he supplied dahmer with the acid he used for many of his experiments.

4. he collected roadkill

at a young age, dahmer developed an interest in anatomy. he would pick up dead animals from the road to dissect in the woods behind his home. believing his son shared his interest for science, his father showed dahmer how to bleach and preserve animal bones, according to masters's book.

image source: getty / eugene garcia

5. he became an alcoholic at a young age

dahmer developed a drinking habit at the ripe age of 14. according to his former classmates, he would smuggle beer and spirits inside the lining of his jacket, as stated in joel norris's book, jeffrey dahmer.

6. he was involved in several extracurricular activities

while he had few friends in high school, he wasn't a total loner. in masters's book, he reveals that dahmer was on the tennis team and played in the school band.

7. he was a class clown

to the amusement of his classmates, dahmer would put on pranks around school by pretending to have epileptic seizures and knocking over various items. these pranks became known as "doing a dahmer," which author backderf accounts in his graphic novel.

8. he was infatuated with a male jogger near his house

even though he kept his sexual orientation hidden from his parents, he developed an obsession with a male jogger near his house. as detailed in the shrine of jeffrey dahmer, he later admitted that he even planned to render the man unconscious by beating him with a baseball bat and waiting in the bushes by the road, but, on that particular day, the jogger never showed.

9. he committed his first murder after graduation

nearly three weeks after graduating high school, dahmer committed his first murder when he was 18. on june 18, 1978, he picked up a hitchhiker named steven hicks and lured him to his house, where he was living alone, to drink and listen to music. the real-life scenario is depicted in the final scene of the movie as the two drive off together in his car. hicks was never seen or heard of again.

my friend dahmer will be released on nov. 3.

11 ways you can be adele for halloween this year

adele made a triumphant return to the spotlight following a three-year hiatus in late 2015, so it only makes sense that you'd want to channel her this halloween. fortunately, adele has worn a handful of unforgettable looks through the years, from her custom burberry sparkly tour dress to the gorgeous floral ensemble featured in her "send my love (to your new lover)" video. here are all the fun ways you can dress like adele this year.

a brief history of ellen degeneres's amazing halloween costumes

when it comes to sexy halloween costumes, paris hilton's consistent looks and kim kardashian's seductive ensembles really take the cake, and you just know you can always expect adorable family costumes from neil patrick harris. but when it comes to cleverness, ellen degeneres has everyone else beat. from her spin as sia last year to her dr. phil look all the way back in her talk show's first season, ellen has proven she can surprise and delight us with her halloween costumes.

the terrifying true story behind that lobotomy reference in mindhunter

image source: netflix

in the second episode of mindhunter, fbi special agent holden ford goes to visit incarcerated serial killer edmund kemper iii, hoping the criminal will talk to him about his background, crimes, and motives, as a way to understand what makes "sequence killers" tick ("serial killer" was not yet a term used by law enforcement).

kemper refers to his killings as a "vocation," which ford takes issue with, but kemper argues that it's a bit more involved than a simple hobby.

"look at the consequences. the stakes are very high," says kemper, who then suggests that since psychological help "didn't take" when he was in a mental institution as a young man, perhaps a lobotomy is the answer.

in case you're not familiar, a lobotomy is a surgical procedure that involves cutting the connections to the prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain responsible for "executive function," which includes being able to tell the difference between right and wrong, determining the consequences of one's actions, and the ability to suppress urges.

kemper suggests that since it was done to frances farmer, perhaps it should be performed on him, too.

"i loved frances farmer. she was an actress. they lobotomized her in the '50s. she was very smart and intense, very misunderstood - she was a lot like me," says kemper, though his statement is not entirely accurate.

in 1943, farmer was diagnosed a paranoid schizophrenic, and she was in and out of different mental hospitals until 1945, when she was committed to western state hospital for the next five years. in an autobiography published posthumously after farmer died from cancer in 1970, the actress claimed she was abused throughout her stay in the hospital. later, author william arnold published shadowland, a book that alleged farmer also received a lobotomy during her institutionalization. however, arnold would go on to testify during a lawsuit over the film frances, which was based on the book he wrote, that the lobotomy claim and many other things he wrote about farmer were fictionalized.

all of these revelations came out well after ford's interview with kemper, though, which is taking place in 1977 on mindhunter, so kemper would have had no reason to know the truth about farmer's institutionalization. fun fact: in the 1982 film frances, farmer was portrayed by a young jessica lange, best known to today's audiences as one of the stars of ryan murphy's shows american horror story and feud: bette and joan. lange was nominated for both an oscar and a golden globe for the performance.

image source: everett collection

but even if farmer was not lobotomized, tens of thousands of women were in the 1940s and into the 1950s; men were as well, but it was disproportionately used on female patients to lessen the effects of various mental disorders, though the procedure left patients in an infantile mental state. additionally, it was a very risky procedure, so many patients died as a result of it, many others were left severely brain-damaged, and still others later committed suicide.

when ford asks kemper what other form of punishment would befit him besides prison or a lobotomy, kemper says, matter-of-factly, "death by torture." considering all of the heinous crimes he committed, that's not an entirely unreasonable statement. but kemper instead is serving out eight life sentences; he could not receive the death penalty because it was suspended in california at the time he was tried.

side note: lobotomies always make me think of a supercreepy movie called session 9, so if you're looking for creepy movies this halloween season, check it out. it's available on amazon with a starz subscription or through the starz over-the-top service . . . or if your town still has a video rental store, you can always try there. session 9 was filmed at an actual abandoned psychiatric hospital in massachusetts, and it's worth a watch. check out the trailer below.