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the $99 gadget that lets you control any garage door from your phone

this brilliant $99 box instantly turns any remote-controlled garage door opener into a smart garage door opener.

the 5 best classic sneakers out now

from air jordans to new spins on old favorites like the vans checkerboard, there are a number of footwear choices for the season.

roll over: the 7 best foam rollers for post-workout recovery

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wrist readiness: 6 best paracord bracelets for stylish survivalists

paracord bracelets for the casual hiker, fashionista and seasoned adventurer alike.

this shaving cream will leave your manly face as soft as a baby’s bottom

skip the friction and save your shave with this 3-in-1 formula.

this palm-sized projector throws a 120-inch screen

would you believe us if we told you this tiny projector throws a 120-inch display? well, it does and it fits in your pocket.

wrist readiness: 5 best paracord bracelets for stylish survivalists

paracord bracelets for the casual hiker, fashionista and seasoned adventurer alike.

daily deals: restore youth with this breakthrough retinol cream, now 60% off

plus: 79% off an orthopedic seat cushion, a way to keep the savings rolling at fabletics and more.

star quality: the ultimate spy guide to the best celebrity products you can buy right now

from sarah jessica parker to celine dion, some of the world’s most famous celebrities are taking their talents beyond the stage and screen. 

elbow emergency: the 6 best products for tennis elbow relief

just because you don’t play tennis doesn’t mean you can’t get tennis elbow.

books to get hooked on: 10 best-sellers that deserve a deep dive

from scientific futurism and romance, to groundbreaking, intersectional young-adult tales, here are the best books to read right now.

time lords: the 8 best watches for savvy sci-fi style

let your inner geek out with one of these functional and fantastical watches.

the tarantino 8: quentin tarantino movies, ranked.

we look back at the director’s body of work in honor of reservoir dogs’ 25th anniversary.

the best on-the-go daily moisturizer for men

it’s always a plus when your moisturizer doesn’t look like it was lifted from your significant other’s side of the medicine cabinet.

the ultimate accessory for long-haul travel: the huzi infinity pillow

the pillow bows to your every will, allowing you to bend, curve and bunch it up to fit your needs.

is this the best pillow for your skin?

this pillow promises to reduce wrinkles, acne and visible signs of aging.

daily deals: this $8 bag charm is really a personal security alarm

plus: over 80% off at hautelook, 75% off travel steamers and more.

stimulate blood flow in your legs with this at-home circulation booster

the electric stimulation also massages and tones your legs.

scrub a dub: the 6 best exfoliating scrubs for fresh faces

from turmeric to 24k gold, these are the best new scrubs to try for men and women.

gimme shelter: the 9 best camping tarps for staying dry

because you’re not going to let a little rainwater rain on your camping parade.