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teen: fired agent tyler grasham asked me to be his boyfriend, start a family

hollywood agent tyler grasham reached out to a 16-year-old boy on instagram in 2015, and over the next year professed a desire to be his boyfriend and start a family while helping him break into hollywood, the teenager told thewrap.

brady lindsey, pictured above and now 19, is one of three men who described what they said was predatory behavior by grasham. the agent was fired from agency for the performing arts on friday, one day after thewrap reported on former actor blaise godbe lipman’s accusation that grasham got him drunk and sexually assaulted him a decade ago, when he was 17 or 18.

“i didn’t know who he was. he said he was a big-time agent in l.a. and he worked at apa,” lindsey said, describing how grasham first contacted him on instagram. “it checked out.”

grasham has not replied to numerous requests for comment on the allegations or his firing by apa.

lindsey said he was living in utah when grasham reached out to him online. he provided screenshots of conversations showing grasham encouraging him to come to california. the age of consent in both states is 18. (the screengrabs are below.)

lindsey traveled to california several times as a minor before moving there, and said that grasham tried to get them to meet in person but he always said no.

“often times he would try to convince me to have lunch with him, asking me if i would be his boyfriend even though i was underage,” lindsey said.

lindsey said a recurring theme in their conversations, aside from flirtation and attempts to arrange meetings, was grasham offering to get lindsey work as an actor.

“it was all talk of getting me gigs, but not being able to sign me up at the agency until i was already getting work,” lindsey said.

“at one point, he mentioned he was trying to get me an audition for the new ‘heathers’ remake, because i mentioned it was my favorite movie,” he continued.

lindsay shared one message he said grasham sent in mid-february 2016, when lindsay was 17. an image of it shows grasham saying he wants to earn money to be a “good boyfriend and provider to my family…. the family i don’t have yet…. but maybe you will be it.”

“maybe,” lindsey replied.

in another message, grasham is seen telling lindsey he looks forward to their “first date.”

lindsay soon told grasham he was in a relationship with someone else but wanted to remain friends and leave open the possibility of working together.

“your honesty is very appreciated, and friends, yes. we will indeed be friends and i look forward to getting to know you better,” another screenshot shows grasham responding. “i hope your relationship works but [if] it doesn’t, i’m still here.”

lindsey moved to hollywood in october 2016, soon after his 18th birthday, to begin an acting career. he said that days after his arrival, grasham invited him to dinner at an italian restaurant in west hollywood, where he was given several glasses of wine and champagne even though he was under 21. grasham then invited him to his home for dessert.

there, grasham made unwelcome advances, lindsey said.

“i told him ‘no’ at a certain point, [because] he got a little too physical,” lindsey said. “but i didn’t want to discourage him because of the ramifications.”

he said he was referring to potential career ramifications.

lindsay said grasham asked if they could just kiss and cuddle, and lindsey agreed.

lindsey saw grasham twice after that, he said. the pair went bar-hopping in downtown l.a. without incident, and he also attended a barbecue at grasham’s house that included “lots of drinking,” he said.

he said grasham convinced him to spend the night, and again “made advances. i told him no again. i left around 4 or 5 a.m.”

a third man also described grasham plying him with alcohol and then getting physical. lucas ozarowski said grasham reached out to him on tinder, which he was using to network with both men and women in the industry. he was 24 and had a girlfriend, he said.


he attended a barbeque at grasham’s home that he described as “awkward off the bat.” (ozarowski provided a photo of the evening, where he is pictured far left, next to grasham).

“he was introducing me, massaging my shoulders and asking, ‘isn’t he such a beautiful boy?'” ozarowski said.

they remained in contact through january 2016, when grasham invited ozarowski to dinner at a west hollywood italian restaurant, where they had several glasses of wine.

from there, ozarowski said, grasham took him to a colleague’s birthday at a nearby bar, where “he was giving me drink after drink after drink. i started to leave them in the bathroom.”

ozarowski said he had left his cell phone charging at grasham’s house, and returned home with him after the bar to retrieve it.

he said grasham offered him some marijuana and invited him to watch an awards-season screener of matt damon’s “the martian.” he agreed to remain in the house while he waited for an uber to arrive, he said.

“i’m sitting on the couch, and he reaches over pulls down my pants in one fell swoop. his hands were on my genitals. i pulled his hand out and said, ‘this is inappropriate,'” ozarowski told thewrap.

after that incident ozarowski deleted grasham from all social media channels. he did recall exchanging snapchat messages, which automatically delete unless saved.

he said that in one, grasham offered to get him work in exchange for sexual favors.

“at one point, he offered, ‘if you let me blow you, i can get you on any set you want,'” ozarowski said.

he said he now lives in pennsylvania and works on location shoots. “i miss l.a.,” he said.

did the incident with grasham cause him to move home?

“it drove me out,” he said.

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‘coco’ review: pixar’s journey down mexico way pays colorful, moving tribute to family

if an animated movie is going to offer children a way to process death, it’s hard to envision a more spirited, touching and breezily entertaining example than “coco,” pixar’s full-throttled foray into the intricately celebratory world of mexico’s annual remembrance festival día de los muertos.

in unfurling a story of dreams and curses, tradition and redemption, all experienced via the otherworldly adventures of a musically-inclined village boy named miguel, the animation juggernaut has once more shown how its storytelling acumen and visual splendors are still the surest dance partners in movies today.

though pixar has been at the top of the animation food chain for decades now, “coco” (directed by “toy story 3” helmer lee unkrich, and co-directed by adrian molina) represents one significant breakthrough in that it’s the most human-populated story the studio has yet told, even if many of those humans are in exaggerated skeletal form (with appropriately signifying clothes). from the villagers of fictional santa cecilia to the ancestral inhabitants of the land of the dead — the candy-colored afterlife megalopolis where most of the story takes place — “coco” eschews the easy-cute of anthropomorphizing the inanimate or fantastical in favor of characters grounded in the recognizable.

whether deftly rendering miguel’s wrinkled, beatific 97-year-old bisabuela (veteran mexican actress ana ofelia murguia) with a fading memory, or the graceful play of fingers on guitar strings, or even a skull with expressive eyes, it all still leads to the same multiple-hanky magic at which pixar has usually excelled.

“coco” starts with another pixar trademark: the cleverly animated prologue, in this case told through brightly-hued mexican doilies hanging from clotheslines. they tell the story of how, years ago, a guitar-playing dad left his wife and daughter to make his name, and how successive generations of riveras — now master shoemakers, a trade learned out of necessity by the abandoned wife, imelda — banished music from their lives as a bitter response.

that leaves young miguel (newcomer anthony gonzalez), four generations later, with something of a dilemma: feeling the pressure of entering the family business by his indomitable abuelita (renée victor, “weeds”) and loving dad (jaime camil, “jane the virgin”), all he wants to do is play guitar like his long-passed idol ernesto de la vega (benjamin bratt). ernesto is still alive for miguel, though, in old movies the boy secretly plays in his hidden shrine to the beloved mexican star.

with day of the dead festivities starting up, and the town filling with revelers, mariachis and fireworks, miguel is eager to prove his talent, and its worth, to his family. but a desperate scheme unwittingly triggers his entry into the parallel land of the dead. suddenly miguel is visible to the boney apparitions who annually cross a glowing, gorgeous bridge of marigold petals to visit their living descendants, the ones thoughtful enough to put photos of them on their homemade ofrendas, or altars. when no one is left to remember you, miguel soon learns on his spectral trek, even the dead fade away.

with the aid of a friendly vagabond named héctor (gael garcia bernal), and his long-tongued hairless xolo dog dante in tow, miguel is eager to track down ernesto to clarify what he believes is the hidden truth of their connection. but getting back to the living realm requires a family blessing, and great-great-grandmother mamá imelda (a humorously forbidding alanna ubach), ever the proud matriarch — willing to hold a grudge even in death — isn’t about to let miguel go without a promise never to play music again.

“coco,” which has the twists and turns of the kind of black-and-white melodramas ernesto starred in, is in some respects as old-fashioned a story as they come about the close bonds of family; the many zestily-drawn characters speak entertainingly to the push and pull of tradition within that bubble and across generations. it’s less jokey than other pixar features, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t laugh-out-loud funny. miguel is an eminently likable hero, and when given a shot at performing in the land of the dead — a son jarocho-inspired ditty called “un poco loco” — the scene nicely deepens our connection to his quest.

it helps make “coco,” scored by the erstwhile michael giacchino, play like a movie about music, rather than a musical, and the distinction is important as the story unfolds. (the movie’s signature corrida, “remember me,” an ernesto standard, is by the “frozen” team of kristen anderson-lopez and robert lopez, and its use as both an anthem for popularity and tear-jerking familial plea is well-deployed.)

visually, “coco” is a swirling, vibrantly hued artistic achievement. it’s everything from a sepia-tinted memory book come to heart-tugging life to a pulsating multi-tinted mural. the stellar design team and animators find room for both the sun-kissed verisimilitude of a homey pueblo, and the razzle-dazzle of elaborately designed folk-art animals called alebrijas that become flying, hot-colored spirit creatures in the land of the dead.

in that way the movie, which also peppers its all-latino voice cast with turns by alfonso arau, edward james olmos, selene luna, cheech marin and luis valdez, both honors the rich aesthetic heritage of mexico and keeps these cultural markers from looking like they were merely dusted off and computer-generated for mass consumption. there’s no getting around that disney/pixar hope “coco” absolves them of past ethnic-representation sins in forging popular movie fare. but the honest feeling coursing through “coco” is its own marigold bridge in a way, pointing toward a less-homogenized, but no less universal-in-theme future for creators of animated movies.

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‘real time': weinstein’s fall the result of ‘sublimated anger’ at trump, says janice min

bill maher marked the return of “real time” by laying into disgraced movie mogul harvey weinstein while talking with top-of-the-show guest janice min.

the former hollywood reporter editor said that the “feeding frenzy” surrounding weinstein is the result of “sublimated anger” about donald trump, noting that october marked a year since his infamous “access hollywood” tape. trump wasn’t punished for bragging about grabbing women “by the p—y” — but min said weinstein got the “crime and punishment” trump didn’t.

min also described the difficulty thr had under her tenure publishing a story about weinstein, largely because “no one in seven years would ever go on the record and say he sexually assaulted someone.” she also noted that her first hire was kim masters, who recently broke the story detailing sexual harassment accusations against amazon studios’ roy price.

min said masters once asked weinstein during an off-the-record interview about rumors that he rapes women, though she declined to say how he replied. “it definitely didn’t make me doubt all the smoke that was in the air,” min said.

maher was off last week, as the scandal grew, and tried to make up for lost time friday. he joked that because of weinstein, “trump dropped 92 spots on forbes’ list of richest americans. he also dropped to number two on forbes’ list of disgusting sex predators.”

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27 club: stars who died at age 27, from jimi hendrix to kurt cobain (photos)

27 club of stars who died tragically at age 27


robert johnson (may 8, 1911 – august 16, 1938)

the american blues legend made the mississippi delta style famous, but his premature death near greenwood, mississippi, remains as mysterious as much of his short life.

jimi hendrix (november 27, 1942 – september 18, 1970)

the rock guitarist died in london of asphyxiation while intoxicated on barbituates.

brian jones (28 february 1942 – 3 july 1969)

the founder and original leader of the rolling stones drowned in the swimming pool of his home in east sussex, england.

janis joplin (january 19, 1943 – october 4, 1970) 

the blues singer died of a heroin overdose at the landmark motor hotel in hollywood.

jim morrison (december 8, 1943 – july 3, 1971)

the singer, songwriter and frontman for the doors was found in the bathtub of a paris apartment, apparently from an accidental heroin overdose.

jim morrison (december 8, 1943 – july 3, 1971)

the singer, songwriter and frontman for the doors was found in the bathtub of a paris apartment, apparently from an accidental heroin overdose.

ron “pigpen” mckernan (september 8, 1945 – march 8, 1973)

a founding member of the grateful dead, mckiernan died of a gastrointestinal hemorrhage at his home in corte madera, california.

jean-michel basquiat (december 22, 1960 – august 12, 1988)

the american graphic artist famous for graffiti-inspired paintings died of a heroin overdose in his manhattan studio.

kurt cobain (february 20, 1967 – april 5, 1994)

the singer-songwriter and frontman for the grunge band nirvana died of a self-inflicted shotgun wound to the head.

jonathan brandis (april 13, 1976 – november 12, 2003)

a child actor best known for the nbc sci-fi series “seaquest dsv” committed suicide in his l.a. apartment building.

amy winehouse (september 14,  1983 – 23 july 23, 2011) 

the british r&b and soul singer, who had long battled an addiction to drugs and alcohol, died of alcohol poisoning at her london home.

anton yelchin (march 11, 1989 – june 19, 2016)

the actor best known for playing pavel chekov in the big-screen “star trek” reboots, died in an accidental car accident at his l.a. home.

richey james edwards (december 1967, – 1 february 1995)

the welsh guitarist and lyricist for the manic street preachers missed a flight for a u.s. promotional tour on february 1, 1995 and he functionally disappeared near the wales-england border soon after that. in 2008, he was declared “presumed dead.”

rudy lewis (august 23, 1936 – may 20, 1964)

the r&b singer for the drifters sang lead on such hits as “some kind of wonderful,” “up on the roof” and “on broadway.” he was found dead in a harlem hotel room of a suspected drug overdose.

‘stranger things’ star finn wolfhard exits apa as agent faces sexual assault investigation (exclusive)

(update: tyler grasham has been fired from the agency for the performing arts. )

“stranger things” star finn wolfhard has parted ways with his agent after a former actor accused him of sexual assault, two individuals familiar with the matter told thewrap. the agency for the performing arts began investigating tyler grasham after blaise godbe accused him of plying him with alcohol and sexually abusing him a decade ago.

wolfhard is no longer signed with apa’s tyler grasham, who was accused this week of plying former actor blaise godbe lipman with alcohol and sexually assaulting him a decade ago when lipman was still a teenager.

it’s unclear at present where wolfhard will land for representation. a rep for wolfhard and apa did not immediately return thewrap’s request for comment.

wolfhard, 14, was grasham’s biggest client. part of the ensemble on “stranger things,” whose second season debuts on netflix next week, wolfhard also starred in september’s unexpected monster hit “it.”

lipman, now a 28-year-old filmmaker, told thewrap on thursday that he met grasham when he was 17 or 18, and was talking to grasham about signing on as an apa client. he said he turned 18 in june of 2007, and was assaulted that summer. he cannot recall if the date of the assault was before or after his birthday, he said.

“apa takes these allegations extremely seriously and is investigating this matter,” an agency spokesperson told thewrap on thursday in regard to lipman’s allegations, posted to his facebook page on monday.

wolfhard is currently filming “dog days,” an uplifting story about los angeles residents who cross paths thanks to their dogs, alongside eva longoria and adam pally. he is also attached to voice a role in netflix’s animated reboot of the educational mystery series “carmen sandiego,” lead by gina rodriguez.

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‘descendants’ actor cameron boyce fires apa agent due to sexual assault allegations

(update: tyler grasham has been fired from the agency for the performing arts. )

“descendants” actor cameron boyce has fired apa agent tyler grasham after he was accused of sexual assault, an individual with knowledge of the situation told thewrap.

boyce is the second actor to fire the agent after “stranger things” star finn wolfhard also parted ways with him, thewrap exclusively reported on friday.

whether or not boyce, who stars in the disney tv movies and series “descendants,” will continue his relationship with apa remains to be seen.

the agency for the performing arts began investigating tyler grasham after blaise godbe lipman accused him of plying him with alcohol and sexually abusing him a decade ago.

lipman, now a 28-year-old filmmaker, told thewrap on thursday that he met grasham when he was 17 or 18, and was talking to grasham about signing on as an apa client. he said he turned 18 in june of 2007, and was assaulted that summer. he cannot recall if the date of the assault was before or after his birthday, he said.

“apa takes these allegations extremely seriously and is investigating this matter,” an agency spokesperson told thewrap on thursday in regard to lipman’s allegations, posted to his facebook page on monday.

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tyler grasham fired from apa agency after sexual assault accusation

talent agent tyler grasham has been fired from the agency for the performing arts, one day after thewrap reported on an actor’s accusation that grasham sexually assaulted him when he was in his late teens.

“tyler grasham’s employment with apa has been terminated effective immediately,” apa spokesperson manfred westphal said friday.

the agency began investigating grasham on thursday after former teen actor blaise godbe lipman accused him of plying him with alcohol and sexually abusing him a decade ago.

former actor blaise godbe lipman, now a 28-year-old filmmaker, told thewrap on thursday that he met grasham when he was 17 or 18, and was talking to grasham about signing on as an apa client. he said he turned 18 in june of 2007, and was assaulted that summer. he cannot recall if the date of the assault was before or after his birthday, he said.

apa has lost at least two high-profile clients since the report. fourteen-year-old “stranger things” and “it” star finn wolfhard, who was represented by grasham, quit the agency friday morning. later friday, 18-year-old “descendants” star cameron boyce also left the agency.

grasham has not replied to numerous requests for comment.

lipman first discussed grasham in a “me too” post on facebook. many have posted their stories online, using the phrase “me too,” in the wake of the accusations by dozens of women that harvey weinstein sexually harassed or assaulted them. weinstein has denied any non-consensual sex.

after harvey weinstein, journalism’s fight against chilling effects of gawker lawsuit continues

is there a silver lining to the criticism facing news organizations since the harvey weinstein scandal erupted?

some experts say the new public scrutiny placed on news organizations could encourage them to stand by their reporters.

“i hope the message taken from the past few weeks is that standing up to threats is what news organizations have to do,” said jane kirtley, media law professor at the university of minnesota. “check your sources and facts and make sure it’s as bulletproof as possible, but then you have to publish and know that constitutional protections will be there for you.”

media organizations have been on the defensive since the hulk hogan case put gawker out of business, funded by billionaire peter thiel. and the lawyer in that case, charles harder, was initially on weinstein’s legal team as the new york times published its expose on his decades of sexual coercion.

the issue has gotten even more attention with thewrap editor sharon waxman calling out the new york times for “gutting” a story she wrote about weinstein in 2004, as well as kim masters writing in columbia journalism review how her own outlet, the hollywood reporter, and many others would not publish her report on the sexual misconduct of amazon studios head roy price. (the information ultimately printed it.) ronan farrow struggled to get his new yorker story on weinstein published by nbc.

since the times’ weinstein story, there’s been good news for reporters on different fronts. harder’s threat against the times was quietly dropped as reports surfaced this past weekend that he had left weinstein’s legal team. isa hackett, one of price’s accusers, went on the record with masters, which led to price’s resignation from amazon on tuesday.

meanwhile, another lawsuit filed by harder against a media outlet is taking an intriguing turn. in january, california-based tech blog techdirt was sued by shiva ayyudurai over articles disproving his claim that he invented email. harder is appealing the lawsuit’s dismissal, but techdirt is filing a cross-appeal, arguing that since the site is based in california, it is protected by the state’s anti-slapp laws.

“originally, anti-slapp laws were intended for private citizens and activist groups, but 20 years ago the courts decided news groups could use them, too, and this is a big help,” kirtley told thewrap. anti-slapp laws are designed to protect defendants from frivolous lawsuits that can bring costly legal fees if it can be proved that the plaintiff has no plausible legal argument. if that happens, the plaintiff has to pay for the defendant’s expenses.

kirtley says that if techdirt can prove that the anti-slapp laws apply to this case even though ayyadurai’s lawsuit was filed outside of california, it could encourage other outlets in states with similar laws to make the same argument if a powerful person they write about unfavorably tries to financially cripple them with a lawsuit that doesn’t hold up.

in other words, it could reverse the chilling effect that gawker’s downfall has placed on the media and potentially discourage deep-pocketed people from going after reporters.

but kirtley warns that anti-slapp laws vary from state to state and aren’t set in stone. in 2015, washington’s anti-slapp statute was struck down by the state supreme court, while nevada’s version of the law survived a constitutional challenge earlier this year.

“what we really need is a federal anti-slapp law, and that’s going to take a lot of work to get through congress,” kirtley said.

nick denton, gawker’s founder, thinks it’s about time that the media stand up not just to threats from lawyers, but to the powerful people they represent. in emails exchanged with thewrap, denton said that media outlets too often only expose sexual abusers in society’s elite when they’ve fallen out of power, and that gawker’s willingness to play loose with the rules of journalism allowed them to get ahead of the curve on major scandals against weinstein, roger ailes and bill o’reilly.

as for harder, denton thinks that editors should not fear him, referencing a tweet from buzzfeed reporter matthew zeitlin admonishing those who describe harder “like a batman villain.”

“charles harder is dangerous to media companies to the extent that he has a deep-pocketed backer like peter thiel behind him,” said denton.

jon levine contributed to this report. 

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country singer jana kramer says she was sexually harassed: i was ‘bawling, crying… panic attack’

actress and country singer jana kramer has joined the chorus of women sharing their experiences with sexual harassment.

the “one tree hill” actress described having a manager make inappropriate advances on her early in her career in an interview with yahoo style on friday.

“i had a man helping me in the very beginning when i was 19, and he was like, ‘ok, i’ve done this for you. what are you going to do for me?'” she said. “and i remember in that moment being like, ‘oh, my god! i am going to have to sleep with this man in order to fulfill my dreams.’ i ended up just bawling, crying, and having a panic attack, and he left.”

she said the incident was almost enough for her to give up her career and move home, but a phone call with her mother convinced her to stay. “i’ll never forget that,” she said, “how easy it is for something like that to happen and for me to think ‘i can’t do this,’ and then they win.”

kramer joins the women who have spoken out about harassment and assault as part of alyssa milano’s #metoo campaign in the wake of the harvey weinstein scandal, to “give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem.”

“with a big name like harvey, women feel silenced and they are afraid to come out because they don’t want their careers affected,” she said. “also you kind of just feel gross about it and ashamed about it, and you are like, ‘was it me? did i do something?'”

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jim carrey’s ex-girlfriend forged her std tests to extort him, court papers say

the legal battle between jim carrey and the family of his deceased ex-girlfriend cathriona white got nastier on friday, with carrey’s legal team filing papers asserting that white forged her std tests in order to extort him in 2013 — and now those same doctored documents are being used by his family to sue him.

carrey is being sued by white’s estranged husband mark burton, who claims that white killed herself in 2015 after becoming distraught because carrey infected her with herpes without informing her that he had the disease.

however, friday’s filing alleges that white doctored her friend’s records to appear that white was disease-free before she began seeing carrey as part of a 2013 extortion campaign, resulting in carrey forking over “a significant amount of money and property.”

according to the filing, those papers are now being used in burton’s lawsuit.

“white asked for and obtained a copy of her friend’s planned parenthood records. white’s intent in obtaining these records was clear — she cooked the records, creating forgeries with altered information, phony tests and fictitious dates,” the new filing reads. “today, those same fake, forged and phony documents are the centerpiece of this second attempt at extortion.”

the filing alleges that a 2011 test result purportedly belonging to white and showing that she was std-free “indicates clearly that the lab test results were for a third party individual and not for ms. white.”

the court papers contend that white asked a friend for her records from a 2013 from “a routine hiv and sti screening” in which she was “tested for syphilis, chlamydia and gonorrhea. the results were all negative.”

“white, using a legitimate and official copy of her friend’s planned parenthood records, forged test results to ‘prove’ the lie that she had tested negative for sexually transmitted diseases just prior to her relationship with carrey and to support her attempt to extort millions of dollars from her famous ex-boyfriend.”

“complete bulls—,” an attorney for white’s family told thewrap when asked for comment on the new filing.

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tech exec arrested on child rape charges

a san francisco tech exec has been fired from his company after he was arrested earlier this week on charges of child rape and assault with a deadly weapon.

zain jaffer, 29, founder and now ex-ceo of vungle, a mobile-app video platform, was arrested on tuesday, according to the san mateo county sheriff’s website. he was booked on charges of attempted murder, oral copulation of a person under 14, child abuse, a lewd act on a child, assault with a deadly weapon, and battery upon an officer and emergency personnel.

the attempted murder charger has since been dropped by san mateo district attorney stephen wagstaffe due to a lack of evidence, according to sf gate.

wagstaffe’s office did not immediately respond to thewrap’s request for comment.

daniel olmos, an attorney representing jaffer, told sfgate that jaffer pleaded not guilty and will not make any public statements.

vungle confirmed jaffer’s ousting in a issued friday afternoon.

“we are aware of the extremely serious allegations leveled against our former ceo, and we are shocked beyond words,” the statement said. “while these are only preliminary charges and are completely unrelated to his former role at the company, they are obviously so serious that it led to his immediate removal.”

“everyone at the company is shocked and saddened by these events, and our thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected,” it continued.

chief operating officer rick tallman was appointed new ceo by the company’s board on thursday. vungle was founded by jaffer in 2011, and has about 200 employees; it’s raised about $25 million, according to crunchbase.

jaffer is being held at the maple street correctional center in redwood city, california. he’ll appear in court on nov. 1.

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‘the walking dead': watch season 8 premiere’s first 3 minutes to see rick’s death vow (video)

rick grimes (andrew lincoln) gives the pep talk to end all pep talks in a sneak peek at the upcoming season 8 premiere of “the walking dead.”

the hit amc zombie series released the episode’s first three minutes on social media on friday, giving fans an early look at their heroes preparing for battle.

“those who use and take and kill to carve out the world and make it theirs alone, we end them,” rick says in the footage. “we don’t celebrate it — we don’t have shame about it, either. there’s only one person that has to die, and i will kill ‘em myself. i will! i will.”

the promo also shows dwight (austin amelio) receiving an ominous message courtesy of a messenger arrow.

the season 7 finale, which aired in april, ended with negan (jeffrey dean morgan) bellowing to his followers that war is imminent.

check out the tense clip in the tweet below.

“the walking dead” season 8 premieres sunday at 9/8c on amc. 

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‘magnum pi’ reboot lands at cbs

“magnum p.i.” is getting ready to ride again at cbs.

a reboot of the 1980s hawaii-set tv series has picked up a pilot-production commitment from the network.

the update centers on ex-navy seal thomas magnum as he returns home from afghanistan to become a private investigator. tom selleck played the role in the original series.

peter lenkov and eric guggenheim (both executive producers on “hawaii five-0”) are writers and executive producers on the co-production from cbs television studios and universal television. also executive producing are john davis and john fox, both of davis entertainment.

“magnum p.i.” originally signed off in may 1988 after eight seasons and provided a star-marking turn for selleck, now the lead on cbs’ venerable “blue bloods.”

reboots continue to be a hot tv trend this development season, including “roswell” at the cw, “the jetsons” at abc and “the munsters” at nbc.

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vox media ceo: there are ‘multiple investigations’ of editorial director fired for misconduct

the day after editorial director lockhart steele was fired for unspecified inappropriate conduct, vox media is conducting “multiple investigations,” company ceo jim bankoff told employees during an all-hands meeting on friday.

“while we were able to take swift action,” bankoff said, according to the hollywood reporter, “based on what we uncovered so far in the investigation, we’re trying to stress that the investigation is not done. there are multiple investigations happening.”

bankoff also told employees that vox has retained the firm law firm gibson dunn to assist in the investigations.

steele was fired on thursday after he admitted to “engaging in conduct that is inconsistent with our core values and is not tolerated at vox media,” fay sliger, a company spokesperson, told thewrap.

while that conduct has not been made public, during today’s meeting, bankoff cited an anonymous former vox employee who wrote a disturbing account of harassment at the hands of an unnamed vp, in a medium post published october 12. bankoff also thanked “everyone who has come forward.”

steele’s termination from vox comes just one week after a report by buzzfeed about the “sh—y media men” list, a spreadsheet shared among women working mainly in new york-area media that identified problematic behavior by their male colleagues. the list compiled allegations ranging from inappropriate “flirting” and “weird lunch dates,” to sexual harassment, sexual assault, stalking, rape, and violence.

the content of the list has not been made public. a spokesperson for vox did not immediately respond to inquiries from the wrap about whether the steele investigations were linked to the list.


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brent briscoe, ‘twin peaks’ and ‘mulholland drive’ actor, dies at 56

actor brent briscoe, whose work included the david lynch series “twin peaks” and lynch’s 2001 film “mulholland drive,” died wednesday morning, his representative told thewrap on friday. he was 56.

briscoe died following a short hospital stay following a serious fall that resulted in internal bleeding and eventually heart complications. he was surrounded by family and friends at the time of his death.

“we lost a class act on wednesday. brent played hundreds of roles throughout his career but his greatest role was to his family and friends. he was as genuine as they come. we will miss him dearly,” his family said in a statement. “brent briscoe was well known for being a go to character actor and can be seen in such films as ‘a simple plan,’ ‘sling blade,’ ‘mulholland drive,’ ‘the green mile’ and ‘small town saturday night.’ in tv recently, he can be seen in david lynch’s showtime series ‘twin peaks.’ brent was also an accomplished writer, on ‘evening shade,’ and the films ‘the right to remain silent’ and ‘waking up in reno.'”

briscoe, who played det. dave macklay on the “twin peaks” revival, is survived by his father carl, brother kent and sister shelley west.

in a message to briscoe’s family and friends provided by briscoe’s representative to thewrap, lynch said that he loved briscoe “as an actor and a great person.”

“i want you to know how much i loved working with brent,” lynch said. “i worked with him on mulholland drive and twin peaks. i loved him as an actor and a great person. i’m holding good thoughts for all of you. i will really miss working with brent again.”

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‘orphan black’ star jordan gavaris says fired apa agent tyler grasham ‘harassed’ him

“orphan black” actor jordan gavaris tweeted friday that tyler grasham — the hollywood agent fired after a sexual assault accusation — “repeatedly harassed” him years ago.

“when i was 21, tyler grasham repeatedly harassed me about my sexuality, and forcibly implied he could ‘protect me’ if i joined his roster…” gavaris wrote. “but that if i didn’t, my career may be derailed.”

gavaris, now 28, said that grasham invited him to dinner at the home of a “notorious producer repeatedly accused of sexual assault of minors.” gavaris said that he declined to attend, leading to further harassment from grasham.

“he told me i was overreacting. i told him he was dangerous,” the actor continued. “my opinion has not changed. in conclusion: #metoo”

grasham was fired friday after former teen actor blaise godbe lipman accused him thursday of plying him with alcohol and sexually abusing him a decade ago, when lipman was in his late teens. another man, lucas ozarowski, has also come forward to accuse grasham of sexual assault.

gavaris’ publicist did not immediately respond to a request for comment. grasham has not replied to numerous requests for comment.

the tweets are below.

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jon stewart challenges jimmy kimmel to dance battle to promote hbo special (video)

jon stewart stopped by jimmy kimmel’s show in brooklyn on friday to challenge the abc late-night host to a dance battle.

the former “daily show” host crashed the “jimmy kimmel live!” set to promote his upcoming hbo charity special “night of too many stars: america unites for autism programs,” which will air live on nov. 18.

the hosts also debuted a video announcing kimmel’s raffle in support of the event, in which viewers can enter a chance to win a dinner with him and his “sworn enemy” matt damon.

including stand-up performances, sketches and short films, “night of too many stars” was originally created by comedian robert smigel to support autism schools, programs and services. stewart has hosted the show, which previously aired on comedy central, since 2005.

the event will feature appearances by louis c.k., stephen colbert, abbi jacobson, jordan klepper, hasan minhaj, john mulaney, olivia munn, john oliver and adam sandler, among others.

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‘marvel’s inhumans’ gets flamed after latest promotion: ‘that’s still on?’

this couldn’t have been the response that the “marvel’s inhumans” team was hoping to get after its latest promotion.

marvel entertainment’s twitter account posted an image today of funko’s pop! vinyl toy collection for the embattled abc series, leading to a litany of fan messages criticizing the show and showrunner, scott buck.

“better get those out quick. i don’t really see this show lasting beyond its current run, which it’s already halfway through,” one person quipped.

“hopefully once they fire scott buck and hire a new showrunner season 2 has some potential,” another viewer said.

yet another user succinctly asked, “that’s still on?”

“marvel’s inhumans,” which stars serinda swan (medusa), anson mount (black bolt) and iwan rheon (maximus), was termed a “work in progress” by abc entertainment president channing dungey during a press event in august.

the show currently holds an eight percent freshness rating on rotten tomatoes and has been criticized by fans since trailers dropped this summer.

the tweets are below. and yes, “inhumans” still airs fridays at 9 p.m on abc.

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harvey weinstein has ‘different recollection’ of lupita nyong’o account, spokesperson says

harvey weinstein’s spokesperson says the producer has “a different recollection” of the encounters detailed by lupita nyong’o in her thursday op-ed for the new york times.

“mr. weinstein has a different recollection of the events, but believes lupita is a brilliant actress and a major force for the industry,” weinstein’s spokesperson said in a statement provided to thewrap. “last year, she sent a personal invitation to mr. weinstein to see her in her broadway show, ‘eclipsed.'”

this response follows the oscar-winning actress’ account of a series of run-ins with weinstein prior to her breakout role in 2013’s “12 years a slave.” nyong’o claims that the mogul told her she’d achieve hollywood success if she slept with him.

she wrote that she considers herself to be part of the “conspiracy of silence that has allowed this predator to prowl for so many years.”

weinstein was fired from the weinstein company this month and is under criminal investigation following more than 50 women having come forward to accuse him of sexual misconduct, harassment and rape.

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john mccain to release new memoir ‘the restless wave’ in april

john mccain is set to release his upcoming memoir, “the restless wave,” in april, simon & schuster announced friday.

the publisher quietly signed up “the restless wave: good times, just causes, great fights, and other appreciations” in february without a formal announcement.

“this memoir will be about what matters most to him, and i hope it will be regarded as the work of an american hero,” said jonathan karp, president and publisher of simon & schuster’s flagship imprint.

the book is expected to begin in 2008, when he lost to barack obama in the presidential election, and will include his opinions on current events in washington. he has been a critic of current president donald trump: just last month, he slammed trump in an op-ed he penned for the washington post, referring to him as “a president who has no experience of public office, is often poorly informed and can be impulsive in his speech and conduct.”

for “the restless wave,” mccain is working with longtime collaborator mark salter and karp, who worked together on mccain’s “faith of my fathers,” which was released in 1999, and subsequent releases “worth the fighting for” and “why courage matters.”

in july, the arizona republican senator was diagnosed with a brain tumor. he underwent cranial surgery to remove a blood clot near his eye early july, and the tumor was related to that.


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