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9/13/17: cbsn evening news

at least eight nursing home patients in florida died after spending days without air conditioning following hurricane irma. the causes of death are still unknown, but police believe they were heat related. cbs news' jonathan vigliotti reports from hollywood, florida.; a new study shows that sexism exists in the coverage of women's sports. purdue university associate professor cheryl cooky joins cbsn to discuss her findings.

9/4/17: cbsn evening news

north korea "begging for war?"; contamination concerns after harvey

9/28/17: cbsn evening news

supplies run scarce in puerto rico; hugh hefner dead at 91

"cbsn: on assignment" reports on the murder of a photojournalist in mexico

"cbsn: on assignment" looks at the dangers of reporting on mexico's drug cartels. cbs news correspondent manuel bojorquez brings the story to cbsn. "cbsn: on assignment" premieres on july 31 on cbs and cbsn.

8/24: cbsn evening news

hurricane harvey threatens texas; powerball winner claims top prize

9/1/17: cbsn evening news

major fire at texas chemical plant; job growth slows in august

8/23/17: cbsn evening news

contrasting speeches from president trump; the hashtag celebrates 10 years on social media.

9/29/17: cbsn evening news

relief finally arrives in puerto rico; delaware girl tackles stereotypes.

9/18/17: cbsn evening news

hurricane maria strengthens and heads toward caribbean; new report advises parents and kids to think before they ink

8/21/17: cbsn evening news

eclipse captivates americans across the continent; many moms don't follow baby sleep guidelines.

8/29/17: cbsn evening news

can houston handle thousands of displaced residents?; pres. trump surveys damage from harvey

8/31/17: cbsn evening news

rescues made in texas as devastation grows; harvey victims receive song of hope

8/30/17: cbsn evening news

deadly storms bring catastrophic floods to region, man opens doors to hundreds of evacuees

9/26/17: cbsn evening news

puerto rico facing humanitarian crisis; wounded vets compete at invictus games

comment on scott pelley signs off ‘cbs evening news’: ‘goodbye, and — good luck’

cbs evening news lost a great news anchor of the evening news, when they sent scott pellet away. we made it a point to watch scott pellet every evening before dinner. he has a great personality and a wy of reporting the news that keeps your attention. just wanted to state how thus household feels.

9/8/17: cbsn evening news

floridians hunkering down or evacuating as irma heads toward state; turf therapy: texans recover from harvey

9/15/17: cbsn evening news

investigation is underway into london underground bombing; after heartfelt letter, woman steps in to help lonely neighbor in need

10/4/17: cbsn evening news

president trump responds to deadliest u.s shooting; senator bernie sanders and larry david learn they are cousins.

10/03/17: cbsn evening news

the las vegas massacre gunman's motives are still unclear; rock legend tom petty dies of cardiac arrest at 66 years old

9/20/17: cbsn evening news

hurricane maria strikes puerto rico; amazon reviewing procedures in wake of london subway bombing

"cbsn: on assignment" reports on the murder of a photojournalist in mexico

with eight reporters killed there this year, mexico is the deadliest place in the western hemisphere to be a journalist. cbs news correspondent manuel bojorquez brings the story to cbsn. "cbsn: on assignment" premieres on july 31 on cbs and cbsn.

10/5/17: cbsn evening news

police believe the las vegas gunman had an escape plan and must have had help along the way; therapy dogs are providing comfort in las vegas.

9/22/17: cbsn evening news

senator john mccain votes "no" and essentially kills gop health care push; women marches to her own beat as steve hartman goes "on the road" in west virginia.

comment on cbs confirms scott pelley’s switch from ‘evening news’ to ’60 minutes

very sorry to hear that mr. pelley is being taken from the cbs evening news. i personally think this is a big mistake, and i will be looking at other networks for my evening news, bad mistake by the powers that be.

09/25/17: cbsn evening news

graham-cassidy health care bill on life support after sen. collins says she'll vote "no"; eight of the surviving "little rock nine" students recall milestone 60 years after landmark high school integration

9/11/17: cbsn evening news

after making landfall in florida, irma has brought unprecedented flooding and destruction to the southeast; cbs news' jeff glor speaks to capt. ward sandlin and lt. chelsea kalil of the u.s. coast guard about rescue operations in the wake of hurricane irma.

9/14/17: cbsn evening news

south korea says north korea has launched a missile from pyongyang over japan; after millions of americans and their homes were affected by hurricanes harvey and irma, the process of rebuilding has only just begun.

10/02/17: cbsn evening news

officials look for clues about a motive in wake of las vegas shooting; local surgeon performs emergency surgery on vegas shooting victims

9/19/17: cbsn evening news

7.1 magnitude earthquake hits south of mexico city; actors on "star trek: discovery" share star trek's first tv gay relationship

8/22/17: cbsn evening news

president trump holds a rally in arizona, where he is expected to discuss the border wall and immigration policy; powerball jackpot hits $700 million, which is the second largest jackpot in lotto history

cbsn on assignment

cbs news will launch "cbsn: on assignment," a new primetime summer series featuring experiential reports driven by fresh voices and perspectives from around the world. the broadcast will launch monday, july 31, 2017, (10 p.m. et/pt) on the cbs television network and on cbsn, the network's 24/7 streaming news service.

9/21/2017: cbsn evening news

president trump slapped new sanctions on north korea thursday; special counsel robert mueller's russia investigation has cast a wide net for documents, and that could include former white house press secretary sean spicer's notebooks.

scott pelley out as ‘cbs evening news’ anchor

scott pelley is out as anchor of cbs evening news.  pelley had anchored since taking over for katie couric in 2011; he will continue to be seen on 60 minutes, which he has co-hosted since 2003. one source told deadline pelley’s anchor tenure wrapped after talks to renew his anchor deal failed to end happily.  meanwhile, another source insisted pelley relinquished his cbs evening news anchor chair so as to be able to focus all his efforts on 60 minutes‘ anniversary. pelley…

comment on anthony mason will serve as interim anchor on ‘cbs evening news’ by t

i a very sad to see scott leave the evening news it is the one news show that i look forward to watching. you will truth be missed, you brought a calm and dignified face back to the news and it was to know you there there every night . best wishing in your journey in life

scott pelley on why trump is lashing out at the media

cbs evening news anchor and managing editor scott pelley joins cbsn to discuss what he thinks is really behind president trump's recent comments blasting the press.

scott pelley out as ‘cbs evening news’ anchor

scott pelley is out as anchor of cbs evening news after contract negotiations failed to secure him the job going forward. viewers have seen the last of pelley on the newscast he has anchored since taking over for katie couric in 2011, and he now will be seen only on 60 minutes, which he has co-hosted since 2003. cbs news declined comment but is expected to make his departure official wednesday. in the meantime, no replacement anchor has been named. pelley was a…

ellen degeneres explains ‘finding dory’ for presidents who might have missed the

a day after signing the hugely controversial travel ban on citizens from seven majority-muslim nations on friday, president donald trump held a private white house screening of the disney-pixar hit “finding dory.” maybe you’re among those who find juxtaposition of the ellen degeneres-starring animated family pic with the previous day’s xenophobia particularly ironic. you might even wonder how someone could watch a movie while missing the point entirely, or even embodying the opposite of the point. if so, you’re not alone. degeneres noticed it too, and as such, in a rare departure from her usual apolitical stance, used her monologue in monday’s episode of her syndicated talk show to explain the plot of “finding dory” in terms even someone who