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15 tv shows hbo wants you to forget about

hbo is known for hit tv shows, but let us not forget the epic misses. here are the shows the network would rather forget.

comment on dozens of tv shows canceled across networks ahead of upfronts by byst

yep, yep, it's true. it's not like the vast majority of the most-watched shows are on broadcast tv... wait a minute. love those netflix shows, especially fuller house and red oaks. can't forget empire, i mean house of cards, but what's the difference besides skin tone and locale? yep, top notch there.

comment on peyton manning goes golfing with trump & fans are not having any of i

and now the rumors are floating out there that manning will be potus one day. don't forget this people. he is a dumbf man through and through with his own "pussy grabbing" allegations from college. do not forget as we did forget during his nfl days. he is a dumbf man and, as a dumbf man, will carry on the negative legacy that dumbf is attempting to leave. don't forget.

15 tv shows netflix wants you to forget

netflix is known for its creative and boundary-pushing tv shows - but some of those are failed attempts it would rather your forget about.

comment on dc digital service to launch with ‘titans’ series from greg berlanti

forget being involved in day to day operations, let alone scripts, how the hell does berlanti even have time to take part in meetings and pitches for all these shows. i wonder if we're at the point where even he doesn't know which shows on tv are his and which ones aren't.

comment on camila cabello: kcas will make everyone forget she was ever in fifth

lol actually, no one will forget she was in 5h bc 5h is the reason she is snything.

comment on the 15 most disappointing tv shows of 2016 by blair

the walking dead, american crime, the fall, did you forget about bloodline they were all terrible tv.

15 worst nickelodeon shows you completely forgot about

nickelodeon is known for some of the most classic cartoons and shows of years past - and some of the worst. here are the ones we were glad to forget.

comment on chris brown shows off new beaded hairdo — check out his y makeover by

are you kidding me? of all the celebs you could have posted some dumb article about their new look, you choose this guy? he will never be attractive to me again. people don't forget that easily when you hit women. bye

happy teacher’s day 2017: top 5 teachers we sometimes forget to thank

this teacher's day, lets thank those people and things we always forget!

15 great tv shows you shouldn’t binge-watch

forget binge-watching - slow and steady is the name of the game for these fantastic tv shows.

comment on abc cancels ‘last man standing’ after six seasons by nancy matthews

i am so sad they cancelled lms. always makes me laugh and forget problems from the day. not many shows do that today. i am a reality junkie but started watching lms by accident and have never missed an episode. abc should really reconsider. big mistake!!!!!!!!!

comment on dish network and hearst urge viewers to act as contract impasse conti

both greedy companies. who is more greedy, i don't care. the rich get richer over and over and over again and those of us who pay, pay more to line their pockets or suffer their consequences. when is enough enough? and dont forget - add an antenna and get it for free. we watched a lot of nbc shows, but guess when, we are learning that we can do with out it and watch other shows. i went online to find broadcasts that had nothing to do with hearst. so you greedy hearst rich (^%%%^&**%#!!$'s, you are losing customers too. great business decisions!!!!!!!!!!!! and the rest of us get screwed over again. sleep well tonight hearst.

comment on kim kardashian made a second sex tape? she reacts to rumors of new vi

"posing for full frontal nude shots" does not exactly make people "forget" her sex tape from which she made (and continues to make) lots of $$$$. don't forget that it was a well orchestrated publicity move by kim and her mother to make her famous. the continued nude shots are meant to keep her in the media.

'if i forget': theater review

kate walsh returns to the new york stage in 'if i forget,' a new drama by 'dear evan hansen' book writer steven levenson, in which a family struggles with personal and political issues. read more

berlin film review: ‘erase and forget’

the closing credits of a documentary always include a list of film and tv clips, along with the sources that granted their permission to use them. at the end of “erase and forget,” the list is jarringly different: it’s a catalogue of clips lifted right off of youtube, listed simply by their url addresses, with... read more »

comment on sony rethinks kids tv in india, launches yay! channel by sushant

it's been so long. you think people are forgetting animax , or maybe these kids will move on and forget it. but i'll never ever forget animax . it made me who i am today. and i am not requesting you to bring it back.

'erase and forget': film review | berlin 2017

documentary director andrea luka zimmerman embeds herself with bo gritz, the special forces veteran whose bloodthirsty real-life exploits inspired rambo and others, in 'erase and forget.'read more

'erase and forget': film review | berlin 2017

documentary director andrea luka zimmerman embeds herself with bo gritz, the special forces veteran whose bloodthirsty real-life exploits inspired rambo and others, in 'erase and forget'.read more

comment on ‘powerless’ pulled from nbc schedule as dc comedy nears cancellation

i agree. it was a breath of fresh air. i would forget my troubles for 30 minutes a week and enjoy the writing, humor and of course the acting. makes me not want to watch anything anymore as shows get yanked so easily.

forget friday the 13th…here’s the 13th friday

indie supernatural chiller has nothing to do with jason voorhees the post forget friday the 13th…here’s the 13th friday appeared first on

forget citizen kane… here’s circus kane!

killer clown caper coming later this year the post forget citizen kane… here’s circus kane! appeared first on

forget citizen kane…here’s circus kane!

killer clown caper coming later this year the post forget citizen kane…here’s circus kane! appeared first on

forget fyre festival – this is what luxury festivalling really looks like

we headed to the 1oak weekender in the maldives to get a taste of what luxury festivalling is really like. answer: leonardo dicaprio, no mud and lots of models.the post forget fyre festival – this is what luxury festivalling really looks like appeared first on nme.

comment on emmys 2017: tv’s top showrunners pick their favorite shows by chris p

so rena, which of the shows mentioned above have you actually watched? which of these shows do you think are "bad shows we don't watch"? what shows do you believe are good shows that people watch?

there are too many shows

there are too many shows on tv. too many shows! who can watch all of these shows? i can’t watch all of these more...

lebron james shows off his dance moves & ripped muscles in shirtless workout vid

forget basketball, dancing is the real calorie burner!

naagin to saath nibhaana saathiya: 5 shows that don't deserve any screen time

there was a time when indian television made sense, produced shows that were both intelligent and entertaining at the same time. but not anymore. the golden days of malgudi days, circus, hum paanch, hip hip hurray are gone. dust. history. and we are left with a new crop of shows that are full of filth. the filth made from weak plots, terrible acting, and unnecessary melodrama. and not to forget, cheesy bollywood tracks masquerading as 'background score.'

forget alien…creepozoids is coming to blu-ray!

post apocalyptic '80s cult favorite comes to blu-ray for the first time the post forget alien…creepozoids is coming to blu-ray! appeared first on

forget charlie chaplin, sghaint singh sidhu is here!

sghaint singh sidhu aka sss is all over! he has literally entered the lives of dr. msg’s fans, with ‘thuk laga ke’. if you are a fan of standup comedy and keep thinking about jokes and laughter, you should not miss dr. msg as sghaint singh sidhu, in his upcoming film jattu engineer! this cuteread more the post forget charlie chaplin, sghaint singh sidhu is here! appeared first on bollywood hungama.

comment on freshmen fall victim to tv’s may massacre by kayla

i agree, it's ridiculous how they cancel shows without even giving them a chance. half the shows they canceled were realm good shows and shouldn't have been pulled. people don't always get to watch shows within a certain amount of time after they air. i wish they'd cancel some of the stupid reality shows and competition shows cause there are way too man of them are. maybe we'll get lucky and other channels will pick up some of the shows that the stupid local channels cancelled!!

comment on brutus, interruptus: protester charges assassination scene in trumpy

the shooter was a sanders supporter and a fan of the shows on msnbc and comedy centeral, but lets forget those little facts. thanks to talk radio and the internet it's getting harder for liars like you to spin crap like this. people now have more information, no more one sided story's.

comment on charlie sheen’s ‘9/11’ thriller looks like one of the most offensive

i just watched to preview,there is nothing offensive about this film. this is honoring our first responders and the survivors of the worst attack on america since peal harbor. this film will make you feel every emotion in your body. you will think about where you were on that day, you cry,laugh, you will do it all. every actor was at there best. we will never forget, we can not forget. the trailer is nothing like the film. it is a must see.

comment on dozens of tv shows canceled across networks ahead of upfronts by kayl

i wish other channels would pick up rosewood, apb, last man standing, time after time, conviction, emerald city, doubt and pure genius. all of those are great shows and shouldn't have been cancelled. the stupid reality shows and competition shows should ave been pulled instead cause there are way too many of those shows. maybe some of these shows will get moved to another channel, have my fingers crossed!!!

comment on sean hannity defends fox news co-president bill shine, warns of ‘end

what is wrong with fnc and the owner, the let go bill, for no reason, cnn loves it, i hope the wake up on ave. of america's, bring the irish kid back and leave all shows, boss forget sky, in london, the love you, this is 2017. remember beny hill....

comment on ‘outsiders’ canceled after two seasons on wgn america by gordon m. ja

well i had never watched wgn until the had salem , manhattan, and most recently ., the outsiders. they were reminding me of the bold and refreshing shows that appear on fx, all made with the highest quality . it is evident however that the leadership at wgn has a long way to go in matching that of fx . fx cares about their loyal viewers, and more importantly gives shows time to grow . some of televisions biggest hits struggle in their first couple years . examples are the bog bang theory , and gotham and er if you are kinda old . wgn is now just another cable station which is not unique and will be showing second rate comedies that last one and done seasons . lets not forget about that quality programming with that lame parade every year. good bye wgn and good riddance . i will not be back

comment on ryan seacrest tapped as kelly ripa’s permanent co-host on ‘live’ by t

really?!?! this snoozer is getting yet another gig?? i am sick of his face. he already ruined new years for me, brought that crap-fest called kardashian, already has,what, 3 radio shows??? now his face is on screen every day??? i might have tuned in if o'connell was chosen, or almost anybody else.... but this dude??!! forget it! live will soon be dead.

comment on abc cancels ‘time after time’ by kayla

i can't believe they pulled this damn show too. i really don't understand, they pull it and put some apps game show in its place. who wants to watch stupid reality shows our game shows. seems like channels are always pulling shows before they're really even given a chance, it's ridiculous. i'd like to be able to talk to the head people that decide to cancel shows and tell them they're stupid. i don't know how all these good shows get pulled and/or cancelled, but stupid reality shows get renewed for 10-20 seasons. i don't even have cable or satellite anymore cause it seems like most of the shows on are stupid reality shows, game shows, etc.