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badass rick, gnarly zombies & roaring tiger in “the walking dead” season 8 promo

“those who use… and take… and kill… we end them.” rick grimes is no longer negan’s bitch in the eighth season of “the walking dead.” rather, he’s once again a badass motherfucker… and that doesn’t bode well for negan. today brings another new season 8 teaser, home to some new snippets of footage. the new […]

rick rallies the troops in new walking dead season 8 promo

a new season 8 promo for the walking dead teases war with negan and has rick promising that no matter what comes next, they've already won.

‘the walking dead’: rick grimes fights for the future in new promo

with rick and company now determined to end the rule of negan and the saviors, the walking dead fans are […] the post ‘the walking dead’: rick grimes fights for the future in new promo appeared first on heroic hollywood.

the battle draws closer in new “the walking dead” season 8 teaser

no matter what comes next, rick grimes is pretty sure that he and his extended family have already won. but what comes next, well, it’s not gonna be pretty. rick rallies the troops in this new promo teaser for “the walking dead” season 8. the new season premieres october 22. “last season, rick grimes and his […]

‘the walking dead’: rick looks to the future in new season 7 promo

breaking news: rick has smiled. the walking dead showrunner scott gimple promised earlier this week we will see the often defeated and somber rick crack a smile, and we get proof of that in a new promo for the second half of season 7. meanwhile, rick (andrew lincoln) and his crew still have a very powerful enemy in front of them, but the show’s hero is looking to the future, taking the long and optimistic view. “it’s not about us anymore,” he says. “it’s about our future.” negan (jeffrey dean morgan) is nowhere to be seen, but that doesn’t mean there still aren’t plenty of challenges, notably one of the series’ most dangerous looking walkers, complete with spikes coming out of its body. watch the promo below. “it’s about our future.” #twdreturns on feb 12. — the

extended “walking dead” s7.5 promo

amc has premiered an extended promo for the seventh season’s midseason premiere of “the walking dead” which returns to screens on february 12th. in the episode, rick and the group are led to a new community where they are introduced to its inhabitants and ruler. at the same time, a familiar face resurfaces. the second […] the post extended “walking dead” s7.5 promo appeared first on dark horizons.

the walking dead: melissa mcbride recalls giving a zombie a c-section

carol has killed her fair share of zombies over seven seasons of the walking dead, but if you ask the woman who plays her, melissa mcbride, about them all, there is one that stands out. “it’s hard to pick just one favorite walker kill in these first 100 episodes, ’cause by now she’s had quite a few,” says mcbride. “one of the more memorable ones, however, was when carol was practicing the c-section and had to take down the female walker at the prison gate.” it wasn’t the walker itself that was so special, but rather the circumstances surrounding it. “there was just something really moving and sweet about the walker that carol had to put down,” mcbride says. “why she was doing it, how gently she approached it, how thoughtful she was of the whole situation. i think that’s really one of the m

new promo for the walking dead season 8 - "no matter what happens, we already wo

another promo spot has been released for the walking dead, and rick is spouting out nonsense in what seems to be his "independence day" inspirational speech. at the end of the speech he yells, "no matter what happens, we already won!" that is unless they all die. that'd be a pretty crazy way to end season 8! everyone on rick's side gets brutally killed by negan and the series would just follow negan and his crew from here on out. yeah, i know that's not going to happen, but it would be a shocker that no one sees coming... except me.the walking dead returns to amc on october 22nd. are you looking forward to it? 

the walking dead super bowl promo: football is over

the walking dead unleashes a new promo during the super bowl, giving fans an idea of what to expect when rick challenges the saviors.

the walking dead season 8 premiere won’t explain old man rick

the walking dead season 8 premiere won't explain the old man rick scene glimpsed in the show's tantalizing comic-con trailer.

walking dead will answer old man rick mystery around midseason finale

the walking dead showrunner scott gimple says that the old man rick mystery will be solved around the time of season 8's midseason finale.

the walking dead keeps the faith in new season 8 promo

rick and his fellow survivors are keeping the faith as they head to war with negan in a new promo for the walking dead season 8.

walking dead showrunner debunks old man rick fan theory

the walking dead showrunner scott gimple has shot down a popular fan theory concerning the show's season 8 old man rick tease.

the walking dead season 8 promo released by amc

watch the new teaser video for the walking dead season 8 a brand new promo for the walking dead season 8 has been tweeted out by the show’s official twitter account. in it, we get… the post the walking dead season 8 promo released by amc appeared first on superherohype.

how the walking dead season 8 gets started

the walking dead executive producer greg nicotero claims that the opening shot of season 8 sets the tone for the entire season.

walking dead promo introduces ‘new best friends’

the walking dead teases rick's intense first encounter with the junkyard group in the promo for episode 710, 'new best friends'.

the walking dead season 8 preview: old man rick, maggie’s baby & more

some notable details came out of the walking dead season 8's hour-long preview, including discussion of old man rick, maggie's baby and more.

the walking dead: andrew lincoln was ‘shocked’ by old man rick

the walking dead star andrew lincoln says he was shocked when he first found out about the show's season 8 old man rick twist.

the walking dead: how will rick lead the survivors in all out war?

with the seventh season of the walking dead drawing to a dramatic close, what does the future hold for rick's merry band of survivors?

want a sneak peek of “the walking dead” season 7 finale?

the war kicks into high gear this sunday night. season 7 of “the walking dead” has been quite a rollercoaster, hasn’t it? the season kicked off with the most brutal and depressing episode of television we’ve ever seen, paving way for a first half that painted rick and the gang as victims rather than badass […]

how andrew lincoln scared jon bernthal silly on set of the walking dead

the walking dead is a scary show. scary things happen. and something very scary happened to jon bernthal on the very first day of shooting, but it had nothing to do with zombies. instead, it had to do with costar andrew lincoln’s driving. that’s what we learned when we asked lincoln to recall his first day ever on the show. “it was the shootout,” lincoln says about day 1 of work on the pilot episode. “it was on the roadside. it was throwing down the roadblock, and i think jon bernthal was terrified because i was driving and he knew that i had only spent three weeks in the country and i was still driving on the left-hand side of the road. and i had to break 60 to 70 miles per hour and then put the brakes on.” evidently, the combination of lincoln’s speed, extreme braking, and the fact that

the walking dead midseason premiere spoilers discussion – has the war begun?

the walking dead season 7 returns with 'rock in the road'. this is the place to discuss everything that happened without spoiling it for others.

walking dead season 8 is like an ’80s action movie

the walking dead actor seth gilliam compares season 8 to an '80s action movie starring arnold schwarzenegger and sylvester stallone.

comment on ‘the walking dead’ season 7 finale: war breaks out in ‘the first day

the writers keep making rick look like a bumbling idiot as a leader instead as someone who has learned from experience and past circumstances. if they try to humanize negan by telling his story in season 8, that's where i jump off. i don't care what made him who he is. there is no reason to learn why a brutal oppressive negan should have his story explained to the viewers. the walking dead is in danger of becoming an empty shell of its former self like the zombies that once was alive and vibrant. and, i do hope the writers more towards eventually finding salvation for rick and his crew. nobody likes a bad ending just to be cute.

the walking dead: what went wrong in season 7

the walking dead stumbled like a dazed zombie this season - there were so many problems it was hard to narrow them all down.

walking dead season 8 will introduce 2 new characters

walking dead plans to introduced two new survivors during the upcoming season 8, a sarcastic twentysomething and a muslim american.

the walking dead sets the stage for the finale as rick does the one thing you've

well, that was all rather unsurprising. in the walking dead's penultimate episode of season seven, rick (andrew lincoln) and the gang finally got around to doing the one thing we all...

the walking dead: core characters ‘all back together’ in season 7.5

the walking dead star norman reedus says that when the show returns, the core group of characters are finally going to be back together.

walking dead season 8 production halts after stuntman injured on set

the walking dead season 8 temporarily halts production in atlanta, georgia after a stuntman suffered serious injuries on set.

should the walking dead explain its zombie outbreak?

the walking dead has been deliberately enigmatic about what caused the zombie apocalypse. but will it soon be time to finally lift that curtain?

walking dead star & producer say it could continue without rick

the walking dead actor andrew lincoln and comic book creator robert kirkman believe the tv series could continue without rick grimes.

andrew lincoln’s idea for final scene of “the walking dead” is perfectly badass

rick grimes has to die eventually, right? or does he? amc will surely continue “the walking dead” until we all stop watching, which means that it may end up becoming one of the longest-running shows in history. sure, the ratings may be declining a bit here in the seventh season, but they’re still super high and […]

walking dead: andrew lincoln wants rick to lose his hand

the walking dead star andrew lincoln has been campaigning for rick to join his comic book counterpart - and lose a hand. could it happen in season 8?

the walking dead season 7.5 premiere scores high ratings

the walking dead's season 7 midseason premiere sees the series' ratings rise from winter finale to midseason return for the first time since 2014.

“walking dead” official season 8 photos

amc has been promising that the upcoming eighth season of “the walking dead” will lead to a showdown between rick and negan’s people, and now it seems they’re fulfilling that with ‘all out war’ the slogan of the new season. set to premiere october 25th, a new batch of promo images of practically every returning […] the post “walking dead” official season 8 photos appeared first on dark horizons.

walking dead to get pokémon go-like mobile game: watch the trailer

the walking dead is bringing the zombie apocalypse from the tv screen to the real world. amc and next games on tuesday unveiled a trailer for the walking dead: our world, a location-based augmented-reality game that will allow fans of the hit series to battle the undead on mobile devices. like the smash hit pokémon go, the walking dead game will overlay its fictional characters — from zombies to fan-favorite heroes like rick, daryl, and michonne — onto everyday locations like the corner store or the local park. “fight walkers on the streets, in the park, on your sofa, wherever and whenever you want,” the companies said in the announcement. our world is billed as “coming soon” to ios and android devices, while season 8 of the walking dead is set to premiere oct. 22 on amc. watch the trailer

the walking dead is social media’s most discussed tv series

despite taking a ratings hit, amc's the walking dead continues to be the king on social media, generating more discussions than any other show.

“the walking dead” season 8 banner unleashes all out war

the eighth season of “the walking dead” premieres on october 22, and it’s set to kick the war between negan and rick into high gear. teasing the impeding war, a fresh new piece of key art has just been dropped into our inbox by amc. check it out below, along with season 8 details. “last season, rick […]

nothing wrong in mallya letter, it's a normal routine transaction: manmohan sing

a day before the government presents the economic survey, former pm manmohan singh today released a document detailing the current scenario of the indian economy, which he said was not in good shape."tomorrow is the day when the government will present its economic survey. we thought it a good idea that we should also bring out a document which sets out what we consider is the real state of the economy. indian economy is not in good shape is now obvious. the imf has projected that the growth rate of india this current fiscal year will not be 6.6 per cent," the congress leader said. rejecting the bjp's allegation that he helped business tycoon vijay mallya get loans, singh said the letter being cited by the ruling party is "nothing but an ordinary piece of letter"."it was a normal routine t