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corey feldman wants to return in friday the 13th sequel

corey feldman knows how to properly reboot friday the 13th, but getting the rights back for everyone is proving to be a bit difficult.

corey feldman lays out idea for his return to the ‘friday the 13th’ franchise

with the recent news that jamie lee curtis is returning to halloween and linda hamilton is coming back to terminator, it would seem that more and more franchises are making the smart decision to hit the reboot button while also returning to the original storylines that made us all fall in love with them in the […]

new ‘friday the 13th: the game’ content on friday the 13th; jarvis map and new c

how is friday the 13th: the game celebrating friday the 13th, you ask?’ not only are gun media and illfonic unleashing the physical copy of friday the 13th: the game on friday, october 13, but they’ve also just announced this morning that the recently teased friday the 13th: the final chapter map is coming on […]

watch corey feldman knock his own tooth out in concert (video)

say what you will about corey feldman’s musical career, the guy knows how to put some bite into his performance. or take some out. actor/musician/reality star feldman found himself with one less chomper on wednesday night, after his microphone got all up in his grill. according to the milwaukee record, feldman managed to knock his own tooth out while performing at shank hall in milwaukee with his band the angels. also read: corey feldman apologizes for dropping the american flag during 'today' show performance the smash-mouth moment occurred about 30 minutes into feldman’s set, as he and his band tore through the song “something in your eyes.” after retrieving the errant tooth, feldman went backstage to tend to the matter, while his band kept the crowd ent

first look at corey feldman in sunday night slaughter

corey feldman takes a break from touring to appear in the upcoming horror anthology sunday night slaughter.

all the horror headed our way on friday, october 13th!

the final friday the 13th of 2017 brings a whole lot of horror fun with it. once upon a time, a brand new installment of the friday the 13th franchise was penciled in for release on friday, october 13 of this year, which would’ve been absolutely perfect. after all, what could possibly be better than […]

[exclusive] nick antosca reflects on his ‘friday the 13th’ reboot that almost wa

“it shouldn’t be that hard to make a friday the 13th movie.” it’s never easy being a horror fan, especially when waiting for a new friday the 13th. even though there were eight films released in the 1980s, the franchise feels cursed. there have only been four more in the past 25+ years. in fact, […]

incredible ‘friday the 13th’ art exhibit pays tribute to the whole franchise

this is one of the coolest tributes to friday the 13th we’ve ever seen. artist david arseneau is a massive fan of the friday the 13th franchise, and he’s decided to show off that passion in a really unique way. now on display at montreal’s darling foundry art gallery (through may 21st) is arseneau’s lovingly-crafted tribute […]

‘friday the 13th’ fan short takes found footage approach

“it seems that there is an abandoned set of cabins here…” the future of the friday the 13th franchise has been hanging in the balance ever since we learned that the planned reboot was completely scrubbed off paramount’s schedule – we have no doubt that jason voorhees will eventually be back, but we have no idea […]

posters revealed for upcoming ‘friday the 13th part 3’ documentary

documentaries his name was jason and crystal lake memories already dug deep into the friday the 13th franchise, but this next one is set to shine the spotlight on one of the films rather than the entire series. cause why not?! friday the 13th part 3: the memoriam documentary will pay tribute to the late […]

fox from ‘part 3’ is coming soon to ‘friday the 13th: the game’!

you may remember that we exclusively broke the news back in july that gun media was hoping to add the friday the 13th franchise’s fox as a playable counselor in friday the 13th: the game, the character played by the late gloria charles in part 3. at the time, the developers reached out to us […]

looking back at ‘friday the 13th: the new blood’ nearly 30 years later

on the 29th anniversary of its release, we take a look back at friday the 13th part vii: the new blood to discuss its place in the franchise’s history. after killing off jason voorhees in friday the 13th: the final chapter, producers alienated fans with a fifth entry in which that film’s jason is actually […]

newswire: corey feldman briefly halts show to hunt around for his missing tooth

say what you like about corey feldman—and we have—but the dude’s not a quitter. the former bordello of blood star proved that borderline perverse point at one of his musical performances last night, when he was forced to briefly halt the show in order to search around on the ground for a tooth he‘d knocked out by bashing his face with a first, feldman simply vacated the stage, while his scantily clad back-up band, the angels, finished out the current song. soon he was back, though, with a small search party to help him recover the fallen fang. gamely braving the shouts of a crowd just as happy to yell “license to drive!” at him as to actually help him find his damn tooth, feldman eventually recovered it when a fan in the front row discovered it on the ground. feldman then le

r.i.p. “friday the 13th: the series” actor chris wiggins has died at 87

in the wake of friday the 13th part 6: jason lives hitting theaters, the spinoff television series “friday the 13th: the series” premiered. an obvious attempt to cash in on the name brand of the franchise, the series had nothing whatsoever to do with jason voorhees or the same-named films; but it was not without […]

r.i.p. “friday the 13th: the series” actor chris wiggins has died at 87

in the wake of friday the 13th part 6: jason lives hitting theaters, the spinoff television series “friday the 13th: the series” premiered on cbs. an obvious attempt to cash in on the name brand of the franchise, the series had nothing whatsoever to do with jason voorhees or the same-named films; but it was […]

forget friday the 13th…here’s the 13th friday

indie supernatural chiller has nothing to do with jason voorhees the post forget friday the 13th…here’s the 13th friday appeared first on

a tale of two coreys: haim & feldman lifetime movie is coming in 2018

corey feldman is overseeing a new lifetime biopic that follows the two coreys through their infamous 80s childhood in hollywood.

watch corey feldman lose a tooth while performing and stop show to look for it

'goonies' actor still finished the showcorey feldman stopped a show to look for a missing tooth last night saw corey feldman lose a tooth while performing at a gig in milwaukee, then proceeding to pause the show to …continue reading » the post watch corey feldman lose a tooth while performing and stop show to look for it appeared first on nme.

‘friday the 13th: a new beginning’ deaths analyzed in new “kill count” video

jason may not quite be in it, but a lot of people die in part 5. the fourth installment in the friday the 13th franchise may not have truly been “the final chapter,” but it was the final film in the franchise that featured a living jason voorhees; when the masked maniac returned in jason […]

open letter to paramount: make a damn ‘friday the 13th’ already!

dear paramount, as of this past monday, february the 13th, it has officially been eight long years since a new friday the 13th graced the screens of hometown multiplexes. it’s also been four years since you, paramount, regained the rights to the friday franchise with intent to “fast track” a sequel’s production. well, here we are. news and rumors […]

new “kill count” video examines the savini kills in ‘friday the 13th: the final

7 males and 7 females die in the final chapter. equality! if you’re asking me, the single greatest installment in the friday the 13th franchise (yes, even counting the 1980 original) is friday the 13th: the final chapter, released in 1984. directed by joseph zito, the fourth installment is notable for being the only film […]

fans re-animate jason voorhees with faux trailer for new ‘friday the 13th’

so it’s friday the 13th, and we once again have no new friday the 13th film on the horizon. this makes us sad, but the good news is that fans are taking matters into their own hands. in the wake of the friday the 13th remake in 2009, which brought back jason while simultaneously hitting […]

[video] 20-minute compilation of every fake-out scare in ‘friday the 13th’ franc

cats love to scare people in these movies. we’ve seen countless friday the 13th tribute videos over the years, most of them highlighting things such as the different looks of jason voorhees and the best kills in the franchise. but this latest clip compilation, well, it’s a pretty damn unique one. youtuber watstonthescot just cut together every […]

‘friday the 13th’ reboot axed by paramount

paramount has decided to back off on its reboot of the iconic “friday the 13th” horror franchise, which had been in development for several years at the studio. paramount announced monday that it had pulled “friday the 13th” from its oct. 13 release date and filled the slot with the jennifer lawrence movie “mother!,” but... read more »

jerry o’connell: watching corey feldman in ‘the lost boys’ gave me ‘career jealo

this article originally appeared on jerry o’connell admits he experienced his first pangs of professional jealousy at a young age. in the latest edition of the jess cagle interview with people and entertainment weekly’s editorial director jess cagle, the former child actor opens up about being envious of his stand by me costar corey feldman after they wrapped the 1986 coming-of-age film. “it was really funny — after stand by me, corey feldman, river phoenix, wil wheaton lived in hollywood,” says the actor, 42. “they were working actors. i was in public school here in new york. i remember going to see lost boys, which was a film corey was in after stand by me. it was a big hit movie. i saw it with all of my friends. i remember my friends that i saw it with saying, ‘hey, you know

new “kill count” video tallies up the victims in ‘friday the 13th part 3’

it’s friday, and you know what that means. new episode of “kill count”! the third installment in the friday the 13th franchise, released in 1982, is notable for a couple of big reasons. for starters, it was the first (and only) film in the series that brought jason into the world of three-dimensions, which was […]

savannah guthrie introduces son charley feldman to the world on today

it's nice to meet you, charley! savannah guthrie surprised viewers friday morning when her husband mike feldman stopped by the today show to introduce their nearly three-month-old son...

[exclusive] ‘friday the 13th: the game’ adding part 3’s fox and they need our he

we were incredibly bummed to learn earlier this year that gloria charles, best known for playing badass biker fox in friday the 13th: part 3, had passed away back in december of last year. fox is unquestionably one of the coolest characters in the franchise, and charles’ performance may soon be immortalized in friday the […]

the ‘friday the 13th’ rights battle heats up

it’s all about perspective and a judge is free to wield a machete as he wishes in accordance with the law, explains thr. with that, the rights to friday the 13th and jason voorhees are in the midst a legal battle, which could end ugly for fans of the character and franchise. the article at […]

paramount just pulled ‘friday the 13th’ off the release schedule

well, can’t say we’re surprised. against all odds, things finally seemed to be moving along at a steady pace in the world of friday the 13th, with the upcoming franchise reboot gearing up to begin production in mid-march. as we told you, casting calls were sent out for both young jason voorhees and his dad, […]

comment on ‘friday the 13th’: why a reboot of the franchise may be doomed foreve

"the ring" was a jr high school horror film. nobody ever watched that film more than once. "friday" has a huge following because it was an r rated gore fest that people loved to watch. the deaths were gory but fun. you always wanted to watch them again. on any "friday the 13th" you can't help but to think of jason . "the ring" was never a movie anybody ever thought of. if you ever went o a hollywood horror convention "the friday the 13th" stars always draw a huge crowd. can't say the same for "the ring". paramount made the wrong film

sean cunningham keeping hope alive for “friday the 13th” tv series

will we soon visit crystal lake on the small screen? remember when it was announced a few years back that a tv series set within the friday the 13th universe was being developed? like the planned reboot of the film franchise, the series never actually ended up getting off the ground (it was axed by the […]

first look at “friday the 13th: the game” spring break 1984 dlc!

in addition to friday the 13th: the game getting a playstation 4 and xbox one release on friday, october 13, we also know that a new patch is in the works that’ll bring smaller, deadlier maps into the game. but what else is coming soon? over on the just launched official website for friday the 13th: the game, the game’s developers recently offered […]

iconic franchise actor returns in must-watch, 50-minute ‘friday’ fan film ‘never

hungry for a new friday the 13th film? we think you’re gonna love this one. in celebration of friday the 13th yesterday, womp stomp films and director vincente disanti released the nearly feature length never hike alone, a fan-funded fan film that we told you about earlier this year. we’ve been looking forward to this […]

friday the 13th reboot to use hockey masks based on part 3

the upcoming reboot of friday the 13th plans to create a hockey mask for jason that replicates the original design from friday the 13th part 3.

this ‘friday the 13th: the game’ cosplay is our favorite halloween costume so fa

the nes game inspired halloween costumes, now the new one is too. this friday is a big day for fans of friday the 13th: the game. not only is it the 13th of the month, but the game will be unleashing its new the final chapter map and jason (for free!) this friday, along with […]

comment on harvey weinstein’s wife georgina chapman leaves him after sex assault

so... when will hollywood "royalty" come forward and out the "mogul" who rapes children, as corey feldman claims happened to corey haim. obviously people know who it is but like weinstein are keeping quiet.

5 things we want added to “friday the 13th: the game”

we may not be getting a new friday the 13th movie this year or anytime soon – if ever, depending on how those pressing legal issues play out – but i’m suddenly not all that sad about that in the wake of the long-awaited friday the 13th: the game finally being unleashed just a few […]