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facial recognition databases give congress the creeps

democrats and republicans alike assailed the fbi on wednesday for its use of facial recognition software to identify potential suspects.

airport facial recognition tests moving too fast?

your face may soon be the only thing you need to board a flight. some airlines are testing facial recognition technology with the federal government. the idea is to ditch boarding passes and increase the certainty of a passenger's identity. kris van cleave reports.

samsung’s facial recognition tech needs years of work before it will be ready fo

samsung's new flagship galaxy s8 is packed with interesting new features, but a few of them haven't been received quite as well as the phone maker might have hoped they would be. one of those features is facial recognition, which is perhaps the easiest biometric authentication method to trick. considering the security concerns surrounding facial recognition, you shouldn't be surprised to learn that it will be quite some time before the feature is used for secure mobile payments. samsung sources and industry watchers tell the korea herald that it could be more than four years before samsung has improved the facial recognition technology enough to use it with mobile payments. although it is more convenient than other biometric unlocks, it can still be fooled with a photograph. “in order for

apple has been working on iphone facial recognition for a decade

each new iphone debuts at least one new signature feature which will find its way in all the iphones that will follow it. the iphone 8 will have a few unique, exciting features, including a full-screen design, an oled display, a 3d face/iris recognition front camera, wireless charging, and maybe a touch id fingerprint sensor under the display. many of these features are responsible for a state of “panic” at apple, according to a recent report. as a result, the iphone 8 may see significant delays, and some of these features may be disabled at launch if the software isn’t satisfactory. a new finding reveals that one of these innovations has been years in the making, suggesting that apple has put a lot of effort into designing a feature unlike anything else in the business. an apple patent a

new report details one of the iphone 8’s most hotly anticipated features

with good reason, the most anticipated feature the iphone 8 will bring to the table is a radical new redesign featuring an edge to edge oled display. but with the iphone 8 display hogging the headlines, it's easy to forget that apple's next-gen iphone will bring a lot of compelling features to the table, including advanced 3d sensors capable of best-in-class facial recognition. echoing previous reports, the korea herald reports that lg innotek has been tapped to supply the iphone 8's 3d camera sensors. the report said the company’s new facility investment worth 269.7 billion won (us$238.50 million) that was announced on april 27 will be dedicated to apple’s orders. the initial deal size is estimated at about 200 billion won. according to the report, apple's implementation of 3d cameras wi

the galaxy s8 will do at least one cool thing your iphone can’t

we're fairly confident that samsung will have no surprises left for the galaxy s8 come march 29th, considering the massive number of galaxy s8 leaks that we continue to see every day. in fact, a new report has just spilled the beans on yet another cool feature heading to the new samsung flagship handsets, but this time it's one that the iphone can’t match. samsung is looking to differentiate the galaxy s8 from the iphone by adding another layer of security to mobile payments, bloomberg notes. the phone will use facial-recognition technology in order to authenticate mobile payments, a feature that will be activated a few months after the phone launches. the galaxy s8 will “blend fingerprint, iris and facial detection” for samsung pay, people familiar with the matter said. samsung is alread

facial recognition technology arrives at the airport

delta and jetblue are rolling out new ways to use the sophisticated technology on passengers, but not everyone is on board. stacey butler of cbs los angeles reports.

facial recognition hearing to give congress a view of creepy tech

the fbi wants 'everybody's face in their database,' says the head of the house oversight committee, which is holding a hearing wednesday.

this new iphone 8 feature might end up blowing our minds

amid rumors that the iphone 8 will incorporate advanced facial recognition features, the hebrew-language website calcalist (via times of israel) is reporting that apple recently acquired realface, an up-and-coming israeli startup with impressive real-time facial recognition software. lending credence to rumors that the iphone 8 may forgo the use of touch id in favor of facial recognition, realface's software is said to be sophisticated enough such that it can reliably be used as a foundation for mobile-based biometric authentication. as is often the case when apple acquires a company, realface's web presence has already been wiped from the web. still, thanks to the magic of google, we were able to poke around and dig up some intriguing nuggets of information about the company's

the iphone 8 could have more than one game-changing feature

with the iphone 8 reveal (fingers crossed) just three months away, it's no secret that most people are excited about the device's rumored edge-to-edge display. it's with good reason: the last time the iphone was graced with a new form factor was back in 2014 when apple introduced the iphone 6. nonetheless, the iphone 8's edgeless display won't be the only compelling reason for existing iphone users to upgrade. according to a number of reports, the iphone 8 will also feature a revolutionary new camera with advanced 3d sensing functionality. it's widely believed that the iphone's new camera system will be leveraged for a variety of tasks, including biometric authentication, photography, gaming, and augmented reality. that said, recent checks from the supply chain (via barron's) seem to conf

we now may know why the iphone 8 release is reportedly delayed

the good news is that apple later this year will finally roll out a next-gen iphone with a completely brand new form factor. according to reports, apple's flagship iphone will feature an edgeless display, improved battery life, wireless charging, facial recognition technology, and a slew of other advanced features. the bad news is that iphone owners eager to pick up the highly anticipated iphone 8 -- which may actually be called the iphone edition -- will likely have to exercise a bit of patience. over the past week alone, two independent sources have claimed that the iphone edition will launch a month or two after apple releases the iphone 7s and iphone 7s plus. shedding some light on the reason behind the delay, a fresh report from igeneration relays that the iphone edition, as previous

the iphone 8 might ditch touch id altogether

a report earlier this week said that the galaxy s8 will have iris/face-based samsung pay authentication, a feature that’s not available on other devices, apple’s iphone included. samsung appears to be building on its iris-scanning technology it debuted last year on the ill-fated galaxy note 7 and expanding its use. apple, meanwhile, is also expected to add facial recognition support to the iphone 8, and there’s more and more indirect evidence that seemingly confirms the feature. it’s unclear at this point whether apple will also use iris scanners for apple pay purposes, but a number of reports do say the iphone 8 will have special sensors that will recognize faces and surroundings. these advanced cameras can be used both for ar purposes, as one report indicated, but also for unlocking the

latest iphone 8 parts leak points to exciting new feature

amidst a slew of iphone 8 leaks coming down the pipeline, the latest leak involves a purported photo of the top portion of the iphone 8's front glass. the photo (via slashleaks) seemingly corroborates previous reports suggesting that apple with the iphone 8 will introduce a brand new facial recognition feature that can be used to unlock a device and perhaps to even authenticate secure transactions. indeed, apple earlier this year acquired an israeli start-up called realface with incredibly advanced and secure facial recognition software. the leaked photo is below and, as you can tell, there are three additional circular cutouts that are not present on the iphone 7. while admittedly speculative, it stands to reason that these cutouts are for additional camera modules apple plans to incorpo

iphone 8 may utilize 3d laser technology for a complex new feature

one of the more intriguing rumors surrounding the iphone 8 is that it will feature a new type of facial recognition technology bolstered by advanced laser sensors. this particular rumor first began to take shape a few weeks ago via a research note from cowen & company which said that the iphone 8 will include "some form of facial/gesture recognition supported by a new laser sensor and an infrared sensor mounted near the front-facing camera." far from a speculative rumor conjured out of thin air, it's worth highlighting that apple last year picked up emotient, a company with specialized technology that can not only recognize faces but can even discern facial expressions and subsequently distinguish between a wide array of emotional states. building upon this rumor, appleinsider highlig

delta to use facial recognition at self service bag drop

there’s finally some good news for airline passengers when it comes to checking your bags.

world’s top apple insider just revealed a new iphone 8 feature that’s a literal

we're a week away from seeing the unveiling of the next-generation lg g6 and about a month away from watching samsung take the wraps off its hotly anticipated new galaxy s8 and galaxy s8+ flagship phones. so naturally, apple's upcoming new iphone 8 is the talk of the town. there is plenty of excitement surrounding lg and samsung's upcoming new android handsets, but a new iphone always seems to trump rival phones when it comes to buzz and hype, even when we're still seven months away from seeing apple announce its new iphone 8. here's a comparison of global search traffic on google for the three phones, which is obviously always a good indication of consumer interest levels. if you count yourself among the millions of apple fans anxiously awaiting the company's next-generation flagship phon

govt dental college gets ugc recognition

puducherry, mar 11 (pti): the puducherry government run 27-year old mahatma gandhi postgraduate institute of dental sciences has been accorded recognition by university grants commission under the ugc act 1955 a release from the college dean said the recognition enables the institution to receive central assistance in keeping with the provisions of the act for […]

plo would revoke israel recognition if us emb y moved:erakat

paris, feb 7 (afp) the palestinian liberation organi ion would immediately revoke its recognition of the state of israel if the us moved its emb y in the country to jerusalem, a senior palestinian official said today. “if the americans or anybody else move the emb y, it is a fait accompli, a recognition of the annexation of […]

the curious case of touch id on apple’s iphone 8

in a move that would undoubtedly constitute a drastic design shift, bloomberg is reporting that apple's highly anticipated iphone 8 may do away with the tried and true touch id sensor, a feature that has been an integral part of the iphone user experience since the iphone 5s. in its place, bloomberg reiterates earlier claims that apple is preparing to integrate a new facial recognition scheme that will reportedly be accurate and secure enough to identify users and even authorize financial transactions. while it was initially believed that the iphone 8 would feature a touch id sensor embedded into the display itself, rumblings from the rumor mill now suggest that technical challenges apple encountered have put those plans on the shelf. reports of apple's plans to implement a facial recogni

the iphone 8 will beat the galaxy s8 in one key area

earlier this week, an iphone 8 report claimed that apple will use 3d-sensing cameras that will add two novel features to the iphone. supply-chain sources from asia seem to corroborate the rumor, revealing more details about the iphone 8’s advanced camera system. according to digitimes’ sources, himax technologies will indeed be among the component suppliers delivering parts for the oled iphone 8. himax will provide the glass component design, featuring chip-on-glass (cog) technology, which will fit into lumentum’s 3d-sensing module for the iphone 8. the front-facing camera will have a vcsel (vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser)-based doe (diffractive optical elements) that will support both 3d-sensing and 3d-modeling capabilities. thus, the iphone 8's cameras might beat the galaxy s8 w

comment on beau st. clair, pierce brosnan’s producing partner, dies by michael m

beau and i were friends going back to 1971. she taught me much, primarily through the way she lived her life. even when she reached the pinnacle of her career, she was still the same down-to-earth person i met on that first day through her brother john. although i never formally got to say goodbye to you, beau marie, i will forever remember the last time we saw each other and enjoyed a great visit at your home. even though i am a nobody in terms of name or facial recognition, i'll always appreciate you for treating me as a somebody whenever we crossed paths.

new technologies provide faster medical diagnosis of disorders

new technologies are transforming the way doctors diagnose patients, especially children. the face2gene app uses facial recognition to identify rare genetic disorders in seconds, while the tech company righteye has a 90-second test that can help determine whether a toddler has certain types of autism. these cutting-edge methods can help physicians get treatment to their patients faster. anna werner reports.

crazy rumor suggests iphone 8 will ditch touch id

one of apple’s upcoming 2017 iphones will be unlike anything we’ve ever seen in an iphone. the iphone 8 will have a brand new design featuring a large, nearly bezel-less oled screen. this particular design choice will force apple to rethink various elements that you’re used to finding on the front side of the iphone, including the home button and its embedded touch id fingerprint sensor, the front-facing camera, the speaker, and the other sensors. a new report indicates that the touch id sensor might be going away, as apple is looking to replace fingerprint-sensing technology with a 3d laser-based facial recognition method for unlocking the phone. this claim might be crazy, but let's take a look at it. jpmorgan analyst rod hall wrote in a note to investors seen by macrumors that apple is

galaxy s8 pricing leaks out ahead of samsung’s march 29th unveiling

with samsung's unpacked event now just 9 days away, there's really not much we don't already know about the company's upcoming galaxy s8 and s8 plus. from geekbench 4 benchmark results down to camera specs and ram, various leaks over the past few months have spilled almost everything worth knowing about samsung's next-gen smartphone lineup. in fact, the only thing we haven't been able to get a firm read on thus far is pricing. that is, until now. recently, noted leaker evan blass fired off a tweet detailing samsung's pricing matrix for the s8 and s8 plus. while the figures blass cites are the same as a murky retailer leak we spotted earlier this month, blass's impressive track record appears to confirm that samsung's next-gen phone lineup won't come cheap. specifically, the s8 and s8 plus

date your celebrity crush lookalike! badoo dating app uses facial recognition to

badoo helps you to find a lookalike for your celebrity crush and sets up a date with them! this groundbreaking app has become the new trend and can actually help you date someone who looks very similar to your celeb crush.

new report reaffirms the most exciting new iphone 8 feature

with 2017 already in full swing, the makeup of apple's 2017 iphone lineup is finally starting to crystallize. according to a fresh report from the nikkei asian review, apple later this year will release three brand new iphone models, with two being incremental iphone 7s updates and the third being the highly anticipated iphone 8. while the iphone 7s and iphone 7s plus will undoubtedly feature improved camera technology and welcome hardware improvements underneath the hood, there's no denying that the real star of the show will be apple's next-gen iphone 8. said to come packed with improved battery life and an edgeless oled display, nikkei's sources relay that the iphone 8 will sport a 5.8-inch display. the upcoming iphone, to be launched this fall, will come in three configurations -- two

home remedies and tips to get rid of unwanted facial hair

say goodbye to unwanted facial hair the natural way!

iphone 8 release date reportedly delayed to october

amid reports that apple is struggling to work out software kinks associated with the iphone 8's 3d cameras, a new research note from merrill lynch (via cnbc) claims that the launch of apple's next-gen iphone may be pushed back by three to four weeks. if this timetable pans out, it would mean that the iphone 8 may not arrive on store shelves until mid-october. while this is certainly frustrating news for anyone eager to upgrade, a mid-october launch isn't all that bad given previous claims that the iphone 8 release might be pushed all the way back to november. as for the impetus behind the delay, analysts wamsi mohan and stefano pascale echo previous reports which claim  that apple is still trying to get a grip on a few technical hurdles involving the iphone 8. citing anonymous sources wit

apple buys artificial intelligence start-up realface; iphone 8s to come with bio

last year, breaking with its tradition of keeping research topics a secret, apple came out in the open publishing its first ai research paper that focuses on advanced image recognition.

huge leak reveals iphone 8 form factor and exactly how apple will eliminate the

apple's flagship 2017 iphone will reportedly be such a drastic leap forward in design and functionality that apple will reportedly call it the iphone 8. said to feature an edge to edge display, the iphone 8 will likely smash all existing iphone sales records and restore faith in apple's ability to innovate. while there's still a lot we don't know about the iphone 8, a new research note from reputed apple analyst ming-chi kuo helps answer a number of lingering questions people have raised about apple's next-gen smartphone. in a note obtained by macrumors, kuo writes that apple’s iphone 8 will be about the same size as the current 4.7-inch iphone 7 but will incorporate a display with about 5.15-inches of usable space. interestingly, though, kuo anticipates that the iphone 8’s oled display

china-toiletpaper` toilets in china install cameras to stop toilet paper theft f

beijing, mar 19 (pti) public toilets in chinese capital have started using facial recognition technology to stop toilet paper theft after it became rampant. at the temple of heaven, one of the capital’s busiest tourist sites and a former hotbed of toilet paper kleptomania, a user in need of tissue paper must stand in front […]

5 ways to use facial oil with your daily beauty products to get flawless skin!

use facial oils in your day-to-day beauty products to keep a nice balance of moisture and get flawless skin naturally.

latest iphone 8 leak suggests the design everyone hates was definitely scrapped

the iphone 7 is certainly a sleek and elegant device, but from a design perspective, it doesn't exactly offer up anything we haven't seen before. recall, the iphone form factor has essentially remained unchanged for the last three years, going all the way back to the iphone 6 release in 2014. having said that, it's no surprise that the hype and anticipation surrounding the iphone 8 continues to grow with each passing week. as you've undoubtedly heard by now, apple's iphone 8 will usher in the most radical iphone redesign we've seen in years, and perhaps ever. with a gargantuan edgeless oled display, the front panel on the iphone 8 will essentially consist of one giant piece of glass, a design that jony ive has reportedly been striving to achieve for quite some time. and for those keeping t

galaxy s8 may include a new facial recognition feature

when samsung rolled out the galaxy note 7 last year, it introduced a new iris scanning technology designed to bolster device security. as envisioned by samsung, the feature was supposed to make it easier for users to unlock their devices, authenticate banking transactions, and even stow away and subsequently access sensitive data stowed away in a secure folder. but as we all know, the galaxy note 7 launch quickly blew up in samsung's face amid a barrage of reports involving note 7 devices catching fire and exploding. ultimately, samsung was forced to recall the device, an embarrassing turn of events that may have cost the company billions. in turn, the note 7 wasn't really around long enough for anyone to determine if its iris scanning feature was actually useful or nothing more than a gi

why the iphone 8’s signature feature could be good news for macbooks

every new iphone has a unique feature meant to make it stand out. the iphone 8 might have more than one, including a bezelless display that occupies almost the entire front side of the screen, and an advanced iris sensor that could replace the touch id fingerprint sensor. in fact, until recently, we thought that the touch id in the iphone 8 will also turn out to be a signature feature, but recent reports claim that apple won’t include a fingerprint sensor into the display of the iphone 8. a new discovery, meanwhile, indicates that the iris-scanning technology may come to the mac line in the future, where it could be even more useful. i’m not a big fan of unlocking phones with my eyes, and i already explained why i think fingerprint sensors are a lot easier. at the same time, i have no ide

salman khan opens up about his facial nerve disorder! says fans just don't care!

we all know that salman khan suffers from trigeminal neuralgia, a facial nerve disorder which has been troubling him for many years and despite the pain, he's managed to give his best for tubelight and hides his pain while in public

another report claims to know why the iphone 8 is delayed

with the iphone 8 all but assured of sporting an edgeless oled display, it remains unclear what apple plans to do with the touch id sensor. originally introduced with the iphone 5s as a clever alternative to clunky passcodes, touch id not only helps secure one's iphone but also serves as the foundation for apple pay. in fact, it's no exaggeration to say that the ease of use associated with touch id and apple pay are huge selling points for the iphone relative to android. interestingly enough, touch id may not be a feature in apple's next-gen iphone. despite the company's best efforts, word from the rumor mill suggests that apple is still having problems embedding the touch id sensor underneath the front panel display. according to unverified reports, apple encountered significant yield pr

this celeb-approved facial tool promises firmer, healthier skin

using a rhythmic rolling action, the facial tool helps to improve tone and texture, while reducing the appearance of fine lines and reviving your natural skin surface.

anu sithara roped in for kunc o boban's ramante eden t tam!

anu sithara, the young actress of mollywood has some big and exciting projects in her kitty. and one among those is the upcoming film ramante eden t tam, directed by ranjith sankar. if reports are to be believed, the actress has been