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get ready for a halloween sacrifice with ‘the apocalypse cult’

wild eye releasing is preparing for the end of days with the dvd and vod release of apocalypse cult.  glenn triggs tracks an intrepid news team into the woods, where they stumble upon a bigger and more dangerous story than they ever expected.  jane elizabeth barry (a night of horror: volume i), david macrae (the […]

cult of chucky is coming to netflix for halloween

netflix will stream the latest child's play movie cult of chucky in time for the halloween season.

how to join american horror story's cult on halloween night

now that we're pretty far into american horror story: cult, we have a good sense of who's who and what's what. this means die-hard fans can officially begin planning their topical, timely halloween costumes. wanna dress up as one of the clowns? setting your sights on one of the nature-named characters? we're pulling out the best cult costume ideas for you to devour. the only major exclusions are the potentially evil dr. vincent (because he's just a man in a suit) and the handsome detective samuels, because he's equally hard to recognize. but let's take a look at everyone else. this halloween, chaos (and clowns) will reign.

how to join american horror story's cult on halloween night

now that we're pretty far into american horror story: cult, we have a good sense of who's who and what's what. this means die-hard fans can officially begin planning their topical, timely halloween costumes. wanna dress up as one of the clowns? setting your sights on one of the nature-named characters? we're pulling out the best cult costume ideas for you to devour. the only major exclusions are the potentially evil dr. vincent (because he's just a man in a suit) and the handsome detective samuels, because he's equally hard to recognize. but let's take a look at everyone else. this halloween, chaos (and clowns) will reign.

netflix’s ‘the babysitter’ trailer: humor, hot people, and human sacrifice

netflix is handing out tons of treats this halloween season as they’ve now shared the insanely gory trailer for mcg’s the babysitter, which hits their streaming service on friday, october 13th. “the babysitter follows a lonely, 12-year-old boy who falls in love with his hot babysitter only to discover that she’s part of a satanic cult that wants to […]

see martha stewart dressed up in her favorite halloween costumes

martha stewart is getting ready for halloween! in october's martha stewart living, the 76-year-old lifestyle guru is dressing up and showing off some of her favorite halloween...

9 cult classic horror movies to stream on netflix

as soon as the first fall chill can be felt in the air, the hysteria of halloween is never far behind. year after year, while new horror movies in theaters try to move in and terrify us to our cores, there are some cult classics that will never go out of style. here are a few creepy cult classics to stream to fill your october with lots of blood - and hopefully very little buffering. related13 terrifying '80s horror movies that will still traumatize you18 exceptional horror movies to you need to watch on netflix this halloween

model-approved halloween costumes you can do with your friends

call it what you want: a girl gang, clique, crew--whatever it is, you and your friends are ready to represent this halloween. now that taylor swift's celeb squad seemingly no longer...

twisted cult of chucky preview breathes new life into the killer doll

universal has released several clips from the seventh child's play movie cult of chucky, which arrives in time for halloween.

did you notice “ahs: cult” was filmed in the same neighborhood as ‘halloween’?

“american horror story” goes to haddonfield this season. you may remember that rumors began spreading earlier this year when *something* began filming on orange grove avenue in west hollywood, the very same neighborhood where john carpenter filmed the original halloween. the rumor was that it was blumhouse’s upcoming halloween reboot that was filming, but we […]

there's now a sexy jon snow costume for halloween

to those who weren’t convinced there’s a sexy jon snow halloween costume available to wear for halloween, has three words: “you know nothing.” billed as a “sexy northern queen” costume, the women’s specialty apparel retailer has released its jon snow-inspired costume. now, fans can bend the knee in this costume inspired by the king queen of the north. for $149.95, the outfit includes a black romper that features gold stud accents and a cut-out bodice panel and a black cloak with “faux fur trim.” according to the website, the costume — which allows “one to be ready for (halloween) winter” — is currently on pre-order and will be ready to ship on or before sept. 20. let us know how battling white-walkers in a cut-out bodice goes.

20 options for your coolest x-men costume ever

the x-men franchise has some of the most unique characters in the cinematic world, meaning you're almost guaranteed to find a costume you like. since x-men: apocalypse came out last year, the mutants have been back in the spotlight - along with a slew of young versions of the characters. if you're thinking you'd rather be famke janssen over sophie turner any day, you're in luck! (though, come on, sophie turner is awesome.) we're providing both versions of the characters who have had two incarnations. take a look! related6 ways to kick ass as the justice league this halloween

amc's fearfest schedule is basically freeform's 13 nights of halloween for adult

we're already in the thick of october, which means your scary movie binges should be well underway. while we have all of our horror movie dvds lined up and ready to go, we also love hunkering down for those spooky tv marathons, too. everyone loves freeform's 13 nights of halloween, but where do you go when you really want to get your heartbeat racing? the answer is amc. the channel has its fearfest movie marathon every season, and this year, you can enjoy gory, haunting, and stomach-churning films from oct. 23 until halloween. stock up on peanuts and candy corn (eat them together, it will change your life) and prepare to scream bloody murder at the full schedule below. related17 movies set in the fall to watch with a warm and spicy latte monday, oct. 23 9 a.m. - halloween 11 a.m. - hal

comment on leah remini forgives mother for introducing her to scientology as she

good for her. scientology is a cult that uses character assassination as a form of mind-control. you simply don't exist if you are not part of the cult. countless lives have been destroyed. leah deserves tremendous credit for being willing to sacrifice her life, family, and career in order to destroy scientology.

blumhouse boss: ‘cut my hand off’ if halloween remake not ready by 2018

studio head jason blum is so sure that the halloween reboot will hit theaters in 2018 he's willing to give folks a hand if it doesn't.

halloween producer will chop off his hand if reboot isn't ready by fall 2018

producer jason blum swears on his life that his upcoming halloween movie will be in theaters by october 2018.

videos tease spirit halloween’s new animatronics for halloween 2017

teaser trailers for halloween decorations. now we’re speaking my language. we’re just about three and a half months away from halloween, which means it won’t be long before those seasonal shops begin popping up all across the country. halloween isn’t just a day but rather a two-month celebration of all things spooky, kicking off in […]

halloween horror nights wants you to surrender your soul

what? you’re not using it anyway. ahead of the september 15th start of this year’s halloween horror nights, which will include haunts based on the shining and “american horror story: roanoke,” universal orlando invites guests to “sacrifice their souls” in an effort to unlock special perks and exclusive rewards. wait. what? they explain in further detail… […]

trent reznor releases new halloween movie theme for friday the 13th

trent reznor and atticus ross take the halloween theme to an even darker place as john carpenter gets ready to return to the world he created.

ultimate ‘halloween’ fan film is canon with original timeline

what if dimension films never bailed on halloween original timeline and allowed rob zombie to remake john carpenter’s cl ic? we would have a sequel to halloween: resurrection (2002), which would complete a new trilogy that started with halloween: h20 (1998). kohl v. bladen and jeffrey j. moore co-wrote and will co-direct halloween: the night evil […]

jamie lee curtis returns for new halloween

welcome back to halloween, jamie lee curtis. the 58-year-old actress will reprise her iconic 1978 role of laurie strode in a new halloween sequel also titled...halloween. curtis rose to...

the lost boys is the best halloween movie says it screenwriter

the lost boys is a cult favorite, but is it the best movie to watch around halloween? it screenwriter gary dauberman think so.

netflix gets in the halloween spirit: here’s what’s streaming this october!

netflix is finally in the halloween spirit and is unloading all sorts of new movies and series over the course of this coming october 2017. what’s most exciting is that it’s not just a bunch of films we’ve already seen but new titles such as the previously reported cult of chucky, the newest child’s play […]

cult gaia branches into ready-to-wear

the collection was designed to work with cult gaia's statement bags.

this ‘cult of chucky’ poster stabs colorful insanity into your eyes

we’ve been keeping a close eye on artist orlando arocena ever since he blew us away with his dia de los muertos-inspired horror movie art that’s now available with select dvd/blu-ray re-releases for the halloween season (find them at walmart), and he’s just dropped a truly stunning cult of chucky poster today! the poster, which […]

6 pulp fiction costumes that will make you feel like a bamf this halloween

oct. 14 marks the 23rd anniversary of pulp fiction's release, so why not pay homage to your favorite character for halloween this year? from mia wallace to vincent vega, there are so many fun options to choose from, and their costumes are actually pretty easy to re-create. keep reading to see everything you need to nail a costume from the '90s cult classic. relatedpop culture halloween costumes from a to z

[exclusive] amc fearfest 2017 start date and films list; ‘cult of chucky’ includ

the good news? amc fearfest is back this year. the bad? it’s shorter than ever. an annual staple of every halloween season is amc’s fearfest marathon, which celebrates its 21st anniversary this year. it was way back in 1996 that the network first began celebrating halloween with a marathon of horror movies, originally under the […]

x-men: 15 things you never knew about apocalypse

apocalypse has been terrorizing mankind since the days of ancient egypt. when he awoke in modern times, the x-men became the source of his enmity.

halloween sequel sets new release date target

next year's reboot of the halloween franchise is apparently moving its targeted release date from mid-october to halloween night.

how you and your friends can dress up as riverdale characters this halloween

you may not be able to visit riverdale, but you can certainly dress up like the show's characters for halloween. not only does the gang make a fantastic group costume for you and your friends, but the outfits are also super easy to create. all you need are pearls, a letterman jacket, and a pair of cat ears, and you're ready to go! from betty to jughead and everyone in between, see how you can impersonate your favorite characters ahead. related40+ costumes you can wear this halloween if you're obsessed with the cw

this year's best pop culture-inspired halloween costumes for couples

putting together one halloween costume is one thing, but putting together a costume for a couple is, well, double the work. that's why we can at least help you out by solving the first problem: inspiration. we have tons of ideas for couples costumes inspired by pop culture, and in this list, we've narrowed it down to the most timely couples' costumes from the hit movies and tv from 2017. grab your bae and get ready to make them the steve to your nancy, or the beast to your beauty.

francis ford coppola wants to turn ‘apocalypse now’ into a video game

1979 war film starred martin sheen and marlon brando 'apocalypse now' director francis ford coppola apocalypse now director francis ford coppola has revealed that he wants to turn his cult 1979 film into a video …continue reading » the post francis ford coppola wants to turn ‘apocalypse now’ into a video game appeared first on nme.

check out the hot wheels halloween 2017 collection!

we are so close to halloween season. i can feel it. every year, mattel puts out a line of halloween-themed hot wheels vehicles around, well, halloween, and it seems that walmart stores have already begun putting this year’s lineup out onto shelves. yes. in mid-july. the man behind blog the lamley group just stumbled upon […]

everything you’ll be able to snag for halloween comicfest 2017!

every year, on the saturday before halloween, comic shops around the world open their doors to celebrate the season with…. halloween comic fest. free comic book day takes place each and every may, but something even cooler happens on the saturday before every halloween. on halloween comicfest, comic shops around the country unload tons of […]

public service announcement: there are new halloween pop tarts!

the halloween season isn’t just about horror movies. there are many things that make the road to halloween such an exciting time, and one of the big ones is all the seasonal food products that begin hitting store shelves in august/september. all kinds of halloween-themed candies and snack items are unleashed, and we’re excited to […]

“halloween wars” returns to food network in october; info and guest judges

every halloween season since 2011, food network has celebrated the holiday with “halloween wars,“ a reality competition series wherein teams made up of cake sculptors, sugar artists, and pumpkin carvers battle it out to produce the ultimate halloween themed display. for this year’s season 7, “halloween wars” is bigger and better than ever. “halloween wars” […]

15 disney halloween movies that won't leave you cowering in fear

the disney label will make anything feel safer and more family-friendly. if you're not ready to commit to actual horror films to celebrate all hallows' eve this year, here are 15 mildly spooky disney movies that will liven up your halloween spirit - without inflicting deep-seated fear and paranoia. we've included a few disney channel originals like halloweentown and some oldies but goodies like hocus pocus, so fill up your plastic pumpkin basket with treats for your next halloween marathon!

the batman received rewrite from justice league writer

as ben affleck seeks collaborators to help make the batman, it looks like he had argo and batman v superman writer, chris terrio, work on the script.