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orionid meteor shower 2017: how and when to watch this weekend’s phenomenon due

orionid meteor shower is more special as they come from the debris of the famous halley's comet.

how to watch this weekend’s incredible orionid meteor shower

this weekend will be one of the best in 2017 for kicking back and watching the stars. the annual orionid meteor shower is forecast to hit its peak in the early hours of sunday morning; here's everything you need to know to make the most of it. the meteor shower is caused by particles that are dispersed by comet 1p/halley, better known as halley's comet. the comet visits earth every 75 years or so, and on its way around the sun leaves behind particulate matter. during the fall, the earth's orbit around the sun matches up with the debris left behind by the comet, which burns up in the earth's atmosphere, causing the visible meteors that you can see. this year, the show will last from october 15th to october 29th, but it has a distinct peak in the middle. that will occur between october 21st

leonid meteor shower 2017: how and when to watch this week’s ‘shooting stars’ ce

while rare leonid meteor storms have witnessed meteor fall at rates as high as 50,000 per hour but this year expect an hourly rate of 10 to 20 meteors.

how to watch the leonid meteor shower at its peak this weekend

with winter fast approaching, there aren't many weekends left to enjoy the outdoors without a heavy coat and a warm cup of coffee, which is why you should start making plans right now to see the leonid meteor shower this weekend. in past years, the annual meteor shower has provided some of the most stunning celestial views in history, and although this year's isn't expected to be quite as magical, the conditions are perfect for a great view of the event. as nasa explained earlier this month, the leonids are expected to peak on the night of friday, november 17th, with the height of the shower expected at around 3:00 am the following morning. with a new moon in the sky, watchers should have a clear view as up to 10 meteors are expected to shoot across the sky per hour. as the stargazers on

leonid meteor shower live stream: watch shooting stars during annual celestial e

make a wish! sky-gazers are in for a special treat on the evening of nov. 17, since the leonid meteor shower will be taking place until dawn! you can expect to see 15 to 20 shooting stars an hour, so don't miss any of the action by watching via live stream!

amy schumer close to signing on for steve martin’s broadway-bound ‘meteor shower

steve martin‘s next broadway venture appears to be setting the stage for pal amy schumer’s broadway debut this fall, production sources confirmed to deadline on friday, following a report earlier today in the new york post. schumer, i’m told, is very close to signing on as the star of martin's comedy meteor shower, staged by hello, dolly! director jerry zaks. broadway veteran joey parnes, part of the dolly team and a producer of martin’s tony-nominated musical bright…

comment on leonid meteor shower live stream: watch shooting stars during annual

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comment on amy schumer close to signing on for steve martin’s broadway-bound ‘me

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comment on amy schumer close to signing on for steve martin’s broadway-bound ‘me

schumer is over. this will be her third disaster of 2017.

comment on amy schumer close to signing on for steve martin’s broadway-bound ‘me

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inside kelsea ballerini's intimate nashville bridal shower

kelsea ballerini's bridal shower was country strong! over the weekend, the 24-year-old country girl had a little help from her friends and family at her bridal shower to celebrate her...

comment on amy schumer close to signing on for steve martin’s broadway-bound ‘me

amy schummer is not an actress. i think even her fans would admit that. she used to play a version of herself in everything, but she's slipped into playing a very broad, gross-out version of herself. it's not very appealing, as her last projects have shown. i used to think she was pretty smart, but he last season of her show, the leather special, and her films have made me doubt that.

the best way to take a shower, according to doctors

how long and how often should you shower? learn the best way to take a shower to get the ultimate cleanse.

police dash s capture meteor streaking over lake michigan

the sky over lake michigan lit up like a diamond sunday night as a meteor streaked by. police dash s captured the event.

inside ciara and russell wilson's extravagant co-ed baby shower

ciara and russell wilson's baby is already getting spoiled! e! news has learned that the famous couple threw an extravagant co-ed baby shower last weekend ahead of welcoming their...

check out: r madhavan’s post shower selfie is taking over the internet and we ar

time and again, it has been proven that r madhavan is a national treasure. the tanu weds manu star has been aging gracefully and one can’t complain about it. r madhavan has gone under amazing physical transformation for his upcoming vikram vedha and looks incredible. oh thursday morning, maddy decided to share a post showerread more the post check out: r madhavan’s post shower selfie is taking over the internet and we are not complaining appeared first on bollywood hungama.

2/6: trump's claims terror attacks not reported by media; police dash s capture

to defend his embattled travel ban, president trump erted on monday that there have been terror attacks no one knows about because of a lack of press coverage; the sky over lake michigan lit up like a diamond sunday night as a meteor streaked by.

this game of thrones themed wedding shower takes the throne

the lannister's feasts have nothing on this office wedding shower. the people at humanscale outdid themselves again with this game of thrones themed wedding shower for their coworker...

singing in the shower gets way more fun with this showerhead speaker combo

bluetooth technology turns any shower into your very own concert hall.

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smell good and feel fresh with amen’s new scented shower gel.

ashley judd alleges that harvey weinstein tried to make her watch him shower nak

brave actress ashley judd has come forward to allege that former miramax studios boss harvey weinstein sexually harassed her -- including asking her to watch him shower naked. we've got more on her claims.

this 118-nozzle shower head goes from mist to m age

an affordable option that lives up to the warm, relaxing rainfall of the legendary luxury shower head.

see something odd in the night sky? an incredibly bright meteor blazed over the

if you happen to live in the western united states, and were hanging around outside early tuesday night, there's a really good chance you saw something very odd in the sky. an extremely bright object streaked across the heavens at around 8:30pm mt, giving skygazers a nice mix of excitement and anxiety. the fireball is thought to have been a meteor, and according to the american meteor society, well over 100 reports of the object have come in since late tuesday night, spanning more than a handful of us states. reports of the fireball — which shone brightly as it burned up in earth's atmosphere before being destroyed in a bright flash that lit up the night sky — came in from all across arizona, utah, nevada, california, and new mexico. it wasn't a particularly large object, and is thought t

cci clears acquisition of j&j’s two brands by itc

new delhi, mar 28 (pti) the competition commission has approved the proposed acquisition of johnson & johnson’s two brands, ‘savlon’ and ‘shower to shower’, by fmcg major itc. savlon is an antiseptic brand while shower to shower is a personal care product brand. in a tweet today, the competition commission of india (cci) said that […]

comment on watch: alfred hitchcock’s editing mastery in the ‘psycho’ shower scen

[…]… […]

’78/2′, the ‘psycho’ shower scene documentary, was acquired by ifc out of sundan

ifc has acquired u.s. rights to 78/52, a documentary that isn’t about alfred hitch ’s psycho, but quite specifically the shower scene that lies within. alexandre philippe directs this is an unprecedented look at the iconic shower scene, the “man behind the curtain,” and the screen murder that profoundly changed the course of world cinema. having […]

here is why jessica biel eats in the shower

the renowned american actress jessica claire timberlake, popularly known as jessica biel says that she eats in the shower. yes you heard me right. the actress eats her breakfast in the shower, not because she loves to, but due to her

inside kim kardashian's star-studded shower for baby no. 3

everything's coming up cherry blossoms for kim kardashian's baby shower for baby no. 3. the keeping up with the kardashians star had a "tea for 3" baby shower on saturday...

see serena williams's epic (and expensive) bridal shower

the mom-to-be celebrated her nuptials with friends and fam.

comment on is kylie jenner preparing for a baby shower of her own? see mysteriou

lol, what do you mean by “rapid fans”? typo or new phrase? jeez, she probably is planningyet another shower for kim or staging this to generate even more brainless tabloid stories for attention. all of this is getting so old.

comment on how an oregon theater got the attention of the tonys, the pulitzers a

i grew up in oregon and our high school theater classes made several trips to ashland to see plays put on by this organization. the mother of one of my theater friends was would take the family every summer to the shakespearean festival. my friend recalls one magical evening performance, many years ago where a meteor streaked across the sky. the audience looked up, stood, pointed and watched. performers, seeing the odd behavior of the audience stopped and looked up as well. all observed in silence as the meteor made its brief, bright appearance. when out of sight, the actors immediately picked up their lines and the audience settled back into the show. an experience broadway can't match.

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comment on kim kardashian reveals she didn’t invite her surrogate to baby shower

everyone knows “it’s all about kim. she just has to throw a flashy, extravagant baby shower for attention. if she had to have a conversation without using the word “like” in almost every sentence, she wouldn’t be able to say anything.

ciara and russell wilson's exclusive baby shower

celebs flock to the couple's super exclusive baby shower.

serena williams is baby bumpin' at her bridal shower in miami

it's shower time for pregnant, engaged superstar serena williams! the tennis champ had a fun-filled bridal shower with friends at 1 hotel & homes south beach saturday. there's...

shower gels can give you a spa-like experience

5 ways shower gels turns the bathing routine into a spa-like experience continue reading ...

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esha deol, who is pregnant with her first child, had a baby shower ceremony in the presence of her family and friends and she looks lovely and happy as ever. we've got you inside pictures of the baby shower ceremony and

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