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comment on hearst tv chief warns of “long-term impasse” in dish network dispute

what's the problem. get with it. you have alot of dissatisfied people. some people count on nbc to watch especially the elderly people and people that are disabled. they are really upset.

comment on russia may ban disney’s ‘beauty and the beast’ over gay character by

loving kind people who seek peace ensuing it being meek and lowly not wanting conflict are evil people? people seem to like violent unfriendly liars. people against the gay will praise them.

comment on alabama theater cancels ‘beauty and the beast’ screenings due to gay

i am so glad the irrefutable ignorance of these people will have no affect beyond showing them to be a stain on humanity as showings of this film, already getting outstanding reviews, are sold out all weekend across the nation. why? because smart people don't give a crap who you sleep with....and gay men and women are just a social reality to everyone, like people with blonde hair and people with a limp. even people in alabama.

comment on film review: matt damon in ‘the great wall’ by grady coleman iii

i'm happy to see asian people object to this movie. for years and years white people have been trying to place themselves in asian culture. the white/asian connection propaganda machine has been at full power for years. in the past the people didn't have the internet to object and collectively protest whitewashed hollywood media. now white people are learning that they dont have the influence or power that they assumed they had. it's a hard pill for white people and asian followers of white people to swallow but we need white people as a whole to evolve with the rest of us. white people.... welcome back to reality!

comment on ‘cash me outside’ tv show: danielle bregoli officially signs contract

you wonder what is wrong with people in america? this is what is wrong. you glamorize people who behave like this girl does and put her up on the tv and pay her to be the way she is and continues to be towards people. no respect. disgusting. #nothankyou

comment on ‘grimm’ to end after season 6 on nbc by david

i'm so over just about all tv shows!!!!!!!! every time you all a red good tv show that people like me like, you up and cancel the dam show!!!!!!!!! what is wrong with y'all????!!!!! leave shows on that people like to watch and enjoy!!!!! and by the way how do y'all know how many people are watching the show anyway?????? have you got esp or something like that???!!! do you go around knocking on people's doors??? just how do you figure out how many people are watching a show or not??? like i said i am so dam over it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

comment on sundance film review: ‘get out’ by michelle

i don't think he is saying that racism doesn't exist. it seems like he is saying that it only focuses on the racist people and it would be nice to see some normal people who actually don't care about race as only seeing racist people perpetuates stereotypes. while it was a very well done movie, it did, in fact, only show the racist white people and their need to control - which could perpetuate the stereotype that all white people are racist and/or want control.

comment on sugar bear’s wife threatens mama june on ‘not to hot’ — that ‘b*tch b

this show is profits from ignorant toxic greedy people..and by watching it you endorse this and are an accomplice and are just as bad as the people on the show all of you people should be ashamed of yourself but god will have his answer in the end and i'm sure you'll be on his naughty list burn in hell people

comment on ‘the walking dead’ season 7 finale: war breaks out in ‘the first day

i'm trying to figure out why people keep thinking rick is coming off like an idiot as a leader. to me, he's coming off as human. yes, he trusts people who sometimes end up betraying him, but that's a risk that we all take in life. needing larger numbers to fight the saviors, he really had no other choice than to trust people. he also took a chance on trusting the people of hilltop and the kingdom, and they came through. the evidence for rick being a great leader is in the people who have been with him longest. people like maggie, sasha, daryl, carol, morgan. these are people who can survive on their own and even become leaders themselves, yet they still rally around rick, because he's the person who has kept them alive in the past and because he's still a good man.

comment on uber ceo drops out of trump’s economic panel, disney’s bob iger to mi

as an immigrant myself i think we all need to speak out for the rights of all people. it is wrong to blame people for acts the did not do. none of the people are banned because of anything they did. it is simply based on national origin. that goes against all rules of decency. if someone did something then bring evidence. no evidence means no guilt and hence no punishment. yet this ban punishes people with no evidence and hence no guilt. the other arguments against the ban are fine but the strongest is the fact that there is no evidence. if we go around picking on people with no proof then rule of law goes out the door. no law means no order and the resulting chaos will harm all people.

seth meyers roasts trump’s media thoughts before congressional address

donald trump is set to address congress on tuesday night and as a preview to the president’s first big speech since the inauguration, seth meyers mocked trump’s continued battle with the media. the late night host used his monday’s closer look segment to roast trump, highligting a speech the president made during the conservative political action conference (cpac) on friday about the media, which trump referred to as “the enemy of the people.” “i saw one story recently where they said nine people have confirmed. there are no nine people, i don’t believe there was one or two people. nine people. i said, ‘give me a break.’ because i know the people,” trump said on friday. “i know who they talk to. there were no nine people. but hey say nine people. somebody reads it and thinks nine people, t

comment on kim kardashian ‘irritated’ by people saying khloe has best body — pla

we've exclusively learned. what the heck does that mean but lies. another joke is "a source " said. people. this is a fake news source with people sitting at home writing articles about people they know nothing about. they are storytellers.

comment on josh gad responds to controversy over ‘beauty and the beast’s’ gay mo

that gay part is testing the spirits that are in people. satanic muslims isis and defiled religious people in alabama are aginst that gay moment. people who are not satanic need to be for what those people are against. love is love.

comment on josh gad responds to controversy over ‘beauty and the beast’s’ gay mo

that gay part is testing the spirits that are in people. satanic muslims isis and defiled religious people in alabama are against that gay moment. people who are not satanic need to be for what thiose people are against. love is love.

comment on josh gad responds to controversy over ‘beauty and the beast’s’ gay mo

that gay part is testing the spirits that are in people. satanic muslims isis and defiled religious people in alabama are aginst that gay moment. people who are not satanic need to be for what thiose people are against. love is love.

comment on truck plows into stockholm department store, killing at least three b

this is when you need perceptive. this is horrible, the worst of humanity, but in ww1 there were days when there were 100,000+ causalities. let's not confuse the two, 3 people or 86 people vs 100,000 people. let's not start one because of the other.

comment on jeffrey dean morgan on ‘the walking dead’ t-shirt controversy: ‘peopl

i thought it was, catch a tiger by the toe!!!!! what is wrong with people...he's right, people are stupid!

dear white people trailer tackles controversy head on

dear white people, the series, has a new trailer that wants you to know: it's not just for black people. the netflix series picks up where the movie left off with logan browning...

comment on alabama theater cancels ‘beauty and the beast’ screenings due to gay

i thought the character was gay even in the animation., but that not the point, the point is there are more people who want to see the show and you still force your m mortal views on other people which is wrong. this right there discrimination rules. this is not about religion this is about morals. you can't force your morals on other people everybody else has their own morals we need to learn how to accept each other. we need to accept people's religion race sex and everything. you may not like gays and lesbians and such but that does not give you the right to force your beliefs and morals on other people. when you start banned people from places because they different is wrong. even though you're really complete does not believe in this it doesn't give you a right to

comment on review – ‘only decent people’ (the netherlands’ continued dehumanizat

i wholeheartedly disagree with this review. as a surinamese hindustan i have to say that i think it is an accurate representation of the surinamese culture. even the things rowanda said about hindu people is correct, we are cheap. the reviewer has taken this movie to freaking seriously. why should you be offended when (most of) the people of that country are not? suriname has become a very multi cultural country with a lot of dutch, hindu, javanese, chinese and even middle eastern people. and stereotypes are bound to happen. what's wrong with putting those stereotypes into a movie? i get that people get a generalized idea about a certain culture, but as an individual you should be able to know the difference between a movie (fiction) and real life.

comment on oscars 2017 by the numbers by jo thaub

how many people of asian origin have won an oscar? how many women of asian origin have won an oscar? maybe they were 'shut out' because they didn't act as well as the other people did. maybe they didn't win because the film they acted in wasn't as good at the one that won. why does a person's ethnic origin or gender even have to be brought up? people are people aren't they? quit stirring the pot.

comment on ‘the voice’ contestant christina grimmie shot and killed at concert b

im pretty sure that im younger than most of u and im smart enough to know that its not the gun that pulls the trigger but the hand that does. so to further that, anyone with the ability to even shoot a person (everyone) has the right to a gun if they can prove themselves as a worthy gun holder. not saying its right to shoot people but its impossible to prevent. people die and every time its the same thing: someone dies, people greive, we move on. my condolences to the family and people close to cristina. sad things happen but all i can say to help is that she is singing with jesus now.

comment on ‘beauty and the beast’: 5 reasons the disney fantasy scored at the bo

emma watson was not the reason people went and saw this. she was the worst part of the film. you could have put andy dick in the role of belle and people would still go. it was nostalgia for the original that got people through the door.

comment on russia imposes age restriction on ‘power rangers’ with lgbt character

some people are like the segments of population of the old testament who use to give their babies over to demonic entities for worship and sacrifice even after knowing the difference between wrong and right, truth and lies. and some people refuse to put on blinders to the truth, choosing instead to protect the young, impressionable hearts and minds of innocence. whether you are some people or some people, in the end you will answer to god for every act of evil just as you answer for every act of good.

comment on ‘dear white people’: netflix unveils trailer for new series & the int

i don't see what's wrong with dressing up as some other culture or some other person. i mean that's kind of the point of halloween. i don't know about you, but i've seen it done to white cultures and people so why can't it be done to non-white cultures and people? i mean fair is fair, either it's acceptable to do it to anyone or it's not acceptable to do it to anyone, you can't just pick and choice. personally i couldn't care less what people choice to dress up as or not dress up as, whether they choice to mock me or not. it's not something i enjoy doing but if other people do, why should i care?

comment on bill maher lets milo yiannopoulos attack female comedians unchecked o

the left has made him a star, when they protest milo and tell people not to listen to him people wonder what the big deal is. this is how rush limbaugh and howard stern became stars, people tuned in to find out what all the fuss was about. now people will start watching and reading little milo, love him or hate him he is entertaining. $10 sez bill has him on again before the end of the year.

comment on #notmypresident protest: angry anti-trump voters march on president’s

i'm sure these people have a right to protest as stated by the constitution however, what these people don't know is that they are ordained by the power above to respect their government leaders regardless of how they feel. in so protesting, they are showing their total disrespect to said leaders. where has the integrity of the people gone? people have become self righteous, privileged, powerful, greedy, ungrateful, disrespectful and yes, godless. take a close look at yourselves and see where you fit in with the latter. take responsibility for your actions. we all have to answer for them.

comment on why vin diesel and the ‘fast and the furious’ franchise should eye th

you lost everyone when you implied girls was any good and got better and better. no one watched girls. people despise it. it was only on the air because lena was gaining traction at awards by shaming people into nominating her or being chauvinists / fat people haters.

4 dead, 15 injured, 1 arrest in stockholm attack: police

stockholm, apr 7 (afp) four people were killed and 15 injured when a stolen truck ploughed into a crowd of people outside a busy department store in central stockholm today, police said, adding that one man had been arrested. “four people have died and 15 people have been injured,” stockholm police spokesman lars bystrom told […]

comment on blake shelton & gwen stefani ‘closer than ever’ after listening to mi

wow!! el wrote exactly my feelings. blake should fire his publicity people. he needs to hire people who will tell him how gwen is damaging his career. gwen is using him. according to people who work behind the scenes on the voice, she started giving blake lap dances in season 7. miranda was friends with many of these people and they kept her informed of what was going on. that is why miranda was not surprised when their marriage failed.

comment on ‘ghost in the shell’ will lose $60 million-plus: here’s why by jason

and every single one of them that i've ever seen was ugly as sin. i'm not condemning the medium, it's just not a pretty medium to look at (guess i have to say imo for some people jeez). i know that there are millions of people that like anime, but then there are also millions of people who like mcdonald's....

comment on bill o’reilly apologizes for calling maxine waters’ hair a ‘james bro

what a idiot she is ! who would vote for this lady thats uneducated and stupid! she is a racist pig! against white people!!!! people like her is whats wrong with this country! they make up shit on people because there haters!!!! somebody needs to tell this old bag to shut her mouth.

van drives into crowd in stockholm, people injured: police

stockholm, apr 7 (afp) a van drove into a crowd of people outside a busy department store in central stockholm today, injuring people, police said. “police received a call from sos alarm that a person in a vehicle has injured other people on drottninggatan,” police wrote on twitter. the incident occurred just before 1300 gmt […]

man kills three people in under a minute in fresno

authorities said a man shot and killed three people in less than a minute in fresno, california. police say the gunman hated white people and was wanted in a previous homicide. john blackstone joins cbsn with the latest.

comment on james corden thinks trump wasn’t asked ‘right questions’ during elect

people still are not getting it... the two party system gave us just two real choices, hillary or trump. the people disliked hillary much more than they disliked trump even after listening to him. if the dnc would've got behind the actual candidate people secretly wanted in the voting booth? you would be making fun of president sanders right now as he tried to get the american people a real living wage & universal healthcare for all.

comment on ‘dear white people’: netflix unveils trailer for new series & the int

racism is an equal opportunity employer. when are we going to focus on the anti white movement and get them to understand that white people are people too. oh and i think your opinion piece here is written poorly.

comment on donald trump insults pulitzer prize-winning reporter who uncovered hi

this tax return issue is not my business, so i'll just share my thoughts and step aside. millions across the country are rejoicing over the release of his 2005 tax info. how it was received, and msnbc reporting it. see some people doesn't take it likely when anybody disregards them as human beings. bullied, publicly humiliated, lied to, insulted, disrespected, low rated, walked on, trashed, kicked, hated, mislead,misguided, misused, taken advantage of, manipulated, tricked, schemed. some people take it to heart and harm themselves. some people go into isolation. some people go into depression. some people retaliate. some people take the revenge route. i think the release of his tax return was more than likely revenge, and retaliation. it's very hard to know for sure why, bec

comment on ‘timeless’ awaits renewal decision by nbc as season 1 ends: is it out

love the history and time travel concepts it is well done; the people who are met by the team are just that, people. rufus treating them as people by asking them for advice rarely starstruck. i would watch it live if i didn't have to get up at 5:30 the next day 8:00 time slot i would be threre

our victory will be the people’s victory, says uttarakhand cm harish rawat

weak people like me, who don't have any other medium or back support, will win because people have supported me. this victory will be of congress workers who have created history by contesting elections without resources," rawat told.

omg! fire on the sets of yeh rishta kya kehlata hai!

star plus popular show yeh rishta kya kehlata hai is always on the headlines for one or the other reason. recently, there were reports that the makers are planning for a lavish wedding for naira and kartik's wedding. per badshah was