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we played the nintendo switch: your questions answered

screen rant gets hands-on with the nintendo switch and all of its controller options with all of its available launch games.

nintendo runs first super bowl trailer for the switch

nintendo is making history this sunday by airing its first-ever super bowl ad to promote the switch, with an extended cut of the spot available now.

nintendo cancels project giant robot

nintendo has confirmed that its experimental wii u game is no longer in development.

nintendo switch hardware first impressions

a bunch of ign staff members (finally) went hands on with nintendo's next console.

nintendo addresses lack of switch backwards compatibility

controllers designed for other nintendo systems may be considered for a future update.

nintendo explains lack of switch backwards compatibility

controllers designed for other nintendo systems may be considered for a future update.

best buy just reopened preorders for the nintendo switch

you can press your luck by trying to pick up a nintendo switch on launch day if you like, but it might be easier just to preorder one. unfortunately, most of the preorders sold out within hours of opening up last month, but on friday, best buy replenished its stock of preorders. with just a month left until the console releases, this could be one of your last chances to preorder a nintendo switch. so act fast. best buy didn't share how many additional nintendo switch preorders were available, but did note that there are "limited quantities," so don't expect the preorders to last through the weekend (or even the day). sadly, only the nintendo switch bundle with grey joy-con controllers is available on best buy's website at the moment, but if you're that desperate to buy colorful controller

kojima shares his thoughts on nintendo switch

the creator of metal gear and the upcoming death stranding compares nintendo’s new console to “transfarring.”

nintendo says switch online will be 'key' to its business

according to company president tatsumi kimishima, nintendo is striving deliver a "valuable service" that is worth the subscription fee.

nintendo delays animal crossing mobile release date

the launches of super mario run for android and fire emblem have pulled nintendo's attention elsewhere.

quarterly report: the 25 best nintendo 3ds games

our quarterly reports provide a handy list of the 25 best games for each platform, both for the current year so far and for all time. here are the best games available for the nintendo 3ds. read and post comments | get the full article at metacritic

nintendo aims to make 2-3 mobile games a year

those few games we've had so far are only the start, going by nintendo's latest comments.

nintendo switch hardware first impressions

find out what we thought of the hardware, the joy-con, and zelda running on nintendo's next console.

nintendo switch hardware overview video

the nintendo switch system will launch worldwide on march 3 the post nintendo switch hardware overview video appeared first on

nintendo on possibility of switch hardware upgrades

nintendo's shinya takahashi and yoshiaki koizumi discuss if the switch or joy-con controllers might see hardware revisions in the future.

nintendo details fire emblem heroes’ post launch plans

nintendo doesn't rule out potential tie ins to the upcoming fire emblem games for switch and 3ds.

nintendo is not making a successor to 3ds yet

president kimishima says nintendo is still thinking of ways to continue its portable gaming business, but they aren't making a successor right now.

the most important nintendo switch game is...

this week on ign's video game talk show: nintendo switch, zelda, nioh, and more.

nintendo will keep churning out mobile games, nintendo switch or not

super mario run has been a huge (monetary) success for nintendo so you can expect more mobile releases from the japanese gaming giant. however, nintendo doesn’t plan to launch more than two to three mobile games each year, as its focus lies with the nintendo switch. nintendo confirmed as much on wednesday, nintendo reports, a day after it disappointed investors by announcing a one-third cut to its operating profit outlook for the year. nintendo president tatsumi kimishima that some 70 game makers are developing 100 titles for the switch. reuters notes that’s an increase from the 50 programmers that were developing 80 titles for the console. fire emblem heroes is the next nintendo game supposed to hit smartphones — it’ll be available on iphone and android later this week, engadget reports.

uk deals: nioh, nintendo 2ds, tom clancy's the division, gaming headset

the nintendo 2ds is back in stock at amazon and is available from under £75, tc the division for £12, gaming headset on sale, and more.

nintendo switch super bowl commercial reveals zelda sneak peek

get a new look at legend of zelda: breath of the wild and other new games for the nintendo switch in 2 exciting new super bowl commercials.

nintendo increasing production of switch following great pre-order numbers

things are looking up for nintendo as the company has announced plans to ramp up nintendo switch production. the news comes from tech insider for the wall street journal takashi mochizuki who tweeted out the following early this more on gametyrantpermalink

watch nintendo’s first ever super bowl commercial, featuring the switch

want proof that nintendo is serious about seeing the switch succeed? what if i told you that the company invested in a 30-second spot it plans to run during super bowl 51 this weekend? on wednesday, the house of mario shared an extended cut of its upcoming super bowl switch commercial, which also happens to be the first commercial the company has ever produced to run during the super bowl. “the most anticipated video game system and video game of the year will be seen on the biggest stage of the year,” said nicolas chavez, nintendo of america’s vp of marketing. “nintendo switch will change how, when and where people play games. it’s only fitting that we’re changing how, when and where we advertise those games.” the ad focuses on the ver ility of the upcoming console, showing people play w

8-bit entertainment is back: the nes cl ic edition

riding on a wave of nostalgia, nintendo says its nes cl ic edition has already sold 1.5 million units across the globe.

nintendo switch super bowl ad easter eggs & secrets

we hunt for hidden secrets and more in the extended super bowl ad for nintendo switch.

nintendo has already sold 1.5 million nes cl ic edition consoles

riding on a wave of nostalgia, the nes cl ic edition quickly be e one of the test ticket items this holiday shopping season. packed with 30 all-time cl ic 8-bit titles, from super mario bros. 3 to tecmo bowl, the affordably priced nes cl ic proved to be a huge hit with both young and older gamers alike. during nintendo's recent earnings report, the iconic gaming giant finally divulged some interesting data regarding the nes cl ic edition's popularity. specifically, nintendo revealed that it's already sold 1.5 million units across the globe. that's quite impressive for a console that was incredibly hard to find even weeks after launch. to this point, nintendo president nintendo president tatsumi kimishima even apologized to fans for frustrating supply shortages. "we apologiz

new video gives a detailed overview of the nintendo switch hardware

late on tuesday night, nintendo shared a video detailing the hardware of its upcoming switch console. we already know the specs of the machine (and had a chance to get our hands on it last month), but this is the first video nintendo has released that takes a comprehensive look at the console and its controllers. the most important thing to w your head around with the switch is that the tablet is the actual console -- not the dock. the switch dock connects to the tv via an hdmi cord, and by sliding the switch into the dock, you can play in tv mode. although nintendo doesn't explain this in the video, the tablet itself is only capable of reaching resolutions up to , but in tv mode, games can be played in 1080p. slot the joy-con controllers into the grooves on each side of the switch and li

this baby simulator might be the worst nintendo switch game

never ones to turn down a good excuse for a mini-game collection, nintendo is launching its new switch portable/console hybrid with a titled called 1-2-switch. it's been shown off a bit at nintendo's switch reveal event, but as one reddit user discovered, nintendo's japanese youtube channel has been providing and even deeper look at the various bite-sized games included in the collection. most are pretty basic, like milking a virtual cow, for example, but one of them — a game nintendo calls simply "baby" — might indeed be the absolute worst game concept in the history of video games. the game, as far as i can tell, is essentially the worst babysitting experience imaginable, condensed into a couple of minutes of tending to a virtual infant who refuses to shut up. the player rocks the baby,

grand theft auto v development team "very excited" about nintendo switch

take-two interactive is "very excited" about the nintendo switch. the company already has one of their titles they've worked on, nba 2k18, appearing on the more on gametyrantpermalink

nintendo knows why you hated the wii u, promises not to do it again

nintendo's wii u was a complete disaster from pretty much every point of view. it had a weak launch lineup, sold very poorly overall, had absolutely terrible third party support, and endured m ive game droughts where there was quite literally nothing to play. with the new switch console on the horizon, nintendo wants to re ure everyone that things are totally going to be different this time, even if the relative lack of switch launch titles appears to be a carbon copy of the wii u's unimpressive debut.  in its earnings release and presentation to shareholders, nintendo shed some light on its new strategy to ensure gamers aren't entirely disappointed, while attempt to re ure investors that people still love the company. "our thinking in arranging the 2017 software lineup is that it is impor

nintendo super bowl ad brings the switch and legend of zelda to the big game

the switch arrives march 3 the post nintendo super bowl ad brings the switch and legend of zelda to the big game appeared first on

gamestop randomly picking 1000 people for nintendo switch pre orders today only

if you still haven't pre-ordered a nintendo switch, gamestop may be your saving grace. the gaming retailer is offering a chance to 1,000 customers nationwide to pre-order the console more on gametyrantpermalink

1,000 gamestop visitors will be chosen to preorder the nintendo switch tomorrow

on urday, february 11th, gamestop is once again hosting its power-up rewards pro day sales event. along with discounts on games, hardware, strategy guides and apparel, the retailer has revealed that it is also going to choose 1,000 customers at random to preorder the nintendo switch. the customers who are chosen will have the opportunity to preorder nintendo's upcoming console, which is sold out virtually everywhere. if you want to have a chance to have a chance to preorder a nintendo switch (this is honestly beginning to give me a headache), you need to actually be in a gamestop store at some point on urday during the pro day event. it's unclear exactly how a customer can make him or herself eligible to be chosen for the preorder opportunity, but a spokesperson tells us that you don't ha

nintendo's new online service to cost around $25 yearly

well here's a fair bit of good news for the nintendo switch. game industry consultant dr. sekan toto announced via twitter that nintendo's new online service is likely to be around $25 more on gametyrantpermalink

nintendo sells 1.5 million nes cl ics worldwide

apparently some people did get their hands on the console after all.

nintendo will add vr to switch - if it can solve one problem

"if we are able to resolve the issues, we will support it in one form or another."

don’t buy nintendo’s overpriced switch sd cards – buy these instead

over the weekend, nintendo everything discovered via an amazon listing that nintendo was partnering with popular accessory maker hori to bring officially branded sd cards to the nintendo switch. unsurprisingly, these cards are overpriced, so regardless of whether or not they make their way west, you should avoid them at all costs. instead, read on for our suggestions of sd cards you should get for your switch. sandisk ultra 200gb microsdxc if you want the most bang for your buck, look no further than sandisk's 200gb microsdxc card. you'll be hard pressed to find a 256gb card significantly under $200 and most 128gb cards cost upwards of $40. considering how much smaller the standard switch game will be compared to the m ive size of games on ps4 and xbox one, a 200gb card should be the swe

big ‘super mario run’ update makes your life a little bit easier

while super mario run might not have had the same breakout success as pokemon go, it proved to be a fun distraction and a relatively encouraging first step for nintendo's mobile ambitions. one of the only real issues with the game was its lack of content, but a month and a half after launch, nintendo has finally rolled out the first substantial update for super mario run to the app store. on tuesday, nintendo pushed out version 1.1.0 of super mario run for ios devices, an update with several interesting additions. the most notable is a new easy mode which removes the timer from world tour levels and gives the player unlimited bubbles (aka lives) with which to complete the levels. the update also adjusts toad rally so that players gain more toads when they win and lose fewer toads when the

nintendo financials: pokemon helps m ive profit increase

plus an updated look at lifetime software sales on 3ds and wii u.

daily deals: build a studio ghibli blu-ray collection!

plus save on extra nintendo switch joy-con controllers and new tvs!

wii u production ends globally

nintendo has confirmed it will no longer manufacture the system, which sold 13.5 million units as of the end of 2016.

how to nintendo’s ‘fire emblem heroes’ on ios and android right now

it's only the second day of february, but 2017 has already been a huge year for nintendo. the wii u was finally put to rest, the switch made a splash at its debut in japan and now the company's new mobile game has started rolling out for ios and android. on thursday morning, fire emblem heroes began appearing on the app store and google play in various countries, including japan and new zealand. unfortunately, the app hasn't made its way to the us quite yet, but hold tight -- it shouldn't be long now before the mobile version of the popular strategy series pops up on the us app store and google play. nintendo originally unveiled fire emblem heroes last month during a nintendo direct stream. heroes is basically a miniaturized version of a fire emblem title, where the player has to move cha

nintendo financials reveal strong 3ds sales but flagging wii consoles

the house of n saw a m ive increase in profit thanks in part to pokemon and the sale of a baseball team.

newswire: delve into the design of zelda: art and artifacts in this exclusive pr

the legend of zelda is one of the pillars of the nintendo video game kingdom, and with a new zelda game set as one of the launch titles for the new nintendo switch console, interest in the property has skyrocketed once again. fans of zelda should check out dark horse comics’ new the legend of zelda: art & artifacts hardcover to get an in-depth look at the design of this rich fantasy world. this m ive 424-page tome contains a wide range of material from preliminary sketches to promotional artwork to in-game g hics, spotlighting the artistry that goes into creating an internationally renowned franchise. this is dark horse’s second zelda art book following the best-selling hyrule historia, and art & artifacts has the same exceptional production quality and attention to detail. zelda

why you shouldn't connect fire emblem heroes to your nintendo account

take a ntage of a cool exploit to get better heroes. just don't sign in!

breaking down the nintendo switch super bowl ad

we analyze the easter eggs hiding in the big game's switch commercial.

ridley scott is producing a vampire series called the p age

fox is developing a new series with producer ridley scott that actually sounds pretty interesting. it's a vampire series called the p age, and it's based on the fantasy book written by justin cronin. the series is also being developed by liz heldens (friday night lights) and matt reeves (rise of the planet of the apes).heldens wrote the script for the pilot episode, and according to deadline, "the p age begins as a character-driven government conspiracy thriller and morphs into a post-apocalyptic saga with vampires. the series spans over a century and focuses on a young named amy who must save the human race."sounds like it could have a buffy the vampire slayer kind of vibe, which is kinda cool. with the team of talent developing the series, it has potential to be great and ente