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comment on ‘the big bang theory’ renewed for seasons 11 & 12 by cbs by john mead

rauch and bialik both can be recast - people forget shows can do that - they are not expendable. would the main cast walk in order for their co-stars (co-stars, not stars mind you) to get a big pay day. and what about poor regular guest-reoccuring kevin "stuart" sussman? he's got to be getting next to nothing. he sure isn't getting the $175,000 the girls are! should be lucky to be on the show. name me another show where the main 5 players take a pay cut so the budget can afford pay raises for the co-stars.

modern pop stars are not interesting enough: robbie williams

london, feb 26 (pti) singer robbie williams says modern pop stars lack the aura and antics of real rock ‘n’ roll stars like in the 1990s. the 43-year-old musician said the ’90s stars were a “different breed” all together and new singers can not match them, reported femalefirst. “we were a different breed back then […]

charo and bruno tonioli's dancing with the stars "feud" is the gift that keeps o

it's called dancing with the stars, but if charo had her way it would be deal making with the stars. "i was very upset that they kicked out [chris kattan]," charo told e!...

valentine’s day gifts that we’d like to give our stars

it is that time of the year when mushy thoughts run wild across the film industry. sach pucho toh kuch kuch hota hai…stars who are single deserve a date, stars who are dating several deserve a break, and stars who are pretending not to date anyone deserve a wake-up knuckle on their head. wake up,read more the post valentine’s day gifts that we’d like to give our stars appeared first on bollywood hungama.

‘battle of the network stars’ reboot in works at abc

abc is casting and prepping battle of the network stars, a reboot of the network’s 1970s and ’80s competition series that pitted teams of stars from different tv networks. abc ran all 19 of the original series, and plans to make the redo, if it happens, as a summer event series. the original rights are owned by img, which will produce the new series with abc and glassman media. the new incarnation would feature tv stars from all eras and genres on the teams, which would…

comment on justin bieber upset over the weeknd’s diss track? how work is helping

the media never going to stop talking about justin or the weekend or selena gomez or whoever stars wants to be in the media.they like to be in the we get talk about them and media likes talk about them and we all comment on them.basic if you don't want heard it.don't comment on them or just annoy these stars in media.don't following these stars on social media.i don't call them hollywood stars anymore.i call them rich people with money.nobody is normal out there.nobody is perfect out there.

dancing with the stars' 9 biggest feuds

now dancing the duel...these dwts pairs! throughout its 24-season history, dancing with the stars has mostly seen smiles and sequins in the ballroom, but every now and then, the dramatics...

charo: heather morris' casting on dancing with the stars "pissed me off," but i'

dancing with the stars season 24 is stacked--there's olympic gymnast simone billes, pop stars erika jayne and normani kordei, olympic figure skater nancy kerrigan and glee star--and honest to...

comment on netflix replacing star ratings with thumbs ups and thumbs downs by ed

this will mix all the prior 3 star reviewed movies and shows with the 5 stars. you now either like it or not, you don't get to choose "it was just ok." we know what netflix is doing and it's a very bad idea. you would think they would add more stars to get a more accurate review. no...they delete the stars all together.

nancy kerrigan will compete in dancing with the stars season 24

the list of names of stars gunning for the mirrorball trophy in the upcoming season of dancing with the stars continues to grow. variety reports that olympic figure skating legend nancy...

comment on the weeknd vs. justin bieber: which of selena gomez’s bfs is ter? — v

i really do care about the ...need new and new stars.get rid of the old stars and bring in new.

comment on win the ultimate lionsgate prize pack by andres miron

city of stars under the stars, oh yes please!!!!!! it would be just amazing.... a romantic blast!!!!!!

these 5 stars look as fabulous as they did decades ago--and why shouldn't they?!

we don't believe in benjamin button, nor do we know what looking your age is supposed to mean. what we do believe in is health and fitness, taking care of yourself and doing whatever...

21 celebrities who have turned down dancing with the stars

do you want to be on dwts? circle yes or no. ok, so it's probably more official than that, but dancing with the stars, which just announced the cast of its 24th season, has extended a...

comment on ‘battle of the network stars’ reboot in the works at abc (exclusive)

this was such a fun show, loved it when i was a little kid, hope they get real stars to participate and not d-level types.

‘dancing with the stars’ stars chris kattan and witney carson exclusive studiowr

‘dancing with the stars’ stars chris kattan and witney carson exclusive studiowrap portraits (photos)

what bollywood stars did this week

after a long week, here comes the much awaited weekend. we are sure that all of you must have made your plans for the weekend. but before you jump into the weekend, here’s a quick lookback at ‘what bollywood stars did this week’. share this with your friends and other bollywood fans. and, as always,read more the post what bollywood stars did this week appeared first on bollywood hungama.

5 surprises we want to see on this season of dancing with the stars

dancing with the stars has always been a fun show filled with plenty of surprising moments, from pregnancy announcements to engagements, and this season we hope won't be any...

comment on netflix replacing star ratings with thumbs ups and thumbs downs by na

oh, crap. i used the stars to tell me what i had watch before. three stars meant, i watched it and it was okay. two meant don't rent this again and 4 meant rent again, while 5 meant, loved it, rent it when you are sick in bed and need another winner. this new system will mess me up. why can't we have both? ups and downs for suggestions from netfilx and leave me my stars! maybe it is time for hulu.

scandal stars before they were famous

how kerry, shonda and others got to the test show on tv.

comment on is steven spielberg’s trump-timed ‘the post’ the start of a new wave

not if it is directed by an old white man and stars 2 long in the tooth movie stars.

dancing with the stars premiere awards: could this be the best season yet?

so much for heather morris' big advantage, right? sure, season 24 of dancing with the stars still has some celebs who are going to really rely on those viewer votes, but the former...

you have to see mr. t's dancing with the stars entrance to believe it

it's safe to say we pity the fools who think mr. t doesn't know how to make an entrance. in the exclusive dancing with the stars sneak preview, kym herjavec (née johnson) meets her...

method man stars on new tv show

method man is the judge on new hip-hop rap battle show.

comment on ‘battle of the network stars’ reboot in works at abc by rebeccamck

i've been wanting this back for years, so i hope it happens. let broadcast network stars from 90s and beyond compete.

comment on ‘the resident’: manish dayal stars, bruce greenwood co-stars in fox d

manish is wonderfully charismatic, so happy for his success!

comment on trailer watch: bollywood robot stars rai, rajni by pooja

now the sequel of this movie robot is coming and apart from rajnikanth, it also stars akshay kumar.

is there an unfair advantage on this season of dancing with the stars?

heather morris might be dancing to the beat of her own controversy. when the glee alum was announced as a cast member of the upcoming season of dancing with the stars, fans and viewers...

‘dancing with the stars’ ratings return up, cbs comedies & ‘taken’ hit lows

there were certainly a few awkward moments and some less than smooth moves but with olympian simone biles, the legendary charo, nancy kerrigan, just engaged bachelor nick viall and mr. t among the celebs, the latest season opener of dancing with the stars (2.0/7) had a sure step last night. now, the two-hour dwts wasn't the top rated show of the night, that went to a two-hour the voice (2.4/8), but the abc competition series did have that rare big 4 honor of actually…

berlinale: chinese talent shines at brilliant stars parade

xu haofeng, best-known as the screenwriter on wong kar-wai’s “the grandmaster,” which premiered at the berlinale four years ago, made a triumphant return to berlin. he was named as best director sunday night at the inaugural asian brilliant stars event in the german capital for his 2015 film “the final master.” the asian brilliant stars... read more »

nick viall's biggest dancing with the stars hurdle? his nerves

the bachelor star nick viall has one thing standing in his way of really succeeding on dancing with the stars: himself. "i feel ok," he told e! news after week two of dancing with...

erika jayne has something to say about being called "raunchy" on dancing with th

did you happen to agree with len goodman when he dinged erika jayne's debut performance on dancing with the stars for being raunchy? if so, the following message is for you. when e!...

charo threatens to quit dancing with the stars after being scored "very unfairly

if you thought charo was passionate on the dancing with the stars ballroom floor, you haven't seen anything yet. e! news has learned that the fiery flamenco guitarist is threatening...

comment on with cinemacon on the horizon, a look at how movies make the star by

"the mummy" is a good example. theoretically, universal could make their monster universe with newcomer casts - let the monster be the star - but they're going the opposite way. tom cruise, johnny depp... they want the insurance of a big international name. stardom is a fun topic that can be argued about forever. the bottom line is that stars get most of the movies in hollywood made. try selling your project or getting a greenlight without one. the people giving the greenlights rest easier when they've got stars, whether chris evans helps the box office of "gifted" or not. one of the most obvious examples of star power is the casts of animated films. do animated films really need stars? and yet the voice casts are chock-a-block full of them. and the stars show

takeaways from the wwd men’s wear summit

the annual event drew pop stars to tv stars, retailers to designers.

just how famous is dancing with the stars' season 24 cast? we asked 5 random peo

ladies and gentleman, please welcome to the ballroom....who? dancing with the stars' season 24 cast was officially announced on good morning america on wednesday, and, as always,...

simone biles didn't hesitate at a second chance to join dancing with the stars

when dancing with the stars first came calling for olympic gymnast simone biles, she was barely finished with her impressive run at the rio games and had to watch as her teammate laurie hernandez...

magic fall 2017 fashion trends: stars

stars emerge as a standout theme for all women's product categories.

hannah jeter, kim k. & 19 more stars who look flawless in bikinis while pregnant

these stars are pregnant and proud — as they should be!

comment on a new celebrity video urges congress to obstruct donald trump by bw

shut up you tea baggers come out into america with that message watch how far you pussies get