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the 100 best horror movie countdown continues - Search

Search the 100 best horror movie countdown continues in many kind of world’s biggest Film and movie resource with daily updated movie news, celebrity news and reviews, interviews from the World film & movie scene.

the 100 best horror movie countdown continues

here are the final 25 horror films. did your favorite make the cut?

[box office] ‘it’ continues to float, ‘flatliners’ dies, and ‘happy death day’ i

with all of the horror happenings in the box office, it’s hard not to report on it, especially when new line cinema’s it continues to soar. while it’s not even close to being the all-time highest grossing horror movie, it’s still a behemoth that’s crushing everything in pennywise’s path. it was #1, again. estimates from […]

ign uk podcast #370: nioh and the birth of boss key-word countdown

this week, we witnessed the first steps of keyword countdown's twin, slightly nerdier brother.

box office – horror friday for new releases, naam shabana continues to have best

it was a ‘horror friday’ for bollywood as none of the new releases managed to bring in any moolah whatsoever at the box office. so much so that even the re-release of baahubali failed to entice any footfalls, what with collections not even reaching rs. 1 crore. for a film that has been released at 1000read more the post box office – horror friday for new releases, naam shabana continues to have best numbers appeared first on bollywood hungama.

is showgirls a horror movie?

is paul verhoeven's notorious vegas stripper melodrama really a horror movie in disguise? the post is showgirls a horror movie? appeared first on

dctv’s arrowverse episode roundup: the countdown to the end

dctv's arrowverse episode roundup: the countdown to the end. the flash, supergirl, and arrow's penultimate episode recaps. the post dctv’s arrowverse episode roundup: the countdown to the end appeared first on heroic hollywood.

perfect trailer edit turns ‘ghostbusters’ into a straight up horror movie

i ain’t afraid of no ghosts. except library ghost. she’s terrifying. we often cover ghostbusters happenings here on bloody disgusting, which sometimes rubs some horror fans the wrong way. we realize it’s more of a comedy within a horror movie set-up than it is a straight up horror movie, but let’s be real here: there’s […]

aphex twin begins mysterious month-long countdown

a new album or just another doomsday clock? aphex twin – otherwise known as richard d. james – has launched a curious countdown clock on his website today. …continue reading » the post aphex twin begins mysterious month-long countdown appeared first on nme.

salman khan and matin’s latest pic from tubelight will give you wanderlust

as a countdown to the release of the movie, the actor has been sharing behind the scenes and movie stills with his fans everyday.

dario argento writing new horror movie and “book of black fairytales”

oh good, so dracula 3d won’t be his last horror film. as we noted last month, dario argento is working on a new horror movie that he’s been particularly coy about. all argento really said at the time was that he was he developing “something new” that falls into the horror genre, and he expounded […]

new horror from funko! elvira vinyl figure and pint-size horror heroes!

funko continues taking over the world. while neca may be the horror fan’s one-stop shop for highly detailed action figures of our favorite characters, there’s something to be said for the sheer volume of output from funko. the company often puts a cute and cuddly spin on horror’s greatest icons, turning them into vinyl toys, […]

universal’s halloween horror nights orlando is a communal celebration of our hol

if you needed something to signal the official countdown to halloween it would be universal’s annual halloween horror nights, which simultaneously takes place in both hollywood and orlando parks. while every state in the country is blessed with various haunts and mazes, universal is the only one that’s jam-packed with licensed properties from all of […]

10 horror movie remakes you probably didn’t know existed!

as much as it may hurt to admit it, horror remakes are one of the most profitable types of films for the genre (they’re not all bad though). sometimes a high-profile remake flies under the radar and, as you will see in the following list, are forgotten entirely. below are 10 such horror movie remakes that […]

‘it,’ ‘split’ and ‘get out’: horror’s star continues to rise at the box office

“you’ll float too.” the catchy tag line for the new film adaptation of stephen king’s “it” might also apply to the egos of those behind the record-shattering box office hit (which must be about as inflated as pennywise’s balloon). in its opening weekend, the r-rated horror film is expected to earn $117 million in north... read more »

15 creepiest horror movie kids ever

we're looking at what we think are the 15 creepiest, most disturbing and memorably sinister children from horror films.

let’s relax about ‘it’ being the highest grossing horror film in history…

look, i’m super happy that new line cinema’s it is blowing the lid off the box office, but let’s calm down for a second. i’m seeing reports all over the place dubbing it as the single biggest horror movie ever, and that’s just ludicrous. first of all, jaws is a horror movie. second, m. night […]

x-men spinoff the new mutants will be a horror movie

according to director josh boone, the film is going to be a "full-fledged horror movie set within the x-men universe."

comment on the 15 best horror directors of the 21st century by been watching hor

the inclusion of a rob zombie movie entirely negates any value this list may otherwise have had. also the conjuring is a family chiller rather than a horror.

‘the mask’ was originally going to be a horror movie?!

chuck russell has made some pretty cool movies throughout his career. he’s of course known in the horror world for directing a nightmare on elm street 3: dream warriors and the blob (1988), one of the best horror sequels of all time and one of the best horror remakes of all time. he subsequently directed jim […]

it beats the exorcist as biggest horror movie ever

andres muschietti's it is floating to the top of the horror movie hall of fame as it crushes everything in its box office path.

imax releases special ‘spider-man: homecoming’ countdown

for those who want the premium experience to watch spider-man: homecoming in theaters, imax is a no-brainer. seeing the webhead swing through […] the post imax releases special ‘spider-man: homecoming’ countdown appeared first on heroic hollywood.

comment on ‘it,’ ‘split’ and ‘get out’: horror’s star continues to rise at the b

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20 insanely bleak horror movie endings that will haunt you for life

horror purists will tell you that the best horror movies have bleak endings. in fright flicks, the most likely outcome is also the most tragic.

horror comedies do not excite me: prithviraj

prithviraj, the talented actor is all set to release his upcoming horror thriller, ezra, on february 10. in a recent interview, prithviraj opened up about the much-awaited movie, and his taken on the genre, horror comedy. interestingly, the actor stated that horror

countdown begins for fifa u-17 world cup final

the countdown for the final of the fifa u-17 world cup 2017 begins on thursday with the city of joy gearing up to stage the marque clash exactly six months from now.

giant spoilers for every horror movie you've ever been too scared to watch

with the rise of exciting horror movie twists in scare-fests like the boy and the visit, it's clear that the horror genre's ability to deliver a terrifying, mind-boggling ending is still going strong. whether you're a little too scared to see the movie, don't have time to read the full wikipedia summary, or you just want to relive some of cinema's most horrifying moments, keep scrolling to see every plot twist that'll leave you with your heart in your throat.

comment on film review: ‘it comes at night’ by jeremy brooks

i just saw this movie a few hours ago. i was very disappointed in how the film was marketed. it is not a thriller/horror movie, but more of a really depressing drama that leaves a lot of unanswered questions. i thought the acting was good and i believed in the characters (especially kelvin harrison jr. as travis), but in my view the movie suffered from some lazy writing. still, it's worth viewing as long as you don't go expecting to see a horror movie.

comment on no. 18 ‘la la land’ box office profits – 2016 most valuable movie blo

i don't think you understand the concept of a countdown. :)

comment on ‘it,’ ‘split’ and ‘get out’: horror’s star continues to rise at the b

to hell with all you horror whores. this world is threatening enough without your crap on the screen. you are not too far from car hijackers and drug pushers. you have no social responsibility and think only of yourselves and your bank accounts which you can fatten with the blood of onscreen victims. rot in the hell the whole lot of you.

comment on the 20 best british horror films of all time by toadliquor

dennis harvey is completely correct. this list is pretty awful as far as being representative of british horror. and also, the devils is not a horror movie!

5 indies from this year’s brooklyn horror film fest that you need to see!

with the second annual brooklyn horror film festival now complete, here are some of the most promising releases to get excited over  the second annual brooklyn horror film festival came at audiences like a rampaging chainsaw-wielding maniac. in other words, this festival seriously killed it this year and it continues to proves that it’s just […]

it is first horror movie ever to pass $300 million

new line cinema's it adaptation enters uncharted box office territory, becoming the first horror movie to earn more than $300 million domestic.

[podcasts] the horror show #132: plan 9 from outer space

a movie that would appear to be custom made for the horror show is finally here: plan 9 from outer space! sean and joe talk about ed wood and why this movie should be given more credit then it gets. the guys from the horror show have also started a donation drive to assist the […]

it just became the most successful* horror movie in u.s. history

andy muschietti’s it is the most successful horror movie in years, blending together stephen king’s name, a massive marketing push, and the legitimately arresting sight of bill skarsgård as pennywise the dancing clown into a cinematic phenomenon. in fact, it—which already scored the biggest horror opening in film…read more...

let’s look at the scary side of disney’s ‘pinocchio’

when i was a young boy (probably two or three), pinocchio was my favorite movie. i loved it! i would watch it constantly. recently, as a 34-year-old, avid horror movie fan, i re-watched it. midway through, i realized why i loved it so much: it’s basically a horror movie! disney usually tames their stories from […]

here’s how you can help make sure “ash vs. evil dead” continues

this is about more than signing a petition. which you should. one of the things that makes the horror genre so special is that it’s essentially run by us, the fans. it’s our support that allows the movie franchises and television shows we love to continue, but it’s also our lack of support that can […]

goteborg:’force majeure’ director ruben ostlund on ‘the square’ (exclusive)

swedish helmer ruben ostlund, whose latest film, the black comedy “force majeure” (pictured above) won the jury prize at cannes’ un certain regard and earned a golden globe nomination, privately unveiled a clip of “the square,” his upcoming provocative ire, ahead of the movie’s pitching at goteborg film festival’s work-in-progress showcase. deep in editing, ostlund... read more »