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three monstrosities hit ‘war dragons’ for halloween - Search

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three monstrosities hit ‘war dragons’ for halloween

so yeah, every game developer that can get into the halloween swing of things is doing so. one such developer, pocket gems, wrote in to tell us about part of their fall 2017 update for their mobile medieval real-time strategy game, war dragons, which looks pretty badass. already filled with more than one hundred types […]

videos tease spirit halloween’s new animatronics for halloween 2017

teaser trailers for halloween decorations. now we’re speaking my language. we’re just about three and a half months away from halloween, which means it won’t be long before those seasonal shops begin popping up all across the country. halloween isn’t just a day but rather a two-month celebration of all things spooky, kicking off in […]

ultimate ‘halloween’ fan film is canon with original timeline

what if dimension films never bailed on halloween original timeline and allowed rob zombie to remake john carpenter’s cl ic? we would have a sequel to halloween: resurrection (2002), which would complete a new trilogy that started with halloween: h20 (1998). kohl v. bladen and jeffrey j. moore co-wrote and will co-direct halloween: the night evil […]

jamie lee curtis returns for new halloween

welcome back to halloween, jamie lee curtis. the 58-year-old actress will reprise her iconic 1978 role of laurie strode in a new halloween sequel also titled...halloween. curtis rose to...

halloween sequel sets new release date target

next year's reboot of the halloween franchise is apparently moving its targeted release date from mid-october to halloween night.

check out the hot wheels halloween 2017 collection!

we are so close to halloween season. i can feel it. every year, mattel puts out a line of halloween-themed hot wheels vehicles around, well, halloween, and it seems that walmart stores have already begun putting this year’s lineup out onto shelves. yes. in mid-july. the man behind blog the lamley group just stumbled upon […]

everything you’ll be able to snag for halloween comicfest 2017!

every year, on the saturday before halloween, comic shops around the world open their doors to celebrate the season with…. halloween comic fest. free comic book day takes place each and every may, but something even cooler happens on the saturday before every halloween. on halloween comicfest, comic shops around the country unload tons of […]

public service announcement: there are new halloween pop tarts!

the halloween season isn’t just about horror movies. there are many things that make the road to halloween such an exciting time, and one of the big ones is all the seasonal food products that begin hitting store shelves in august/september. all kinds of halloween-themed candies and snack items are unleashed, and we’re excited to […]

“halloween wars” returns to food network in october; info and guest judges

every halloween season since 2011, food network has celebrated the holiday with “halloween wars,“ a reality competition series wherein teams made up of cake sculptors, sugar artists, and pumpkin carvers battle it out to produce the ultimate halloween themed display. for this year’s season 7, “halloween wars” is bigger and better than ever. “halloween wars” […]

coolest dragons in pop culture, ranked

no doubt about it: dragons are cool. you know it, we know it, george r. r. martin knows it--that's why he made them a huge part of his books that inspired game of thrones. in...

dungeons & dragons movie script being developed by joe manganiello

joe manganiello reveals that he is actively working on the script for a dungeons & dragons movie reboot, being a longtime fan of the property.

see martha stewart dressed up in her favorite halloween costumes

martha stewart is getting ready for halloween! in october's martha stewart living, the 76-year-old lifestyle guru is dressing up and showing off some of her favorite halloween...

a complete history of the halloween franchise so far

halloween creator john carpenter is executive producing a new sequel, so here's a recap of the ten halloween movies released so far.

[exclusive] ‘neverknock’ trailer brings halloween horrors to syfy

on halloween night, three kids were found dead… who killed them? we told you just last week that syfy is premiering two new horror films as part of their 31 days of halloween marathon, both directed by sheldon wilson (the hollow). first up will be neverknock, which is fittingly set on halloween and explores a […]

ariel winter’s hottest halloween costumes ever: playboy bunny & more

ariel winter is the queen of halloween! over the years, she's had a number of amazing halloween costumes. from a playboy bunny to a greek goddess, these are her hottest halloween costumes. take a look and get psyched for halloween 2017!

joe manganiello is hustling his own ‘dungeons & dragons’ script, says he’s ‘talk

"you get some dragons breathing fire, and hey, i'm in," the actor said on a recent podcast appearance.

john carpenter: halloween (2018) is direct sequel to original film

john carpenter says that david gordon green's 2018 halloween sequel essentially ignores everything but the original halloween movie.

comment on jamie lee curtis returning for ‘halloween’ reboot by jhs39

halloween has to have the worst continuity from film to film of any horror franchise that has ever existed. if you watch halloween it's clear that laurie strode is not michael myers' sister because not a single character mentions that fact even though it obviously would have been relevant. in halloween 4 & 5 laurie is supposed to be dead and i think the little girl is supposed to be her daughter. in halloween 6 michael myers is being controlled by a secret society of druids. in halloween 7 (aka h20) laurie is actually still alive and apparently never had the little girl from parts 4 & 5. plus laurie decapitates michael myers. in halloween 8 laurie didn't decapitate michael myers in the previous film but she does definitely get killed by him. and now laurie is alive

john carpenter says next year’s ‘halloween’ disregards everything past original

from the very beginning, the belief has been that david gordon green’s halloween will be picking up after the events of halloween 2, disregarding all the sequels that came in the wake of the 1981 film. but as we recently speculated, comments from gordon green and co-writer danny mcbride have suggested that even halloween 2 […]

comment on jamie lee curtis returning for new ‘halloween’ by anonymous

trust me , this halloween movie is already generating so much hype and going to make so much money, this will not be the last halloween movie..

halloween costumes for kids that are beyond adorable

there are a ton of reasons that having a kid rocks and halloween is just another one of those blessed instances. not only do you get to share in the joys of stuffing your face with candy...

all seven “home improvement” halloween specials just hit hulu!

oh and in case you missed it, every “roseanne” halloween episode is on amazon! one of the shows that most memorably went all-out for halloween back in the ’90s was “home improvement,” which saw the taylor family celebrating halloween for nearly every season it was on the air. across 8 seasons, beginning with season 2, […]

25 genius couples halloween costume ideas

it's officially october and you know what that means: time to get going on that halloween costume. if you're rolling solo on the big night, we don't blame you for thinking...

fright rags’ incredible ‘trick ‘r treat’ collection brings halloween early

ten years after being shelved, it’s pretty safe to say that michael dougherty’s trick ‘r treat has become the beloved halloween classic it was always destined to be. not only has the film made its way into halloween horror nights this year, but it’s playing as part of syfy’s 31 days of halloween, all month […]

target and universal monsters partner for exclusive halloween collection

this year, target becomes monsterville! we recently previewed target’s halloween 2017 collection along with a handful of tasty halloween snacks that are exclusively available there this year, but now that target stores across the country are finally putting their annual halloween aisles together, we’re seeing even more than we expected from them this season. of particular […]

deathstroke actor's dungeons and dragons script

the script for the project is based on the first 1984 dragonlace novel, "dragons of autumn twilight."

13 books to get you in the halloween spirit

fall is here and halloween is fast approaching. by now you’ve likely filled out your october horror watchlists, but what about a good old-fashioned story? with the weather starting to cool down, sometimes nothing is better than staying inside with a good book. if you need an alternative to movies this halloween, here are essential […]

‘got’ dragons to grow bigger, fearsome: director

los angeles, march 17 (ians) “game of thrones” co-director matt shankman says dragons will be the size of jumbo jets in the forthcoming seventh season. “the dragons this year are the size of 747s,” quoted shankman as saying. he added: “drogon is the biggest of the bunch – his flame is 30 feet in […]

why a halloween sequel is better than a reboot

blumhouse's decision to make next halloween movie a direct sequel instead of a remake, especially with john carpenter onboard, is the right choice.

neil degrasse tyson takes on the science of game of thrones’ dragons

neil degrasse tyson takes aim at the physics of the dragons that are depicted on game of thrones - both the good and the bad.

model-approved halloween costumes you can do with your friends

call it what you want: a girl gang, clique, crew--whatever it is, you and your friends are ready to represent this halloween. now that taylor swift's celeb squad seemingly no longer...

new dungeons and dragons adventure: ‘indiana jones meets zombies’

details emerge concerning the new dungeons and dragons game, tomb of annihilation, described as 'indiana jones meets zombies'.

this ‘halloween 3’ art for the 2017 halloween horrorthon will melt your mind

this halloween season, the reel terror begins on october 21. on saturday, october 21 at the cinema arts centre in huntington, new york, retro picture show presents the 2017 halloween horrorthon, an all-night marathon that will include 35mm screenings of house of 1000 corpses, scream blacula scream, psycho iii, tourist trap and frankenstein and the […]

game of thrones: can daenerys still have children?

in game of thrones, daenerys has her sights set on becoming queen of westeros - but is she capable of mothering an heir?

new halloween not a remake; follows first 2 movies in franchise

danny mcbride - co-writer of the new halloween - says that the film won't be a remake, and will pick-up the story sometime after 1981's halloween ii.

this year's hottest pop culture halloween costumes for men

it's time to plan your halloween costumes, and if you are grasping out at straws for ideas, you've come to the right place. we have plenty of pop-culture-inspired ideas for women, so now we have the list for men. of course, anyone could be pennywise this halloween (but please be careful with that costume, it's very scary). besides that it costume of the season (i had to), here are the other timely pop culture costumes that would make for the coolest halloween get-up! related500 pop culture halloween costume ideas

watch walt disney world get a halloween makeover

a timelapse video shows just how much work goes into transforming the disney world park into mickey's not so scary halloween.

mcconaughey on why rom-coms are hard

in film genres, few are seen as lazier and more formula reliant than romantic comedies. in the 1990s rom-coms were everywhere, but audience interest in the genre has waned at the box-office. romance on film instead has taken more dramatic turns offering both challenging films that garner awards, or soft-pedalled formula efforts which nicholas sparks […] the post mcconaughey on why rom-coms are hard appeared first on dark horizons.