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ukrainian drama ‘black level’ has no dialogue, but plenty of emotion

in photography, the term “black level” refers to the darkest part of a visual image at which no light is emitted from the screen. for ukrainian director valentyn vasyanovych and his film “black level,” the name speaks to the despair one feels in their darkest moments. “for me this film is about loneliness, about losses and about responsibility for your parents, but also about how this responsibility hinders you sometime from moving forward,” vasyanovych told thewrap’s sharon waxman. at thewrap’s awards and foreign screening series at the landmark theatres in los angeles thursday, vasyanovych spoke via a translator about how “black level” evolved from a documentary with no screenplay or budget to ukraine’s official submission

‘lion’ drives story with minimum dialogue, maximum emotion

garth davis’ oscar-nominated “lion” is essentially two films in one, the first half driven by visuals and backdrops, the second half by language and dialogue and the pervasive power of memory to help form our sense of cultural identity. emotion is what holds these distinct, real-life stories together — one, the story of a boy... read more »

'mere paas maa hai'! here's how the iconic dialogue of shashi kapoor was coined

'mere paas maa hai' is an iconic dialogue mouthed by shashi kapoor in deewaar and even after 4 decades, it's still rememberd as one of the best and finest dialogues ever said as it touches an emotion which involves one's mother

comment on samuel l. jackson criticizes the casting of black british actors in a

to a black brit it doesn't mean the same for a black american actor. the brits are acting in the role. but for an american it would mean more than a role. if people don't understand that then they just don't. i totally get what samuel was saying. the emotion would mean more to an american to play such iconic rolls. hollywood is casting black brits in all kinds of iconic black roles. there are plenty of great american actors right here who can play those roles. and those roles should be considered for an american actor first. brits had no problem not having not one american actor in any of the harry potter movies. not one. so get off of sam's back.

comment on terrence malick made an enemy out of james horner & 7 more things we

"this was the man who took the story that could have been one of the great love stories and was one of the great love stories in history, and turned it into crap, and it’s because he doesn’t believe in those things. he doesn’t understand them. and most importantly, he has not an emotion in his body. he’s emotionless." as if horner could recognize an emotion that wasn't molded, packaged, labeled, and organized into a recycled and predictable library of cues. i loved his stuff when i first started paying attention to film scores, especially legends of the fall and braveheart, until i was finally able to admit to myself that he had emotion down as an algorithm, and it all starts to blur together. he seems accustomed to scoring music that instructs us what to feel, while malick

‘lion’ drives story with minimum dialogue, maximum emotion

garth davis’ oscar-nominated “lion” is essentially two films in one, the first half driven by visuals and backdrops, the second half by language and dialogue and the pervasive power of memory to help form our sense of cultural identity. emotion is what holds these distinct, real-life stories together — one, the story of a boy... read more »

killing of putin critic an 'act of state terrorism,' ukrainian president says

denis voronenkov was shot and killed in kiev thursday in what the ukrainian president described as an "act of state terrorism" by russia.

killing of ex-russian lawmaker an 'act of state terrorism', says ukrainian presi

denis voronenkov was shot and killed in kiev thursday in what the ukrainian president described as an "act of state terrorism" by russia.

comment on ‘lion’ drives story with minimum dialogue, maximum emotion by pooja

yet to release here in india. eagerly waiting for this movie to watch the young actor sunny pawar's acting.

comment on ‘empire’ ratings stumble to another series low, ‘chicago p.d.’ rises

while i like some of the actors in this show - we've had enough of the black drama cat clawing, sleeping around drama. it would be nice to see a 'black' show that did not steriotype the black culture as thug, multigazillion sex partner drama queen mentality.

rebels shut down first ukraine firm in trade war

kiev, mar 1 (afp) russian-backed rebels today halted the operations of the first ukrainian company after an ultimatum expired to end a trade blockade between the two foes. protesting ukrainian war veterans and opposition lawmakers have blocked rail freight traffic between government and rebel territory since january to stop the insurgents from receiving the cash […]

austria approves us extradition for ukrainian oligarch

vienna, feb 21 (ap) an austrian court today approved a us extradition request for a ukrainian oligarch suspected of paying millions of dollars in bribes to indian officials. the court decision overturns a lower court ruling nearly two years ago against extraditing dymitro firtash. the judge then said that the us move was at least […]

comment on selena gomez reunites with bff & kidney donor francia raisa for littl

i think selena can't songwrite, then she should write her emotions like essays, or record herself like 'the the heart want it wants' intro, she has to evoke exactly how she felt when that emotion took place if it's in the past. done this, it turns a lot easier to express the same emotion in a poetic way and she can get help from experienced songwriters for this part, but it needs to be her emotion

guns fall silent in flashpoint ukraine town

avdiivka (ukraine), feb 5 (afp) the guns fell quiet in a flashpoint eastern ukrainian town today after a week-long surge in violence that prompted us president donald trump to pledge to help bring peace to the european union’s backyard. the ukrainian military said late today that no soldiers had been killed in the past 24 […]

chamak movie review: a fun-filled movie laced with good amount of family drama!

when a specialist in dialogue writing collaborates with the king of dialogue delivery, then the result would be nothing less than a smashing success. golden star ganesh and simple suni's much-anticipated chamak has hit the screens today. a small teaser

2 ukrainian soldiers killed, 16 wounded in fresh fighting

kiev, mar 11 (afp) ukraine’s army reported today two soldiers killed in clashes with russian-backed rebels, in a new uptick in violence across eastern ukraine. ukrainian military spokesman andriy lysenko told reporters that two servicemen were killed and another 16 wounded in the past 24 hours, accusing insurgents of using heavy weapons against government troops. […]

ukraine: russian agent killed kremlin critic voronenkov

moscow, mar 24 (ap) a senior ukrainian official says the killer of kremlin critic denis voronenkov, who was gunned down in the ukrainian capital of kiev, was a russian agent. anton gerashchenko, an adviser to ukraine’s interior minister, identified the man who shot voronenkov yesterday as 28-year-old pavel parshov and said he had been trained […]

hbo debuts first trailer for ’70s porn drama from ‘the wire’ creator

hbo released the first trailer for its upcoming drama the deuce on wednesday, and it’s brimming with ’70s swagger. the new series, which stars james franco and maggie gyllenhaal, is set in and around times square in new york city and focuses on the burgeoning porn industry in the 1970s and ’80s. the new promo showcases plenty of sex, violence, bright lights and big hair, while curtis mayfield’s “get on up” blasts over the dialogue-free footage. the eight-episode drama, which debuts sept. 10, was created by detective fiction novelist george pelecanos and the wire creator david simon. watch the trailer above.

comment on film review: ‘bitter harvest’ by olga ruda

many thanks throughthegreythought! there may not be the better answer to this arrogant offensive "critic" who even for a moment can not imagine and understand the pain of all the ukrainian nation. what does he know about the holodomor? what he learned about the history of the ukrainian people in 1932-1933, when millions of dead bodies was lying on the road and government did not have time to bury them? when mothers were selected from all the children the weakest one and he was cooked and eaten to the rest survived? this is not a fairy tale, it is experienced by our grandmothers, grandfathers, mothers and fathers. and how dare you compare the premeditated murder of millions of ukrainians with the titanic? this so-called critic just a big cynic! 10 million people was starved to. de

comment on ukrainian mining magnate snaps up pricey penthouse at london’s one hy

[…] far as alteration and development is worried. ukrainian mining magnate snaps up pricey writer: miracle document solutions time: 02 january windows 2000. windows 2003. bambu asian cuisine […]

big issues: black bolt’s prison break escapes the conventions of superhero story

each week, big issues focuses on a newly released comic book of significance. this week, it’s black bolt #3. written by saladin ahmed (throne of the crescent moon) with art by christian ward (ody-c, the ultimates), this issue’s creative experimentation intensifies and informs its prison-break story. (this review reveals major plot points.)sometimes superhero comics feel like a prison, a place where promising creators are forced to restrain their individual voices to serve larger corporate interests. black bolt blasts through those prison walls. a superhero prison drama starring a lead character who can level cities with a single word, black bolt tackles big ideas like the morality of incarceration while telling the story of a king coping with the loss of both his authority and freedom. tr

comment on luca guadagnino isn’t remaking ‘suspiria’: ‘it’s an homage to the inc

how about using that "emotion" to create something else and not riding on the name? how about that.

black panther trailer #2 breakdown: all hail the king

the new trailer for black panther has arrived, and while it features plenty of new footage, it also poses plenty of questions in need of answers.

our offer of dialogue with india stands, says pak diplomat

washington, mar 29 (pti) pakistan’s top diplomat in the us today said that his country’s “offer of dialogue” with india stands as he urged new delhi not to fall into the trap of terrorist groups by withholding dialogue with islamabad. “we want peaceful, cooperative (and) good neighborly relationship with india. our offer of dialogue with […]

7 russian sailors, 1 ukrainian kidnapped in nigerian waters

warri (nigeria), feb 8 (ap) the russian emb y in nigeria says seven russian sailors and a ukrainian have been kidnapped from a cargo ship in nigerian waters. it comes less than three months after three russians were taken hostage off a ship in nigerian waters and later freed. ship hijackings and crew kidnappings are common […]

shilpa shetty on kareena kapoor: i can understand the emotion and pressure on he

bollywood actor shilpa shetty has said she understands the emotion and pressure felt by new mother kareena kapoor, known for her fit body. "as an actress, i can understand the emotion and pressure on her, especially when she is the synonym

‘black mirror: black museum’ trailer has plenty of ‘sick, sad’ stories to tell —

"underground" star aldis hodge is the latest american to join the netflix anthology series. 

comment on ‘it comes at night’ teaser trailer: the director of ‘krisha’ returns

"the witch" succeeds in building tension, dread and fear by using minimal dialogue, instead of dialogue, using powerful (silent)images/scenes to create atmosphere. my only gripe here: unnecessary dialogue that breaks the spell~! the masterfully crafted "the witch" is superior.

‘the bachelorette’ star rachel lindsay: will this strong black woman have to toe

abc's historic casting choice will stir up plenty of opinions on who and how a black woman should date.

black mirror premiere date, full trailer finally revealed

don’t watch the trailer above yet. read the rest of this first. first, the big news: the next season of black mirror is premiering sooner than you think… in fact, it comes out this month. netflix has, at last, revealed the emmy-winning anthology drama’s return date: dec. 29. the next round consists of six stand-alone episodes, including the 76-minute star trek-ian entry, “u.s.s. callister” and the show’s first-ever black-and-white episode, “metalhead.” while the first full trailer is above and tries to avoid giving too much away, there are a few shots that one might consider spoiler-ish. so if you’re a black mirror purist who likes to unwrap their christmas presents without shaking them first then you might want to skip it and go in blind later this month. as usual, this season contains pl

comment on a chat with tom hardy: is his ‘taboo’ killer a true shaman or ‘just f

great show...on every level. production design, story, photography, the acting by all the actors and supporting players, the dialogue and the script....and a great, great actor!

‘the collection’ review: amazon’s sumptuous fashion drama over-accessorizes with

set in paris, 1947, the franco-british production is visually and conceptually arresting but doesn't trust in the inherent emotion of its subject matter.

comment on deadline’s new hollywood podcast: ‘the greatest showman’ breakout kea

this woman is absolutely amazing and must stir deep emotion in everyone with this song in ‘the greatest showman’ the song is so powerful and she has the perfect power and emotion to deliver it.

comment on tv review: ‘ransom’ on cbs by mike

a psychological drama revolving around dialogue rather than explosives/violence. would have succeded on saturday nights if it received promtion from cbs

comment on gotham awards analysis: ‘get out’ is a serious awards season contende

the best scripts r not about dialogue but how its delivered en the few moment of dialogue in dunkirk grand because they are precious few and r used to great effect. so to me lack of dialogue doesn't make nolan's 6 page script weak and therefore weaken his shot at best pic. and a great ensemble of actors all delivering however little but perfectly to bring the tarpestry together will do enough to dispel the argument of the movie having no stand out actor. nolan's oscar has been long over due en for that he should get two for himself.

pope says christians can promote political dialogue in europe

pope francis said that politics, rather than promoting dialogue as it should "is becoming instead a forum for clashes between opposing forces."

mehbooba mufti welcomes centre’s move to start dialogue with all stakeholders in

srinagar, oct 23: jammu and kashmir chief minister mehbooba mufti on monday welcomed the central government’s decision to start a ‘sustained dialogue’ with people of the state. “welcome the initiative of union government, appointing an interlocutor for leading a sustained dialogue with stakeholders in jammu and kashmir,” tweeted mehbooba mufti. “dialogue is a necessity of […]

comment on review: ‘wayward pines’ season 2 loses everything—even the allure of

you make it sound like dialogue is a bad thing. the dialogue this season was phenomenal

comment on daniel dae kim, grace park exit ‘hawaii five-0’ by joe

they deserve the same pay. the dialogue of these two is educationally higher than the other two stars. they give the show a higher level of maturity. yes! they should get the same pay. too bad the culture at cbs can't spare the change. it's a drop in the bucket compared to the amount sponsors pay in ads. i think equal pay for teamwork. it's not one or two characters that make the show complete. give them a cool car, let them do high-speed chases and catch the bad guys. reverse the star status. it will continue to be the same show. will cbs support a pay raise to keep them and offer equal pay for equal work. "no." they'll keep them from acting jobs and black ball them. why not do the right thing and offer support? give them a common sense raise.

world of death ep. 145 – into the black

director james burkhammer has a cool name and a wickedly fun movie. his glossy, supernatural one-night-stand nightmare, into the black exists somewhere between a slick giallo-inspired vampire flick and an 80’s erotic thriller. it’s like a paul verhoeven and tom holland hybrid full of scares, tongue-in-cheek dialogue, atmospheric lighting, and appropriately moody score cues that […]

mea to co-host gateway of india geoeconomic dialogue next week

new delhi, feb 10 (pti) aimed at building synergy between business and foreign policy, the ministry of external affairs will co-host the second gateway of india geoeconomic dialogue on february 13-14 in mumbai. at the inaugural dialogue of the event, themed ‘where geopolitics meets business’, minister of state for external affairs m j akbar will […]

‘the walking dead’ showrunner says finale will be a “circus of emotion”

this season of the walking dead opened with the brutal deaths of two fan-favorite character’s when negan and the saviors […] the post ‘the walking dead’ showrunner says finale will be a “circus of emotion” appeared first on heroic hollywood.

guterres reiterates call for india-pakistan dialogue on kashmir

united nations, april 10 (ians) secretary-general antonio guterres has reiterated his call for india and pakistan to hold a dialogue on solving the kashmir issue, his spokesperson stephane dujarric said on monday. guterres “would underscore the need for the parties to find a peaceful solution through engagement and dialogue”, dujarric told reporters in reply to […]

jats to organise ‘black day’ tomorrow, govt forms committee

chandigarh, feb 25 (pti) jats will organise ‘black day’ in haryana tomorrow as part of their 28-day-old agitation for quota and some other demands even as the state government set up a high-level committee to look into their grievances. tomorrow the community members will wear black turbans, caps and ribbons and arm bands to protest […]

india-pakistan peace process: civil society appeals for un-interrupted dialogue

the statement noted that the dialogue has been interrupted whenever some form of disruption takes place ranging from jingoistic statements to militant attacks.

comment on fox developing ‘the dime’ cop drama with lesbian lead from ‘hell on w

matt reeves is an amazing talent -- he brings emotion and depth to everything he does. i'll watch anything he's involved with. look forward to this.

ready to facilitate dialogue between naxals, govt: sri sri

bhopal, mar 1 (pti) spiritual leader sri sri ravi shankar today said he was willing to facilitate dialogue between the government and the naxals. “there must be a dialogue to understand their (naxals’) problems….given the opportunity, i am ready to act as an interlocutor between the government and naxals,” ravi shankar said here. speaking to […]

she’s gotta have it’s dialogue suffers from a dated point of view

the limitations of the writing of she’s gotta have it really come to the forefront in “#bootyfull (self acceptance).” for spike lee, film, and now television, is as much a writer’s medium as it is a director’s medium. the dialogue feels written. someone tapped it out into final draft and pat themselves on the more...

virat kohli passion and emotion reflect in his captaincy: michael clarke to indi

virat kohli's captaincy has drawn high praise from former australian captain, michael clarke, who lauded the passion and emotion shown by the 28-year-old in his stint so far as india skipper so far.

qatar ready for dialogue to ease gulf rift, resolve differences with neighbours

qatar "believes such differences between sister countries must be resolved through dialogue."