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[video] the top 5 horror tropes of all time

“movies like this end when the final girl kills the main bad guy.” a whole lot has been written and said about the inherent tropes found within the horror genre, and even horror films such as scream and the cabin in the woods have brilliantly deconstructed them. what more needs to be said? well, nothing […]

‘game of thrones’: why the white walkers and wights represent the best and worst

here's what goes wight and what goes wrong when "game of thrones" plays with zombie tropes.

‘the mask’ was originally going to be a horror movie?!

chuck russell has made some pretty cool movies throughout his career. he’s of course known in the horror world for directing a nightmare on elm street 3: dream warriors and the blob (1988), one of the best horror sequels of all time and one of the best horror remakes of all time. he subsequently directed jim […]

’13 reasons why’: how the show’s darkest moment dodged horror movie tropes while

despite indie film success, director kyle patrick alvarez had to fight for his first tv job — and then found himself in charge of the show's most impactful and haunting scene. 

netflix recommends 13 chilling horror movies to stream in october

with halloween approaching and the weather essentially begging you to put something scary on, there’s no better time to watch horror movies and tv shows than in october. of course, most of us have sizable home video collections to choose from, but netflix is also providing a wealth of horror this month. not only is […]

what was the final horror film officially released on vhs?

we love useless fun facts. so let’s explore this one. for many horror fans, the first introduction to horror cinema came courtesy of the video shops that sadly closed down long ago. the vhs era is downright synonymous with the horror genre, the lurid box art that we still hold so near and dear responsible […]

[vintage video] head back to fangoria’s weekend of horrors 1986!

wouldn’t it be cool to go back in time and visit a horror convention from 30 years ago? well… you can! the landscape of the horror genre was of course way different back in 1986 than it is today. at that time, there were only two nightmare on elm street films out there in the […]

watch a crazy halloween horror nights video!

american horror story, the shining, evil dead and more invade universal studios the post watch a crazy halloween horror nights video! appeared first on

[review] ‘clowntergeist’ doesn’t have enough fun with the premise

one of the horror genre’s most famous and long-lasting tropes is the perversion of seemingly innocent iconography in an attempt to scare the audience when they’re at their most vulnerable. at this point, however, we seem to be more familiar with the “scary” perverted image of clowns than their kid-friendly roots, so it’s no surprise […]

5 highest-grossing horror films of all time

how much do people really pay to be scared out of their mind at the movies? the short answer: a lot! director m. night shyamalan really knows how to bring in the bucks, as he directed two of the top highest-grossing movies that hit theaters: signs and the sixth sense. the latter scored the top spot and brought in a whopping $672 million in ticket sales, while signs raked in a cool $408 million. jaws chewed its way to second place on the list and cashed in for over $470 million. for the full breakdown of the biggest horror moneymakers of all time at the box office — see where hannibal and the exorcist land on the list — watch the video above, courtesy of coinage, time inc.’s personal finance video company.

tv review: archer: dreamland indulges in a taste for noir

it’s 1947 los angeles. or at least, that’s the conceit. in truth, it’s an imaginary l.a. made up of gumshoe noir tropes, from the femme fatale torch-song singer to the sharp-talking gangsters to the mysteries that grow more byzantine with each passing moment. into this world of smoky nightclubs and back-alley double dealings comes a private eye, one hand firmly around a flask, the other on the handle of a gun. he’s got a single-minded purpose, and nothing will keep him from getting to the bottom of the case. unless he sees an unattended cop car—then, he’ll take a little time from his zealous cause to draw a penis on the back of the vehicle.that’s archer: dreamland at its essence: a chance for one of tv’s more outrageous comedies to indulge in its penchant for old-school tropes while doing

‘the cabin in the woods’ getting 4k release in september!

after scream wrote the book on meta horror, several movies that came in its wake tried to subvert the genre in their own way. but perhaps none did it better than drew goddard’s the cabin in the woods, released in 2012. the film cleverly tackled the genre’s tropes, while also uniting many of cinema’s most iconic […]

porn-themed horror comedy ‘deep murder’ gets a legit cast

much like sports, porn and horror don’t really mesh well, which is probably why porn-centric genre films always end up on home video. but when was the last time we saw one that had a really good cast? deep murder, nick corirossi’s horror comedy set inside the world of soft-core pornography, has landed christopher mcdonald, […]

comment on the 20 best british horror films of all time by toadliquor

dennis harvey is completely correct. this list is pretty awful as far as being representative of british horror. and also, the devils is not a horror movie!

arrow video brings italian horror this june

titles include assonitis' madhouse and argento's bird with the crystal plumage the post arrow video brings italian horror this june appeared first on

[video] this dog has all the right reactions while watching ‘the conjuring’

this is one viral video we can appreciate. with nearly 500,000 views since being uploaded this past monday, i think it’s pretty safe to say that people love watching pets watch horror movies. the video in question, uploaded with the title “bulldog watches a horror movie, does something incredible during scary scene,” is currently the […]

[video] this week in horror – february 20, 2017

we’re back with another episode as whitney moore runs us through the biggest horror headlines! the friday the 13th remake is cancelled, more details revealed about the upcoming halloween movie, and we reveal the theme of next season’s american horror story! welcome to this week in horror with whitney moore (@tweetneymoore)!

help portland’s iconic hollywood theatre save movie madness!

more than any other genre of film fans, the horror community seems to have a really special bond with the days of video stores. for many of us, that’s where we first fell in love with horror. walking up and down the aisles being mesmerized by the fascinating vhs horror artwork, hoping and praying that […]

the coolest and most unique horror vhs boxes!

who doesn’t love a fun home video gimmick? on the shelves of your local video shop, horror movies were competing with one another for your attention in a way that will likely never again be replicated. the goal of every tape was to be the one that you took home and spent the night with, […]

dc comics gets horrifying with special halloween horror anthology

dc comics is unleashing a horror anthology and we’re excited about it. debuting on october 25th, just in time for the greatest day of the year, dc house of horrors will be an 80-page, one-shot comic book that tells new horror stories set within the dc universe. horror novelists including brian keene, weston ochse, edward lee, mary […]

dario argento writing new horror movie and “book of black fairytales”

oh good, so dracula 3d won’t be his last horror film. as we noted last month, dario argento is working on a new horror movie that he’s been particularly coy about. all argento really said at the time was that he was he developing “something new” that falls into the horror genre, and he expounded […]

‘xx’: horror anthology clip features terrifying creature mayhem

the new horror anthology xx features a quartet of stories from directors karyn kusama (the invitation), annie clark (a.k.a. singer-songwriter st. vincent), former rue morgue magazine editor jovanka vuckovic, and roxanne benjamin (south bound). the latter serves up a bite-sized terror tale called don’t fall, which stars angela trimbur (so great in the final girls) and breeda wool and concerns a camping trip which goes horribly awry when a group of friends attract the attention of desert-dwelling something-or-other. “the idea for don’t fall came to me at a time when i’d been thinking a lot about the conventions of the classic around-the-campfire tales we all heard as kids, and more often that not fell for,” says benjamin, who previously directed a segment of last year’s southbound. “the shor

[tiff review] ‘veronica’ is a stylish, albeit familiar, possession film

as a subgenre, it’s hard to find a possession/exorcism film that stands out. veronica, by famed spanish director paco plaza (one-half of the original rec team), doesn’t earn its stripes as a dramatic reinvention of familiar genre tropes, but the film is a solid effort with some pretty effective chills. like so many horror films, […]

[video] someone added chucky into ‘gta v’ and it’s pretty amazing

now that friday the 13th: the game is available and the michael myers dlc pack was just added to dead by daylight, it’s currently a pretty damn good time to be a horror fan with a passion for gaming. and let’s not forget mortal kombat x, which has predator, jason, leatherface and other horror icons as playable characters! […]

top 10 biggest horror box office openings of all time

the official final numbers aren’t even in yet, but it is set to have the biggest opening weekend ever for a horror film. but just how high is andy muschietti’s film floating above the competition? of course, there are always blurred lines when it comes to what counts as horror or not (n.b. yes, it, […]

[exclusive] rocky gray headlines ’10/31′ halloween anthology

anthologies will always be a staple in the horror community because they give artists and filmmakers a chance to collaborate.  when great horror brains get together, it usually ends up giving us something to remember for a long time.  one of the bonuses of anthology horror is that the variety of styles and storytelling gives […]

overlooked indie horror films you should watch: volume 5

the conveyor belt of modern filmmaking slows for no film, and it’s especially true for the ever-prolific genre of horror; in the time since this column started just a few months ago, dozens more horror gems have been released into the world. rather than let those fantastic and sometimes forgotten gems get buried under the […]

why ‘amityville ii: the possession’ is superior to ‘the amityville horror’

of all the horror franchises in existence, the amityville horror series might be the strangest, with very loose connections between them. spanning 18 films, most direct-to-video, that spawned from the bizarre case of the defeo family in amityville, new york in 1974, and subsequent book based on the site of the murders. released in july […]

why are we acting like smart, socially conscious horror is something new?

the horror world, like the box office, is being completely dominated at the moment by jordan peele’s get out, one of the most critically acclaimed horror films of all time. countless articles and think-pieces have been making their way around the net in the wake of last weekend’s release, and it’s been really great to […]

[sxsw review] ‘game of death’ is a subpar entry in the millennial horror subgenr

all too often horror fans (myself included) demand more gore in horror movies. the pg-13 rating is condemned for watering down one of the most enjoyable aspects of the genre. the r rating is often wrongly associated with high-quality horror. after all, if a horror film is gory, it has to be good, right? as many of you know, that […]

10 memorable horror movies by non-horror directors!

when it comes to horror, there are a number of talented filmmakers that call the genre home.  masters of horror that fans can recall by name simply because of their robust body of work in horror.  names like david cronenberg, wes craven, john carpenter, dario argento, and so forth.  as fans, we can count on […]

[video] this week in horror – march 20, 2017

we’re back with another episode as whitney moore runs us through the biggest horror headlines! south by southwest showed audiences some exclusive looks at the new alien: covenant and it films, and a new trailer for the friday the 13th game from pax east! welcome to this week in horror with whitney moore (@tweetneymoore)!

marilyn manson’s bloody ‘say10’ video stars johnny depp and pays tribute to ‘a n

talk about a wild, horror-themed music video! marilyn manson‘s video for “say10”, off his 10th studio album heaven upside down, is horror fan’s wet dream. the video features a woman being attacked by a black-gloved killer in an homage to classic giallo films. not only that, but it’s a loving tribute to a nightmare on […]

we go on clip finds horror in the alley

moody horror thriller drifts onto home video april 4th the post we go on clip finds horror in the alley appeared first on

[video] ranking all 62 original ‘goosebumps’ covers!

if you grew up in the ’90s, chances are you’re a fan of the children’s horror novels goosebumps, by r.l. stine. the goosebumps series was a big part of many horror fanatics’ childhoods. if you’re like me, you enrolled at horror high with goosebumps and graduated with stephen king. the goosebumps cover art, sometimes even more […]

mother’s day gets scary with these horror prints!

up-and-coming horror artist marcela “the exorstitch” piñeda seems to be making a habit of holiday-related horror artwork. after her collection of easter prints was released back in april, she returns with a new set of mother-themed horror prints in a collection she calls “all of them mothers” just in time for mother’s day. if your mom appreciates […]

[exclusive] upcoming book ‘creatures for kids’ explores family-friendly horror f

because kids like to be scared too! we horror fans are sometimes averse to pg-13 horror movies, but one thing we must always keep in mind is that the kids of any given generation need horror movies they can see, enjoy, be terrified by, and hopefully, lead them down the path of being the horror […]

comment on ashton kutcher tweets his ‘blood is boiling’ over muslim ban: my wife

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