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women sharpshooters who used to hate guns explain their love for the ar 15 rifle - Search

Search women sharpshooters who used to hate guns explain their love for the ar 15 rifle in many kind of world’s biggest Film and movie resource with daily updated movie news, celebrity news and reviews, interviews from the World film & movie scene.

women sharpshooters, who used to hate guns, explain their love for the ar-15 rif

as america searches for answers following another mass shooting, one thing is clear: the gun business appears stronger than ever. nearly 4 million rifles were produced in the u.s. in 2015, up more than 150 percent from a decade earlier. mark strassmann has more.

comment on ‘damn daniel’: watch the viral video that’s breaking the internet by

armalite ar-15, a selective-fire rifle produced by armalite, as well as precursor of the united states military m16 rifle. anything regarding after market components holds lots of variables, relies on how broad the after market rails are. and they could do all this by either getting repairs and also accessories from online or local stores, or by taking parts from different guns in their collection and mixing as well as matching them to create something completely brand-new. i matured with weapons, as well as

comment on sorry, ladies: study on women in film and television confirms the wor

so you're telling me that the world is gay. because if women wanna watch assholes in media /films and assholes wannna see another assholes ( men) in tv, so nobody likes women. you know, thats the fucking true. i hate this truth cause i consisder myself like one of the few true heterosexual men who truly like women and hate the voice and the male presence.

guns recovered in virginia shooting appear legally bought

james t. hodgkinson bought the 7.62 caliber rifle and 9 mm handgun recovered at the scene from federally licensed gun dealers, authorities say.

comment on ‘homeland’ star on finale death: ‘his time had come up’ (spoilers) by

this is my first time seeking feedback for this show so its a shock to me that quinn has turned out to be a fan favorite. but after reading through the comments i came to the conclusion his fan base is gay men/women. quinn to me was a soulless soldier, robot that did what he was told. i didn't hate nor love the character. i can see why you gay men/women love him though and here is why... 1.he is the only youngish white male character on the show to consistently appear on each season. i get he probably look even more hot than what he is when standing next to all the old men geezers on the show. 2.he actually had a love story attached to his character which is the main reason you gay men/women love him. there was nothing really interesting about his spy work, but he is the only supposed

comment on a year after ailes’ ouster, fox news soldiers on amid tumult and stay

no, true degenerates would let tens of thousands, if not more, women (especially poor ones) die of breast cancer, cervical cancer, fetal complications or other diseases by cutting them off from health care they could not otherwise afford, solely because abortions (which have been legal for 44 years) constitute a whopping 3% of pp's services. oh, btw, they also provide contraceptives so those unwanted pregnancies can be avoided in the first place. why do you hate women? why do you hate the poor? why do you hate america? why do you hate jesus, who would surely disapprove of your heartlessness toward those most in need?

comment on women’s march — pics by anam maak

be love, have love, give love, share love, live love, teach love, preach love, promote love, instruct love, feel love, cultivate love, adore love, venerate love, value love, preserve love, aggrandize love, inculcate love, exhort love, proclaim love, evangelize love.

ghatkar wins india bronze, deepak finishes fifth in air rifle

new delhi, feb 24 (pti) pooja ghatkar overcame technical issues to clinch the women s 10m air rifle bronze medal as hosts india opened their account on a positive note in the international shooting sport federation (issf) world cup here today. deepak kumar, competing in his maiden world cup, gave a good account of himself […]

comment on arnold schwarzenegger refutes rumors about senate run by jule

beside not his false at all ever since donald trump took office won election that were all went down hill so stop blame him it's all people who hate trump lots reasons that truth why rate cut down size. if was arron s. program would done better. it's not so stop blame him for wrong reason. american people hate trump and so much more reason hard to explain cause. how explain on news. across world. never watch show can't get channel 11 bad my tv area cant afford cable. too much higher for poor singles. thank you .

guard injured after his rifle goes off accidentally

srinagar, mar 3 (pti) a private security guard outside an atm was today injured when his service rifle allegedly went off accidentally in baramulla district of jammu and kashmir. mudasir ahmad naik was hit in both legs when his 12 bore service rifle went off accidentally outside an atm of a private bank in sopore […]

comment on angry jimmy kimmel names those politicians dodging gun problem becaus

he doesn't want your guns. he doesn't want shot guns, or deer rifles. he doesn't want to stop hunting. i'm a proud democrat. so is my dad. but if a rabbit, groundhog, or deer threaten his beloved garden, he shoots them dead. we had a great time squirrel hunting when i was a kid. one day, i fully intend to shoot and then eat a dear, and a boar if possible. no one wants to stop hunting. . but humans don't need automatic rifles. and a semi automatic rifle is so easily convertible to full auto that there is no practical difference. we just want to restrict access to weapons that have no other use than to efficiently kill as many humans as possible. that is is.

comment on taylor swift: did gigi hadid just reveal the singer’s whereabouts dur

taylor swift you can hate me all you want to there is a price to pay when you hate see where it takes you like that special place in hell you said is for women who dont stand up for other women

comment on ‘top gun 2’ is happening, tom cruise confirms by cdhaskell

i can't wait to see what happen in top guns 2 and see how the character change from the top guns 1 good luck tom cruise and to the cast of top guns 2.

i want women to hate my husband!

he openly compliments women, touches them, even in my presence. and i know he does all that to make them feel important. continue reading ...

comment on milo yiannopoulos insults women & slams lena dunham in crazy bill mah

i don't think it's good or healthy to just let people to have an open forum forum hate speech. he writes, i think he has a book, let him use that. he seems especially hateful towards women and so forth. it isn't funny. we have enough problems with hate right now. let's not encourage it more.

comment on john oliver buys more ‘fox & friends’ ad time to explain gop health c

i hate the republican healthcare plan but obviously this is just a stunt to get publicity for jo. if jo's intent were to truly explain the program's problems to dt then he wouldn't insult dt using a comic persona. i have no use for dt, and i have no use for jo and his thinly disguised self-promotion.

'rifle': film review | berlin 2017

brazilian writer-director davi pretto ('castanha') premiered his second feature, 'rifle,' in berlin’s forum more

'rifle': film review | berlin 2017

brazilian writer-director davi pretto ('castanha') premiered his second feature 'rifle' in berlin’s forum more

the walking dead: "something they need" review

in season 7's penultimate episode, rick, daryl, and michonne track down some more guns while eugene attempts to explain his recent actions.

saturday sessions: michael kiwanuka performs "love & hate"

soul singer-songwriter michael kiwanuka broke out opening for adele in 2011. a year later, the london native released his debut album, "home again." his second album, "love & hate," earned rave reviews and hit no. 1 on the british charts last year. kiwanuka performs "love & hate," the title track from his current album.

odds and sods: the creators of american gods talk about vulcan, the “god of guns

the new starz series american gods is based on the neil gaiman novel of the same name, with many characters from the book appearing in the show. the character vulcan, however, was created by gaiman specifically for the series. in the clip above, showrunners bryan fuller and michael green explain what they and gaiman are trying to say about america’s relationship with guns with vulcan’s inclusion.

jammu and kashmir: 2 terrorists snatch ak-47 rifle from policeman; 1 held

the police managed to arrest one terrorist while the other with rifle fled from the spot. the incident occurred in the wee hours of sunday. the injured policeman has been shifted to the nearby hospital.

millennials aren't that into guns — unless they're in a video game

a new survey found that instead of buying guns for protection, millennials prefer podcasts about guns, first-person shooter video gaming, and sport shooting.

millennials aren't that into guns — except in video games

a new survey found that instead of buying guns for protection, millennials prefer podcasts about guns, first-person shooter video gaming, and sport shooting.

comment on tv review: ‘i love dick’ on amazon starring kevin bacon, kathryn hahn

women, behave like this character at your own peril. your children will hate you, and you will spend your nights with your cats. after long days protesting with code pink. i love how the show is framing being a cheating scumbag, as feminist....

comment on angelina jolie & brad pitt: why she’d ‘hate it’ if he started dating

i totally agree with you! she blind sided brad & made him out to be the bad guy! if you love someone enough, then you help them, as brad stood beside angelina when she had both breasts removed, he backed her 110%. i used to love ange, but i do not agree with how she has treated brad. i hope he finds real true love next time!

comment on ‘fifty shades darker’ has upper hand monday, looks to dominate valent

fifty shades darker exceeded my expectation. james foley is a brilliant director. and the screenwriter did an excellent job. he stayed very close to the book and made sure to keep key scenes fans love. and it's a beautiful love story. yes, sex is in it. but, it's so much more. you find out what to christian when he was young. ana becomes her own women and doesn't take orders from anyone. she so strong. i had so many emotions watching fsdarker. i had to see it again and than again. please don't go by these negative people here. they hate fifty shades "just because" it's easier to spew hate. obviously they have no lives and have nothing better than to sit here and bash it. judge it for yourself. and make sure you stay for the credits. there is a surprise.

comment on las vegas shooting to test donald trump’s stance on machine guns (com

1. no other country in the world has a self defense clause embedded in their constitution. 'common sense' is just a meaningless codeword for banning firearms. russia has mostly banned firearms from public ownership as well, but their murder rate is way higher than the us. 2. a tyrannical government isnt going to nuke the whole country. this is a stupid and completely facetious argument. 3. assault weapons is just a marketing term. they are still no different than a typical hunting rifle. (and no, single shot bolt actions circa 1940 are not typical hunting rifles despite what the movies show you). lipstick and pigs. dress up a semiauto rifle, still a semiauto rifle. military rifles are not the same as gussed up civilian firearms, they are funtionally different and not legal for ci

comment on justin bieber holds back tears during his heartfelt performance at on

stop all the hate it's ridiculous it was an emotional event for everyone he's only human more love less hate

comment on ‘snl’s alec baldwin trumps trump with bill o’reilly; pepsi fizzles &

i agree. they're lazy no talent people posing as if they are writers, not one original idea just a copy from the news with hate added. omg wasn't it funny we hate trump we hate oreilly we hate pepsi we hate trumps family we hate we hate we hate. hahahaha omg isn't that funny that we can promote hate and still get paid and idiots think it's funny. remember keep hating it's funny.

comment on how ‘arrow’ producers tackled the gun violence debate by scott shurma

actually, there's no such thing as an assault weapon. what you mean is an assault rifle. or did you miss when rene corrected curtis? if you are too lazy to do a little research and correctly portray the assault rifle you should probably refrain from writing comments that have to do with issues which are such a hotly contested subject.

eight injured in french school shooting, teen held

paris, march 16 (ians) a 17-year-old student has been arrested after opening fire in a school in the southern french town of grasse, injuring eight persons and prompting the government to issue a terror warning. the student, carrying two hand guns, a hunting rifle and two “training” grenades, entered the alexis de tocqueville school and […]

comment on donald trump’s muslim ban blocked: cher, seth rogen & more stars cele

muslims are anists by ted on august 21, 2014 in featured, general by theodore shoebat muslims are anists. they worship an, but call him allah. they hate everything an hates, and love everything an cherishes. they hate the cross, the trinity, the sonship of christ, the crucifixion, the resurrection, the scriptures, and all of orthodox christianity. they hate everything a anist would hate. here is a video explaining this in in depth detail.

shooter had 42 guns, passed background checks

new frontier armory and guns & guitars say stephen paddock bought guns from them and passed all background checks.

comment on sony rethinks kids tv in india, launches yay! channel by naisha banne

always remember that those teenagers from 12-35 yrs of age hate sony yay,they are just intersted in animax you cannot remove the hearts from those people in india who love animax truely,who cares for it and feels for it,because of you kind of people only people have lost all their hope of watching animax in india in any of the tv cables,you think that by launching sony yay by animax on 18th april you thought that this will help you bring good news about sony yay i'am sorry but it will not happen i am absolutely more than 100% sure that people have lot of complaints for your this work,they love they are loving and they will always love animax forever because,no one wants that animax should shut down from india,the kind of work you did u will never goet forgiveness for it.i hate you and

comment on ‘the oa’ renewed for season 2 at netflix by bryan

my sentiments exactly. what a lot of work to go through to explain why you hate something so much on an online

comment on cannes opening night: tight security, politics, and will smith by pic

leave it to the liberals to beef up security with the guns they claim to hate so much.

‘rifle,’ ‘seeds of violence’ win grand prizes at jeonju festival

brazilian director davi pretto’s“rifle” won the grand prize and $18,000 in the international competition section at jeonju, south korea’s second biggest film festival. french director, damien manivel’s “the park, won the best picture prize with $10,000. a special jury prize, worth $6,000, went to “in between” by maysaloun hamoud and “the human surge” by eduardo... read more »

om swami’s bizzare comments, priyanka jagga’s tantrums …. – 10 controversies of

bigg boss 10 didn't manage to top the trp charts, but it managed to grab the headlines. like every year, this year too, bigg boss was surrounded by a few controversies. this season, the makers opened the doors for the commoners.